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What Medicare for All Would Have Meant a Decade Ago

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/06/what-medicare-all-would-have-meant-decade-ago

“Medicare for All a decade ago” from a political standpoint would have meant that the GOP would not have taken control of the House of Representatives in 2011 and not taken control of the Senate in 2015, the GOP would not now be stacking the courts with fascist judges who will overturn any attempt at Medicare for All for at least the next half century.

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If we had national health care, like every other industrialized nation on the planet, I could go and see my doctor whenever I needed to. When I walked into her office, she would have my records on her desk. My records would go back to the day I was born. They would have followed me from Illinois, to California, to New Jersey, Connecticut, back to California. I wouldn’t have to fill out those forms every time I see a doctor, that get longer, and longer every year, because my doctor would know my health history better than I do. She would know what my allergies are, and what conditions I am susceptible to, because it would be included in 60 years of records. She would know what things to check, because of my health history, that I don’t know, because I am not a medical professional. But I can’t even go to a doctor.

I lost my health care when Obamacare came in. The cost of my health care went from $250/mo to $499/mo plus the matching $499/mo paid by the federal government. And this doesn’t include the $5000 co-payment. Which is moot, because there is no way I can afford $500/mo. (This is why health insurance companies stock prices shot up with Obamacare. That massive federal subsidy they receive every month, whether anyone needs health care or not, is an obscenity.)

It’s not just that we don’t have healthcare. It’s that we do not have the consistent, recorded medical care that we are entitled to. And thus we forfeit all the medical knowledge that comes with it. All this, so that one private industry received bloated profits. That is a crime.

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If America had ever been a REAL democratic republic-----then from birth on-----everyone would be covered for everything with health care. THAT should be the number one benefit of being a citizen!