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What Matters Is What Happens Next, Not ‘What Happened’


What Matters Is What Happens Next, Not ‘What Happened’

Richard Eskow

Remember when Bill Clinton used this Fleetwood Mac nugget as a theme in his 1992 campaign? Today, as Hillary Clinton’s campaign memoir goes on sale, the Democratic Party Clinton and his fellow “centrists” remade in their image seems unable to stop thinking about yesterday.

Can the Democratic Party truly reject its past mistakes and look to the future?


This woman continues to be a narcissist of the worst sort. She has a charmed life yet she had to write a book in order to make herself look great and of course to make ever more money. I cannot stomach her.


It’s okay to learn lessons from the past after all that is expected- but to not own mistakes and to constantly think you are right( like Trump) is not even to be human.


She really is the “face” and the embodiment of the establishment Democratic Party and all that it stands for (or doesn’t). And she - and it - will never, EVER understand why she really lost the election, and why she has the lowest approval rating of any politician living currently, including Trump. They just. Don’t. Get. It.

Unfortunately, not enough Americans have awakened to the reality that the LOTE (lesser of two evils) voting strategy just doesn’t work, and that by constantly voting LOTE we are steadily driving the country further and further rightwards every election cycle. She and it are counting on enough Americans continuing to vote for the Democrats because - as Rahm Emmanual said in 2012, “What are they gonna do? Vote Republican?” Trump kinda proved the flaw in that logic, however, but even so, enough Americans will continue to vote Democratic despite it being against their own interests, to maintain the ongoing lie that is our Duopoly.

Despite his flaws, Bernie remains something fresh and different from the same-old-same-old-2-wings-of-the-same-party-neo-liberal-oligarchy “choices” that are vomited up for our perusal every few years. Americans NEED different, we NEED hope, we NEED someone who isn’t afraid to challenge the corrupt status quo and offer up some progressive ideas as if they aren’t an impossibility. And Hillary and the Dumbocrats just will not see that. If they abandoned their “Third Way” BS and disassociated themselves from Wall Street and actually got on board a truly progressive agenda, and once more stood for average Americans, they might - MIGHT - someday become relevant again. But we all know that is not going to happen. The party is dead for all practical purposes, and it is no different from the Rethugs in every way that substantively matters. And no, please do not give me the old “so you would prefer to have Trump than Hillary?” BS. I would prefer NEITHER. I am not a LOTE voter, and I never will be. If all Americans voted their own values instead of this triangulation, LOTE nonsense, we would not have Hillary OR Trump in the White House.


The page has turned on Ms Clinton. It was the last page, and the book is closed. Book summary (eerily similar to the 2016 winner): “The presidency is all about me.”


Now that’s the key – the tiny-minded prictator is wholly and truly horrible, but since the horrid harridan has returned from her walk in the woods she has done nothing but validate why I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either of them! They are simply too much alike!


Really, you’re going to read it? My guess is day after day since November 8, she was sitting around the house ranting about us horrible Bernie supporters and finally Bill got sick of it and said, “If you’re going to sit around and rant all day, at least do it on paper so you can make an extra million from it!”


Yes: HRC as an individual is irrelevant; what is important is that she is the mouthpiece of a right liberal Democratic Party unable to admit error or change. The dominant right party ran HRC, and her criticisms now represent the official apologetics and rationalizations of the party for its loss.

And the takeaway? That those right liberal forces cannot and will not ever admit failure or change, because to do so would mean giving up their power and privilege; power and privilege can only be wrested from them.


What happens next is something Sanders has been putting all his energy into since the rug was pulled out from under him and us. Where is Hillary’s lifelong efforts on behalf of women and children, as we experience cities and island nations going underwater with 2 recent hurricanes? As we fight for healthcare for all as a right? She is wrapped up in herself, as always.
But the reason it’s important to look at what happened, is because the ruling class of both parties are desperately trying to change the narrative, in dangerous ways. The Russian blame game risks war with a nuclear power.
If the narrative is fabricated, as much of what we’ve seen leaked from the book is, then the true reason for her failure- because people wanted progressive policies- will be ignored and they will continue handing out neolibs and neocons and say, pick your choice.
The entire election process needs an overhaul. And they don’t want the electorate to know just how rigged, by both parties, it is. If it were indeed true that the Russians ‘hacked’ the election, why aren’t they changing to hand counted paper ballots, as other countries use? It’s because they want to continue to control the outcome of our elections.


