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What Makes a Hate Group?


What Makes a Hate Group?

Brian Terrell

“As a matter of fact, you have had a person attend your protests in Camp Douglas who has threatened to kill our Deputies.” This piece of startling news was revealed to me in a letter from Juneau County, Wisconsin, Undersheriff Craig Stuchlik dated July 25.


"All will pay that disagree with me" Steppenwolf, "Don't Step On The Grass, Sam"


Idiot politicians make hate groups.
Some pander to them to get their votes.
That didn't work out all that well in Europe before WWII.


What this forum's Trump supporters FAIL to understand is that when Trump speaks enthusiastically about "Law and Order" with the likes of Pence & Guilliani by his side, THIS is what he means:

"The actions of the Juneau County Sheriff’s Department show a disturbing pattern that is reminiscent of the chilling effects of McCarthyism in the 1950s and the COINTELPRO activities of the FBI in the 1960s. In some cases these corrupt practices were effective in silencing crucial voices of reason and sometimes they crushed whole movements. The appearance that the Juneau County Sheriff’s Department is likewise deliberately conspiring to discourage citizens from exercising their constitutionally protected rights to peaceably assemble for the redress of grievances cannot be discounted.

"Malfeasance by the police and the courts, as they protect the criminals and the twist laws to jail and malign those who cannot abide the killing going on in their names, is not an aberration. It is not limited to the treatment of a handful of white middle-aged people in one rural Wisconsin county by uninformed and frightened small town cops and judges. Black Lives Matter has been vilified as a hate group by higher authorities than Undersheriff Stuchlik. Prosecutors, politicians and police have over filled the nation’s jails with poor and Black people by manipulating charges."

And felonious laws like the NDAA and Patriot Act coupled with the anti-labor/anti-environmentalist mandates of the TPP and TIPP will make for open season. Exhibit A:

"Undersheriff Stuchlik put this purported threat into a broader context that suggests that the sheriff’s department views Voices for Creative Nonviolence and the Wisconsin Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars that organizes these demonstrations as hate groups: “Law Enforcement Officers are being targeted in the United States by hate groups because they stand for law and order."

This mentality didn't fade out with the Nazis. There will always be Law & Order true believers who mistake the enforcement of THEIR narrow rules AS Democracy and/or Freedom... and there are lots of these goons walking among us. They HATE Progressives.

The fall of society--and implosion of the paradigm--cannot be far off when the peacekeepers are defined as those guilty of Hate Crimes while those who brandish guns, make wars on the basis of false evidence, and push violence pretend to be (and position themselves as) the upholders of law.


Your covert pro-business comment pretends that actual justice and the will of corporations to do harm are equivalents. They are not.


this is like viewing life in a mirror where every image is the opposite of what it should be. even more disorienting our mirror seems located in some grotesque carnival fun house that exaggerates and distorts everything out of proportion. pacifists are seen as a threat while drone operators are called upon to keep peace on earth. first of all i have trouble even comprehending why the sheriff's department was called onto an air force base in the first place. after all, isn't the base funded by tax payer dollars? under what contorted logic, then, can citizens be accused of trespassing on our own property?

undersheriff, stuchlik claims that some unidentified activist with "voices for creative nonviolence" has made threats against police. the statistically demonstrated fact that violence against police has waned over past years makes no difference because police and sheriff's office employees feel they are targets. the threat may be the result of an overactive imagination, but the fear is real. it's crazy, but you cannot reason with insanity! a whole lot of people cling to the idea that police exist "to serve and protect" citizens. i'll agree that we can find incidences where police do come to the aid of a citizen, but the unstated mission for police work is to serve and protect the status quo for those with status. those who presume themselves as authorities over us see disagreement as an unacceptable challenge to their authority. their word is LAW and to question that is out of ORDER. they tend to see the audacity of any disagreement as a threat,

often i read that protest organizers feel the need to commit acts of civil disobedience and i question the legitimacy of that term. does not the first agreement in the bill of rights acknowledge our right to redress the government? i searched for a definition of civil and found:

1. of or relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns, as distinct from military or ecclesiastical matters.
"civil aviation"
synonyms:secular, nonreligious, lay; More
  1. courteous and polite.
    "we tried to be civil to him"
    synonyms: polite, courteous, well mannered, well bred, chivalrous, gallant; More

the message being that we mere, "ordinary" citizens need "extraordinary" citizens to protect us from ourselves. we need to find the way out of this grotesque house of mirrors and back to democracy! "exit stage left."


