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'What Momentum Looks Like': Sanders Becomes Fastest Presidential Candidate in History to Reach 4 Million Individual Donations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/19/what-momentum-looks-sanders-becomes-fastest-presidential-candidate-history-reach-4


Bernie needs to translate the money into easily digestible videos that explain the benefits of EIMFA.
Healthcare is the number one issue.

And he needs his ground game in Iowa and New Hampshire to out-door-knock every other campaign.
No Dem candidate has won the nomination in modern times without a win in one of them.

He needs to call out the corporate capture of his rivals.
Dem primary voters understand who controls this process.


While others posture, prevaricate, deceive and follow the corruption of money uber-alles - are complicit to the scam and charade, Bernie Sanders stands almost alone in politics as a shining light who rally’s our hope and commitment to fight as if our lives depended on it!

"because they know he is the only candidate who will fight for them and take on corporate greed and corruption."!

"A candidate who explicitly condemns coups and U.S. imperialism. A campaign funded overwhelmingly by small donors,"

Bernie speaks truth, even when some issues or positions are “not popular” according to talking-head pundits, lobbyists, shills, and paid sellouts. He does not serve special-interest propaganda and lies! A person of great integrity and dedication over a lifetime of political activism and service to the Common Good.- the “little-people”, the “ordinary” family, guy and gal.

A true leader worthy of the title, and our unstinting support to change the future, we so desperately need!!

Bernie 2020 for real change we actually can believe-in!


4 million individual donors is impressive.

But the making an average contribution of 18 dollars part is a deception.

This implies that each donor is contributing 18 dollars as if each donor made only one contribution.

The purpose of this deception is to make a small contribution campaign appear to be a small donor campaign. There is a difference.

Whether a donor is a small donor or not is determined by the total of all their contributions, not by the size of their individual contributions.

A donor making small contributions of 50 dollars a week since Bernie declared in the spring would have contributed over 1500 dollars by now.

Not a small donor.

A donor making a 2000 dollar contribution in the spring followed by weekly 10 dollar contributions would have made about 2400 dollars total contribution by now but the average contribution would be about 80 dollars.

Not a small donor.

While this small step may have been appropriate in 2016 to get citizens to believe that small contributions could work, that goal has been accomplished as Bernie is not the only candidate touting their “small donor deception” in 2020 and many used this deception in 2018.

But the 4 million donors fooled by this deception does provide some hope.

If enough of these citizens catch on to the deception they can demand that Bernie and other candidates become real small donor candidates.

Citizens can contact the candidates and let them know they will only be voting for real small donor candidates that limit the aggregate (total) contributions to their campaign from any donor to 200 dollars per election (200 primary, 200 general).

4 million times 100 dollars is 400 million dollars. Enough to run a primary campaign.

And that could be just the tip of the iceberg.

Who knows how many millions more citizens that are not fooled by the deception would become contributors if a candidate were to make this commitment.

Let’s find out.

Citizens can register now that they will only be voting for real small donor candidates at www.onedemand.org and will cast a write in vote if there are no small donor candidates on their primary and general election ballots to register a vote against the big money candidates and to create and demonstrate demand for small donor candidates. This will let the politicians as well as other citizens how you intend to vote in 2020 before the election.

Instead of citizens being left with a choice of big money candidates, the politicians will be left with a choice of running small donor campaigns in order to get our contributions and votes or taking the big money and not getting our contributions and votes.

Democracy 101.

The Matt Duss poll in the story is what stands out to me, despite even some peoples opinion here at CD, that Military members are blood thirsty, that even they get it. Sanders who claims to want to end the forever wars, received more than twice the support from military members, than any other candidate.


Correction, there have been 4 million individual donations, many of these individual donations are being made by repeat donors. The idea is that since the average individual is donating lower amounts they can (and will ) continue to make such donations as they have not yet reached their maximum donation limits. There is no deception going on, these are the measures which have been used candidates in modern elections, this is not some new measurement Sanders has come up with, he merely is demonstrating that by all of the traditional benchmarks of modern elections, Sanders is leading the pack, and doing it primarily from small, direct-to-campaign, donations from more people (most of which who are no where near being maxxed out in their ability to continue to donate through the rest of the campaign) rather than PACs, SuperPACs, and wealthy individual donors who are generally maxxed out in their first direct donation.


I spent most of my adult life in military service, after being recalled to active duty in 2001 I served in several S. Central Asian nations including both Afghanistan and Iraq, and resigned my commission and retired after the fall of Baghdad. Nobody hates war as much as those who fight them.


“A donor making small contributions of 50 dollars a week since Bernie declared…would have contributed over 1500 dollars by now…Not a small donor.”

wow, yea, like all those flush Walmart and Amazon workers - lots probably donating thousands apiece under cover of puny 50 a week ‘small donations’


“Bernie has plateaued” and “he should drop out of the race…”

The establishment has spoken, and as usual, the establishment has its cabeza up its derriere.

Any remotely democratic nominating process (a “black swan” event, these days) will see an FDR-style democratic socialist, an actual liberal, elected to the presidency – the one candidate who promises to defeat Trump…

Cue the establishment:

“Quick, Mr. Billionaire Bloomberg, please, Sec. Warmonger Clinton, jump into the race and save us from the one candidate who promises to reverse the nation’s headlong plunge into fascism! We need another surefire loser on top of the Democratic ticket!”


If Bernie keeps up the momentum, enough to secure the nomination, it’s going to be interesting to see what the DNC does to prevent him from being the official nominee. And they WILL do whatever it takes. They would rather have Trump in the Oval Office for 4 more years than a progressive like Bernie. And that is no exaggeration.

And this is the party that so many Hillary loving, Obama worshiping neoliberals are thinking is going to save us and restore “civility” to our government.


I am sure the DNC agrees!


Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! The best choice for a democratic future for the USA! You lie? Goodbye! Vote 'em out! Peace


The Bernie donations are a good thing, but lets hope the 4 million people that have donated to Bernie’s campaign are not disappointed like all the people were in 2016 when Bernie supported Hillary because Bernie has vowed to support the DNC nominee in 2020. I hope like hell that we do not hear this from Bernie: " WE HAVE TO SUPPORT BIDEN; WE CANNOT ALLOW TRUMP 4 MORE YEARS!


Now…if ALL those small donors go out and actually VOTE…


Are you an engineer?

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I echo your last line. When I served in the MC, 1979-1985, those who glorified war were for all practical purposes, ostracized. We were always prepared, but very few wanted it.
I suspect the meme that the armed forces are eager to fight today, in the MSM, is more to do with MIC profits to continue more war, than the true feelings of those actually in combat.


Note to ALL;

Please report back if you see this reported anywhere in M$M !

You gave me a thought


When you send those email asking for donations. How about one that specifically asks for donations to make the Videos @SkepticTank is suggesting above? AND, you funnel THOSE donations to another an account specifically FOR making those videos

Just a thought

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I read that crap often at HufPo

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Do you have any thoughts on Lt Col Vindland and his impeachment testimony?