Hillary is so adept at dividing people who should be allies, & her campaign was obviously inept, I seriously wonder if the DNC ram-rodded her into the nomination so that the Dems could essentially lose of purpose. By losing, Dems could count on future contributions by anti-Trump libs, and at the same time, free them from the burden of actually showing legislative results. Self-righteous royalty in exile, so to speak.

At this point however, the best thing for American politics would be to keep Hillary as a figure head long enough to kill the Democratic Party off once & for all.

Then build a REAL progressive party, rather than a faux-pogressive party, taking in good intentions, & then melting them down into bullets, bombs, & barbed wire.


The media have collaborated in a whirlwind of confusion on this. It started with Hillary accusing “the Russians” (all of them, I suppose) of hacking DNC email servers to make her look bad, then a sequence of vague accusations regarding people associated with Trump talking to any old Russian person (again, anyone), and occasionally they throw in the intentionally vague phrasing that “the Russians hacked the election” as if there was a little Kremlin-gremlin giggling behind every voting machine in the country with sickle-and-hammer-stamped mother-boards patched in to interrupt the circuits and relay the data by satellite, back to Moscow.


After reading this I am REALLY FUCKING pissed off. Sorry to offend, but Hillary Clinton is a Cunt, bitch or whatever negative slur you could apply. This is strictly a case of Clinton seeing easy money laying at the curb to be swept up by her in ANOTHER book. She couldn’t even say she would donate ALL proceeds from this tripe to a reputable charity. As far as Paul Begala, he’s a corporate, greedy, propagandist ass hole that NO fucking body listens to. Chris Hayes AND Rachel Maddow are just two reasons I don’t listen to MSNBC anymore. The Democratic party better get its head out of its ass soon or they are gonna blow ANOTHER chance of taking back the Senate and maybe House too. It’s HIGH FUCKING TIME to go back to the greatest Democrat EVER (FDR) and take up his and Henry Wallace themes for working and poor people.


We just finished with eight years of a smooth talking con man from Hawaii who was responsible
for the greatest transfer of wealth to the one percent from the middle class and poor in history.
This con man picked up a check from Wall Street for $400,000 for his efforts and just sent off a daughter to Harvard. 78 percent of Americans now live paycheck to paycheck. Hillary and her lobbyist Podesta Brothers offered America exactly the same thing as the con man from Hawaii. This is why “the most qualified candidate ever” lost the election.


AMEN!!   It’s high time for all three Crooked Clintons to crawl back under their rock!

It’s time to replace the entire DamnocRatic Establishment with progressives in the image of FDR, or – difficult as it will be – build an entirely new Progressive Party fueled entirely by small donations from ordinary people (i.e. the 99%).

Thanks for being honest, Patricia.  Many of my middle-aged female neighbors also use the ‘B-word’ to describe Hilliary, but as a curmudgeonly older dude I’ve been criticized for doing so. Dirty Debbie Duhby-Ass (aka DWS) is also a B**** – a bug-eyed one at that – and like Schumer, Podesta and Pelosi also a pro-korporate D.I.N.O. if there ever was one.  It’s time to re­legate all of them to the dustbin of history, and start cleaning up our country!


That is pretty much what I came here to say.

Bernie Sanders “only wants to destroy the Democratic Party”?

That was Hillary’s mission in the 90s when she and Bill began their crusade to fundamentally change the Democrats into Republicans II. By embracing Wall Street, bank deregulation, NAFTA, the Military-Industrial Complex, prison privatization, for-profit medicine, drugs, health insurance and all the rest, they destroyed whatever promise Democrats might have had for returning to FDR populism.

After the Clintons, the party “leadership” filled with people like Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, et al, and continued the steady and irreversible move to the right and corporatism.

The Clintons, and I suspect first and foremost HIllary Clinton, destroyed the Democratic Party long ago. Blaming its demise on Bernie Sanders is the height (or depths) of denial and hubris.


Brilliantly put. You are absolutely correct. But again - unfortunately - these establishment Dems just will not see the truth of what you are saying, the facts be damned. In that respect, they deserve the fate that awaits them and their party - if you can’t be honest with yourselves and objectively look at what you are doing and what needs to be corrected to win back the loyalty of the people - well, dustbin and history and all that.


Excellent observations.


Great post!


Couldn’t agree more- Don’t buy the book!


How about just progressive party? I like that too- get rid of the word demorat.