I explained this very thing--the fun house mirror illusion--in an astrological treatise published in 2004 (which means I wrote it 1-3 years prior).

This is the Final Phase of the Piscean Age. And according to the astrological lexicon, Neptune--the planet of addictions, illusions, and escapism--governs that sign.

The sign itself is depicted by two fish that swim in opposite directions.

A few days ago I mentioned that had I gone on for a Masters' Degree, I planned to write my thesis on Shakespeare's use of the magical, mystical, and metaphysical.

The Great Bard understood the power of the unconscious mind before Freud ever provided words to that effect. After all, Lady Macbeth was haunted by the fact that she murdered the king and by night, she'd rise from sleep to wash her hands.

Shakespeare also penned the terms, " Fair is foul and foul is fair" when Macbeth came upon the 3 witches who knew exactly where to apply half-true prophecy to prompt the man to do (or attempt to do) the unthinkable.

This is an era of such thick deception that food isn't food.

The Centers for Disease Control have been so captured by the makers of drugs and chemicals as to push very dangerous drugs and chemicals into peoples' bodies and then silence the few scientists who come forward to tell the truth about these practices.

The so-called "Defense" department scurrying around the world making fires rather than putting them out has the audacity to try someone like Chelsea Manning who has more moral courage in her toe than all of their armies do, together!

A company like Monsanto that became powerful and rich from providing the MIC with Agent Orange and other killer chemicals now gets to control so much of the world's food supply and uses its financial muscle to keep the public in the dark about what they are eating. Here again, those few scientists who can fund themselves (since Monsanto sure as hell won't) and thereby PROVE the dangers of all this genetically phucked with food stock, are also pilloried as conspiracy theorists or otherwise marginalized.

Our news isn't true at all.

Leaders lie with impunity.

The oceans (which actually represent the domain of Neptune-Poseidon) are spreading dead zones.

NONE of this supports life, national (or any other) security, or liberty.

So many of us are tired of it...

And I understand why so many feel that Sanders could have directed the millions who are fed up with "Business as usual" towards a genuine alternative to the Death Culture that militarism, the rape of nature, and the assaults on people everywhere through a new kind of corporately-instituted slavery (through economic graft at a level few can comprehend) enforce.

One of the 12 Divine Precepts is Truth and it happens to be sacrosanct to the sign of Aquarius. This 11th sign is in the process of assuming dominion at the 11th hour.

Many now see the Truth at varying levels of awareness... for Truth, like everything else on the physical plane contains many levels.

Somewhere in Scripture it explains that Evil's chief tool IS deception.

The End of the Age of Pisces demonstrates deception in all things and everywhere.

God bless the truth tellers, those who see the light, and those who pierce the illusions of our times.

The WE that SEES will be the liberators. The WE that seeks to contain all within its deadly illusions must be recognized for what it is: a Control Device (intended to maintain conformity with the Old Systems).


Would we need to pay for more corporate police "to protect us" if we were all well armed and knew how to use firearms safely in our defense, like the police and military do?

The Liberal Gun Club:

thank you for a wonderful and thought provoking response! for some reason i thought this sentence/paragraph, "This is an era of such thick deception that food isn't food." outstanding. aah, shakespear! he was such a great philosopher and accomplished student of human nature. i feel tempted to say master not student, but i'd bet he never stopped studying! i often think of lady mcbeth's
"Had he not resembled My father as he slept, I had done't"

when i consider how easy some find it to dehumanize then kill someone from a different culture--who does not look like my father.


Thank you, hummingbird (which means JOY according to The Medicine Card oracle) for resonating with my comment.

Mercury (ideas) and Venus (what we sense) are both close to Jupiter (planet that governs publishing) today, in Virgo... and I have a great need to express my ideas.

In the morning I work on scripts and articles. Afternoons typically bring me to C.D.


What the police state truly can't abide

Is principle


Again, hitting the nail right on the head!


It has gotten to where everyone who thinks of themselves as part of a group with an identifiable name feels that they're the oppressed minority. Ethnic minorities think the white majority is oppressing them. Those who think of themselves as white people think the minorities are ganging up to oppress them, The police are demonstrating and using slogans to declare that their lives matter because they feel threatened. Rich people are afraid that people poorer than they are are out to get them. Everybody in a group is pointing accusatory fingers at everybody in other groups,


There's always been an element of fear of the other among people. Today, the grand unification theory of oppression is Economic Exploitation. As when wealthy landowners in the South turned dirt poor whites against even poorer blacks, the in-fighting among oppressed groups is largely a construct to stop us from focusing on our real oppressors - the 1%.