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What Matters Is What Happens Next, Not ‘What Happened’


I’m amazed that it hasn’t been stated outright: The whole meme of forget the past and look to the future has at least two intended dissociative consequences:

  1. It is the positioning of an ostensible democracy to be “led” because the ‘future’ has been signed, sealed and delivered by whomsoever is doing the writing.

  2. Writing about “what happened” is writing a history in order to manipulate it. Clinton has already proven her addiction to this devious mode of manipulation - AND - we have the documented history TO PROVE IT. We also have the experience of the extreme level of corruption as witnessed in the DNC required to do something so basic as make it all seem like a presentable media framing.

Read this book? whahahaha!!! I’ll keep a copy by the toilet paper if one is given to me. I am loathe to waste the paper.


At any rate- this is all old hat- in the dustbin where her “book” belongs.


Hehe “Demorat” - not sure if that’s a typo or not, but I’m going to be using that term in the future :slight_smile:


This lady needs to return to the underside of the rock she calls home.


Here is a different cat altogether - one I think we should all be more than aware of, for she is capable of much, I think.

This is a long read - well worth the effort - the German elections are upcoming:


And that self-same “con man from Hawaii” is a l-a-a-a-a-a-r-g-e part of the reason the tiny-minded prictator won and the horrid harridan lost – I didn’t want obama-lite (her reprehensible cunton) to replace bush-dark (obama) b/c it would mean more money transfers and even worse wars. And no, I find the prictator so deplorable that I can’t even speak his name, let alone support/vote for that demented old phuq!


Give it 2 weeks and you’ll be able to pick it up on Amazon for a buck fifty!:rofl:


As long as people use that kind of language, well-intentioned old-school libs & feminists will see that as ‘proof’ that Hillary lost because of sexism, plain & simple.

Hillary has no actual progressive agenda, but she knows how to play the victim card, and the resolve of her constituency is strengthed by this kind of attack. It makes these well-intentioned, but essentially shallow, old-school libs & feminists feel righteous.

This is one of the ways Hillary is just like Trump. She actually feeds off hatred…hatred makes her stronger.

Which is probably why she is releasing this book now. It’s pissing off progressives & people who can think critically about politics, which will ironically end up reinforcing the ‘Hillary is a victim of sexism’ narrative. Thus her fan-base, small though is, will be strengthened.


Bullshit!!! Get tough NOW!!!


Yet somehow the Democratic candidate has received more votes than the Republican candidate in five of the last six elections. That achievement argues against making too drastic a change for the Democrats. Their main problem seems to involve voter suppression, gerrymandering, the electoral college, and most recently fake news on the internet and fake Facebook and Twitter accounts of Russians. Organizations like Indivisible and Organizing for Action are generating a lot of excitement among Democrats at the grassroots levels and this may lead to good candidates running for local, state, and federal office. Trump has really sparking something. The question now is can we save democracy from Trump to allow this grassroots political activity to flourish. His white supremacist movement continues to march on and he has basically declared a war on science. He continues to attack the press. He seems to continue to be leading his supporters toward fascism.


Ok, thanks, bro. Now I KNOW you’re a troll.


Yeah, especially since the farce of Obama.


Too expensive.


Right On, Royce – you nailed it!

AMEN!!   Most of the time we get to choose between the Lesser of two Evils; in 2016 the choice was between the less sick of two narcissists, and too many people couldn’t tell the difference.

You can read it if you want; I’m gonna save my money and donate the price of Hilliary’s screed to at least one of many decent progressive candidates in 2018; I hope several of my fellow CD readers will join me in making donations to progressives in her name.

Meanwhile, those of us who are old enough to remember Allen Sherman’s hilarious hit, “Dearest Muddah, Dearest Faddah, here we are at Camp Granada” may also remember the flip side, “Don’t Buy the Liverwurst.”   I humbly submit the following revised refrain for your consideration:

        "When you log on to Amazon,
                    "Don’t Buy The Bitch’s Book,  Don’t Buy The Bitch’s Book,  Don’t Buy The Bitch’s Book
        "She’ll never admit where she went wrong –
                    "Don’t Buy The Bitch’s Book,
                    “Don’t . . . Buy . . . The . . . Bitch’s . . . Book!”

BTW, please don’t blame Bernie for my use of an accurate one-word description of Hilliary that several of my middle-aged female neighbors also apply to her.  I created my first home-made “DITCH The BITCH” bumper sticker when she was running against O’Bummer back in 2008.  And I’m not exactly a sexist either; I wrote in Elizabeth Warren for V.P. in both 2012 & 2016, and am hoping to be able to vote for her for President in 2020 – assuming that either the DamnocRats have done some serious house-cleaning by then -or- that she runs as an independent (and that we still HAVE an election in 2020, of course).


I have a great deal of respect for Hillary Clinton. But it is time to stop rehashing the past. Unless we look to the future and plan for it, we won’t have one!


I understand that – I wouldn’t take it even if they were giving them away!


I take umbrage at you calling the horrid harridan a
when it’s obvious she is none of these things!:thinking::sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry, Wolfess – I didn’t mean to offend you.  How about I refer to Her Highness as a Brazen, Ignorant, Treacherous, Callous Hyena instead – or would that be too much of an insult to certain notorious spotted scavengers?

And since I ran out of time to edit the above post, I’ll add the first full verse my book-bashing “song” here:
        "Ol’ Al Franken you can trust, Russell Feingold is a must –
        "And I’d vote for Tulsi Gabbard any day . . .
        "But that Lyin’ Clinton Bitch, she ain’t nothin’ but a Witch
        “I just hope her Whole Damn Family fades away!”
                        [ Chorus (above) ]

I was tempted to refer to witch burning in the last stanza – or at least dunking – but I’ll leave that up to others who might feel like adding another two or three verses.


There are some ugly rumors floating around that the DNC is grooming Chelsea Clinton to run for office, possibly as soon as 2018.  That’s a future that needs to be planned for – and prevented!!


Seeing how the Democrats lost more elections nationwide during the Clinton and Obama Administrations than at any other time in history, its hard to believe that anybody named Clinton or Obama could win an election in the near future even if they are not related to the culprits.