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What Kind of Nationalist Takes Away Your Health Care?

What Kind of Nationalist Takes Away Your Health Care?

Jason Opal

Since taking office two years ago, Donald Trump has wounded Obamacare by enabling insurance companies to sell shoddy policies and eliminating the individual mandate for coverage. This week, his administration moved in for the kill by endorsing a federal court’s ruling against the entire Affordable Care Act.

This would endanger everyone with pre-existing conditions, not to mention anyone who gets diagnosed with cancer or hit by a car this year.

…all our shadows are the same…repeat, Do Not rinse!..

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Not a Nationalist. An International Capitalist. If you can’t afford the fees at Mar-a-Lago, you don’t exist.


I think that most of us in the CD community acknowledge that the “health” “insurance” industry is one of the greatest frauds perpetuated in American history. That the rubes can be convinced to cheer for its continuance rather than a much cheaper, just, and egalitarian system such as Medicare For ALL is testament to the effective evisceration of the nation’s education system. RIP critical thinking.


Don’t we get it by now? Are (and were) we seriously expecting anything but untruths and misrepresentations from Trump? Congress and the Courts allowing him to remain in office speaks for itself.

“Such a nationalism hates the thought of universal care for two reasons. First, it would apply to every US resident, white or otherwise. Second, it would make the United States a more decent and caring society. In Trump’s mind, that would mean a weaker nation, more forgiving of ‘losers.’”

I like the idea of fashioning a progressive nationalism. But - as I’ve written elsewhere today - as an explanation I think right wing nationalism misses a key point: although racism and a related bellicose, ‘fortress’ nationalism explain some of the popular attacks on the ACA, the problem is also that the private insurance-based ACA (Republican in origin, and co-written by the private health insurance industry) does not meet many people’s healthcare needs, and, therefore, gets tepid support or opposition.

Specifically, it is so overpriced as to be practically unaffordable, functioning for many, therefore, as ‘disaster insurance.’ (see link). In the period leading up to and surrounding the Sanders insurgency of the Democratic Party, polls showed a spike in right wing support for medicare for all among low income Republicans - probably some of the same people that not only vote Republican, but are specifically against the ACA, not only because of its racist dog whistles, but because it badly meets their needs.

Medicare for all - healthcare for all - is the demand that can support a movement that cuts across the political spectrum.

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