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What Kind of Democracy Is That


What Kind of Democracy Is That

We're out of words. Two more black men - Alton Sterling, Philando Castile - murdered by police. Two more hashtags, videos, weeping families, outraged cities, barrages of parallel stories: They were good guys, they were doing nothing wrong but being black, their awful deaths prove, one more awful time, that cops are America's terrorists. We've been here so long that Malcom X spoke of it 55 years ago, and he's still right.


Could it be that we need a Constitutional Amendment REQUIRING black people (especially the men) to carry guns at all times because the society is so obviously unwilling to recognize their equal rights? If you are multi-millionaire white Hillary, committing felonies left and right, you can do nothing so wrong as to warrant charges, but if you are black, and male, you ARE so wrong, intrinsically, you must be strangled or shot dead. Isn't the blood all the same color?


Yeah - Trump and his followers wont allow so many black men to get gunned down by cops.

And regarding black men packing guns - that will just make the racist cops go even more ape-shit. Look what happened to this legal gun-carrying guy?


I used to love London. The Bobbies weren't armed with guns or squad cars. All they had was a billy club and maybe a whistle on foot. They were polite, pleasant people. They didn't need to shoot anybody ever.

Unlike the bullies and goons who gravitate to the doughnut shops in the USSR, er USSA. It's now shoot first and ask questions later. No Habis Corpus (show us the body).


The fat white P.I.G. with his back to the camera shot Stirling SIX times at closer than point-blank range. Yup, just doin' his job...an out-of-control coward "protecting and serving" his own fix for unleashed violence and his partner-in-crime is just as culpable of murder in the first degree. They and their overseers will concoct some BS story about this man "posing a threat" and the prosecuting attorney "investigating" the case will be just as useless as any of the others in the last few years that have failed to convict any of the po-po accused of killing civilians. Not unlike the U S military using drone warfare to kill "brown skinned" targets in the Middle East (including Afghanistan, Yemen, and Syria) with the blessings of the president and members of Congress.


Guns and lethal weapons should be banned for use by all patrol officers. Stop roadside vehicle searches. Stop using police as a municipal revenue collection agency.


I believe there is a link to violence on our streets at home and the violence we perpetrate on the streets of cities and villages around the world. I can only state what I see as an obvious fact: the militarized madness that excuses our proclivity to kill brown-skinned people in the Middle East is of the same ken that finds us with dead brown skinned people in our own cities.


One of he problems is that the government as armed them to the teeth - automatic weapons, military training, and shoot first ask question later mentality. They are police only in name, in practice they are paramilitary. We are seeing the very tragic results of military type tactics in civilian environments.
But of course the arms industry loves it, because it is big boom for them financially. Not only can make they money selling to the military, but they can also sell all those weapons to the civilian police forces.
You know things like bomb carrying robots.


The media coverage of the shooting of Philando Castile was based on the girlfriends video which contained some false information. First Officer Yanez stopped them not for a broken tail light, but according to the dispatch the officer stated he was stopping them to check identifications as they resembled the suspects in a robbery from July 2nd.

During that robbery both cash and cartons of Newport cigarettes were taken.

The county sheriff stated that Philando Castile had not applied for a concealed weapons permit and none had been issued to him. Officer Yanez saw the pistol that resembled the pistol used in the robber resting on Castile's left thigh.

The Castile family circle has used the publicity from Ms. Reynolds video to raise over $222,000 in online donations.

The situation appears to be more like a black Bonnie and Clyde episode than was is being reported in the media. Since Micha Johnson was partially inspired by Ms. Reynold's video to shoot white cops in Dallas, Ms. Reynolds should be arrested and stand trial as an accessory to these murders.

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Ok first whoever said that the man shot - who worked in a school - was infact the armed robber.... Absolutely no evidence to support the post about the armed robber - who would work in a school where hundreds of people see you daily for a few years and then go rob the store down the road with just sunglasses as your disguise? Im sure they were recognized. Stop making excuses!!! THERE IS NO EXCUSE!!!! THE POLICE COULD HAVE RAN AWAY AND THEN REALIZED HE WAS NOT A THREAT!!! and if he did run away and the man in the car opened fire, then case closed! ok now ... continuing...

SECONDLY! Lets not go the wrong path of pulling the black card, because if a war breaks out, its not only blacks its more whites that are killed according to the washington post study - so at least know what your fighting against.


990 deaths by police shootings in 2015. 494 were white and 258 were black. this is not including the NON-death shootings, beatings and other brutality.... It also does not account for the wrongfully accused and sentenced, or as little as an arrest record for total lack of competence, or lies, or vengeful traits, or whatever the hell you want to call it, but black and white cops are at fault. Of course not all cops are like this, but its hard to convince me after seeing the hundreds of videos on youtube. I have also experienced police get the whole concept wrong, and literally ruin the reputation of innocent people just BECAUSE they felt like it - or they didnt feel like listening to you, and I have witnessed police completely make up stories and arrest people on it, im white and it happened to me - so ENOUGH with the BLACK crap, and look at the reality that all people are in danger with police! The problem is Whites never hit the news.

Google washingtonpost.com / graphics/national/police-shootings/ and remove the spaces