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What Kind of Trade Policy Should Progressives Support?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/24/what-kind-trade-policy-should-progressives-support


In all these trade agreements it seems corporations wind up getting covered for their losses in other countries. This needs to be stopped. Under Capitalism people can privately invest in a business but they also have to shoulder the responsibility for failures. The mega-corporations demand Socialism for themselves while they impose totalitarianism on workers.

Not sure how this comes under trade agreements but the US signed onto Codex alimentarius which focuses more on drugs and agriculture. It attacks holistic healing including herbs, nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc. This is an attack on people’s human right to chose how they care for themselves and their family. This kind of imposed control over our very body and our health is corporate profit driven and is totalitarian against the public. The Codex promotes what they call the Precautionary Prinicple which puts a brake on various policies and practices. However, this is applied unevenly as drug and agri-chem corporations promote fast tracking their toxic chemicals. We clearly see where this has gotten us in the US–sicker people dying younger. We need to withdraw from Codex and stop promoting the current American corporate imposition on other countries. Our primary export seems to be death and dying for profit.


Make, grow, and consume things as close to home as possible. Well, I can’t grow cinnamon in my back yard. I give my self a pass on that. Quality olive oil, pretty much the same. Etcetera. The less distance products travel the more efficient the system and the less stress is imposed upon it. This ain’t rocket science folks. Let’s just treat the planet gently, as is her due. If you have progeny, then that might be a good way of basing your morality.


It’s unfortunate that your common sense suggestions are not even acknowledged by the corporate media.


Most trade deals are written to benefit corporations and the 1% at the expense of the rest of us. Environmental, safety and labor issues are an afterthought, if they are addressed at all.


Generalities – the articles suffers from platitudes and generalities. It could have spelled out actual current problems and their remedies. For instance, the problems of persistent trade deficits or surpluses (as Keynes solved it and how it remains unsolved), the failure to enforce meaningful penalties to trading partners who violate or fail to enforce standards in labor rights or environmental crimes – all could have been discussed but were left untouched. I’m saying the article was boring and it could have been instructive. Corporations have usurped the power of nations, that too is left unmentioned. I might look at the actual report, but maybe not.

The headline grabbed me as I’ve been curious about alternative trade deals that make sense from a progressive viewpoint as well as from a majority US viewpoint (I hear all the time from people at work, who are mostly conservative, how crazy they think it is that we can’t build many things in the US anymore and how we are even losing the ability to manufacture drugs as China takes over production for us. As Ralph Nader has said, this is a very obvious security flaw in this country.

But I kind of agree with you that the summary written here was not as effective as it could be to get people to download the PDF and give it a read. It’s about 80 pages and I’ve skimmed a few sections of it. I can’t say it answers your questions yet, but if I get a chance to read it and I see that it does, I’ll let you know.

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