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What Julian Assange’s War on Hillary Clinton Says About WikiLeaks


What Julian Assange’s War on Hillary Clinton Says About WikiLeaks

Robert Mackey, The Intercept

In recent months, the WikiLeaks Twitter feed has started to look more like the stream of an opposition research firm working mainly to undermine Hillary Clinton than the updates of a non-partisan platform for whistleblowers.


Once again, I think the hullabaloo about how, when, and where (the leaks occurred) is a sideshow. I would like to see more substantive analysis about the WHAT that is the content of the emails -- showing the DNC had it's Giant Thumb on the scales ... pretty much confirming that the election process was, in fact, rigged against Bernie ...


It is not about what it says about WikiLeaks. Its about what it says about the DNC! Really? We can't get anything better than this? I have yet to hear (in articles) any condemnation about what those emails say about FRAUD in the DNC and how the primary election was rigged!

The only thing interesting at all about this article is Assange's comment, "You're asking me do I prefer cholera or gonorrhea?" Excellent metaphor.


This commentary says more about the author's agenda than Assange's. As others have noted, this attack on Wikileaks and Julian Assange is weak diversion from the content of what the emails reveal, the author chooses to ignore, to prop-up the corrupt record of Hillary Clinton. Assange's comment "I enjoy crushing bastards" does not translate, as the author writes, to "crushing Clinton" - unless the shoe fits.......

While some chose to prefer Gonorrhea to cholera, and are actively defending what I consider many indefensible actions or failures to act by the DNC nominee, many would like to see her "evolve". Clinton has steadfastly refused to do so, to speak openly, honestly, or support issues progressives and Sanders supporters raised their voices for without smarmy qualifiers.

Where are the Goldman-Sachs speech transcripts? Nowhere is where, and when truth is hidden, it falls to others to reveal it.

Numerous such refusals and courting corporate and R'Con voters/influence tells the tale of why the emails and their content are important, - truth-telling - not cheap deference and diversion from the why.


So, Julian Assange has a war on Secretary Clinton?

Meanwhile Robert Mackey is silent about the hot war Secretary Clinton and the other ruling class members are waging around the world in the name of "fighting terrorism, Islamic extremism" or whatever name they're using for the war of the moment. Meanwhile, Robert Mackey is silent about the war Secretary Clinton and other ruling class members are waging against the working class of all races, the poor and the elderly.

Mr. Mackey, you can take your pro establishment, pro war, pro status quo support and shove off! You apparently can't tell this isn't what the Commondreams readership is about.


This will be the Next H-Bomb that America the Exceptional will drop upon the world and Mother Earth.


It says that WikiLeaks is on the side of the angels.


Fighting against political corruption and all the associated aspects of a struggle common to many progressives and people "on the left" (really anyone of wide perspective, wisdom, integrity, and honor) is best engaged and built by not casting aspersions against friends and allies, especially when those attacks are inaccurate.....it seems to me Herdpoisoning. Common Dreams and staff are very far from "neocons" or "serving their agenda".
Sometimes a writer appears for contrast or other reasons the staff believe are relevant to our discussions and understanding - "YES" wrote/sang "don't surround yourself with yourself" and Sun Tzu "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" - both relevant perhaps why the CD staff chose articles, I'm sure among others.......peace.


It is one hundred percent immaterial WHO exposes TRUTH and the agenda we should worry about is that of the journalists and the media who refuse to acknowledge and report the same as they turn their pens against those that do so.

This guy is no journalist. He is a tool of the one percent. I can only wonder if some advertising firm hired by the DNC came up with this tripe and paid the author a fee to publish it under his tagline, as it that bad and that obvious.


"Wikileaks driving a wedge between Clinton and Sanders supporters" ?

Sanders would have not won twentysomething state primaries if the Democratic Party had not formed the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985 and driven a wedge between its corporate office and most of its base which eventually included Sanders supporters.

Assange's "war" is to establish corporate and government transparency and accountability. If Clinton's actions, errors and omissions results in compromising transparency and accountability, that is NOT a "war on Clinton".

Not to mention that its "the most transparent president ever" Obama's war on transparency that has kept Assange holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy for years. Although Obama just released hundreds of "non-violent" prisoners, Assange continues to be a defacto prisoner.


Oh rats. I just found CD, and now you're going pretzel logic on me.
Don't be stupid:
She's the disease.
Trump is the sneeze.
It's true that 20,000 is a lot of emails, and trying to find a story in them is Really Hard. Much harder than blaming the messenger for posting all them mean old emails you don't wanna read. Shh! Listen. Tell you a secret, lean in close, here...
...If you don't want to do the journalism, you need to


I concur on the comments section. They are excellent and well worth the read, more than can be side for the article itself.

The one partways down the page by toidiY sselesU is priceless.


Geeze, do we always want articles that agree with our positions and ideology? Can we not learn from reading a variety of positions by a variety of writers. Sometimes I think Common Dreams is just singing to the choir and wishing these articles would get out in all media.

Why do commenters here bounced so hard on Common Dreams for letting us all know what is being said out in world around us not just our ideology. Or just condemning Bernie and not trusting that he has a method to his madness by staying in DNC.

Tunnel Vision, can't think outside the box.


Thank god for smart people like Assange willing to put their own necks on the line to expose truth, facts and abuses of power. I thank him for having done this for 10 years. Truth isn't always what we want to hear is it? At least that seems to be author, Robert Mackey's conclusion.


"I have yet to hear (in articles) any condemnation about what those emails say about FRAUD in the DNC and how the primary election was rigged!"

Ditto and thanks Lady K!

What hope (not that "hope is necessarily a good thing!) would we have if it were not for Julian Assange at this point in time?

For those who may have missed it:


Anyone know what is going on with Snowden?

Also, "Carol" --who used to post here---- has comments following lackey/Mackey (sorry, couldn't resist!) piece at it's original location, The Intercept. I think it's the Carol that used to post here . . . .
she said she got kicked off of CD and I'm wondering why?


Bill Clinton Supreme court appointees: Ginsberg, Breyer
Obama: Kagan, Sotomayor
President Trump: The reanimated corpses of Scalia, Rehnquist and the clones of same.
There is an effing difference.


This is so true! But I would like to know why Enemy of War and Carol got booted off the comment stream??? Is this true and if so, why?


If Assange can't see how dangerous Trump is with regard to foreign policy and nuclear weapons and democratic institutions then that isn't saying much for his judgement. Or more likely he is hiding what he really thinks about Trump which I suspect many others are doing. Clearly he doesn't seem to be journalist. We need a new job category to describe someone like him. Maybe a leak publisher. And what is Donald Trump hiding in his tax returns? Too bad the only hope of ever finding out seems to be a leak.


I did not mean a negative when I used the term "preaching to the choir" but it seems like commentors are always ready to jump ship if Common Dreams prints something they don't like. I just sent a contribution to them last week and maybe "preaching to the choir" was not used wisely. I do agree with you that most of the commentors are adults unlike other sites and one of the reason I check this site daily.
That is a good suggestion that Common Dreams commentors is "community of people with share values", however, at times we have commentors that like to put you in your place is you disagree or make an error in sentencing or communicating.
It might take longer than two days to give us an outcome for that internal poll.
Thanks you for respectfully sharing with me your thoughts, and yes I would like to see more about Jill Stein. However, she would only be a "conscious" vote, and I wished Bernie would of drop DNC after they proved to be so corrupted and bias and gone to the Green Party. But giving Bernie benefit of doubt that he believes he can get more progress within DNC.