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What Next? White Supremacists in Suits and Ties in Washington


What Next? White Supremacists in Suits and Ties in Washington

Lacy MacAuley

Nazi salutes. White people demanding a white “homeland.” A speaker talking about how women like to be assaulted. Glowing remarks about Adolf Hitler. Reporters getting booed for asking tough questions. This was the scene inside a conference held at a downtown Washington DC government building this past weekend and at a local restaurant.


Don't forget to use the soft power of the boycott to teach the bigots a lesson. Heavily bigot-influenced businesses should not get your money if they discriminate against you. It is worth the inconvenience to find a progressive option, especially if you can mail a post card to the former as to why their "white only" business goal is beginning to work.


Anti-Fascists Storm Alt-Reich Dinner

This is Trump's America.

While Republicans whine about Obama not condemning Trump protests, they are utterly silent about this.

Where is Trump's strong, unambiguous condemnation of Nazis? Is that too much to ask for?

Seems so.


Why would somebody who refines Goebbels work to new heights condemn Nazis ?


Occupy Republican offices until they denounce fascism...


Trump is a nightmare..sure. But where was the freak-out when the Obama administration was destroying Civil Liberties? Fascism? Its Already Here! Do you actually not know about the DHS contract to provide "Lamp Posts" that are in place in San Francisco, New York and dozens of other cities nationwide that: Have Facial Recognition, Microphones for BOTH Listening to conversations on the street and, even creepier, to bellow orders to those on the street..and again..camouflaged as street lamps. I just realized..listing the hundreds..yeah it is hundreds..of ways Obama has undermined or simply outright destroyed critical civil liberties like the 4th and 5th amendments..is just pointless..if you don't know and did not worry over the last 8 years..there's no point in going into it here. We in essence no longer HAVE a 4th amendment. How any "Judge" could possibly interpret the 4th Amendment to "Not" include 'email" is beyond belief.."Persons, Papers and Effects"..'but..gall..email is digital so..its, like, gall, not really papers..I mean gall..' says the Obama justice department. And on and on and on...Fascism is HERE! Now! And the New Left was and continues to be "All For It". Google, Microsoft, Facebook ARE mass surveillance and equally fascistic...Total Control. And now its even worse, with the New Left calling..with rabid, seething hate, for what amounts to "Total Censorship" via a literal..LITERAL.."Black List" produced by an actual..bonafied.."Ministry Of Truth" to be run by...."Google"? Wow! But gosh, nary a word of complaint from the "Left" regarding the nightmare of "PC based Fascism". The hypocrisy is so overt overwhelming that it has transitioned into a genuine psychotic episode. A "Separation From Reality". The "Left" has no problem with Censorship and Drones and listening devices on the actual courthouse steps (look it up..Oakland, CA. of course) and what IS now a police/surveillance state. I say it over and over..if you REALLY want 'change' then the simple reality is this: Whatever The Answer Is, If Its Going To Work It Cannot Be Based On A Lie. Its that simple. Trump has thus far not even begun to Approach..Obama and the New Left record of civil liberties abuses. He's go a long way to go and INHERITS the Obama Fascist state. Its the Left that's been 'saluting'.


Racism and fascism are two different things. It would be an understatement to say that today's tendency to define everything in terms of race has been simple-minded and counter-productive.

This country actually HAS been implementing fascism for years, slowly and from the bottom up. Our bourgeoisie simply didn't notice yet. We're 20 years deep into the war on our poor. We've stripped our poor of a list of fundamental civil and human rights, meeting the definition of fascism.

Fascism doesn't need to be imposed abruptly via a violent military takeover. A country can quietly transition into a fascist state over a period of time.


I would personally say that Obama is the best president we've had in the post-Reagan era. He did try to do some things to address our poverty crisis, but there was no will in Congress or among the public to do anything. Obama was able to restore the disability benefits that the Clinton administration had slashed. But in 2015, Dems in Congress voted to virtually end food stamps to the disabled and the elderly poor (cut from $115 per month, down to $10).

Obama was able to reverse the years of job losses, so we've seen steady job gains. The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 jobless people who still have the means to pursue one (home address, phone, etc.). As for those who are left out, there's TANF, a short term, marginally subsidized job program, only for those with children. Once you no longer have a home address, phone, etc., you're just out. There's nothing for those who have effectively been pushed out of the job market.


Sounds like a bunch of cowards and idiots.Yes, boycott.


Yes, that is true. However, I will say this: Unless people are living in adject poverty, sometimes poorer communties can be very close knit. They might not have the yacht, but they have the family and friends. I doubt that a country quietly transitions. It's just my opinion. Also, are these your opinions or do you have experience with this? Just curious.Also why don't we stop labeling people by class or race or whatever? We are all people, we all have the same needs. People are rich or poor for a variety of reasons. Some people have medical problems. Some people have lost jobs. Some people might have intellectual challenges or mental challenges. Some people make poor choices such as drugs, alchohol, multiple kids with no income, etc. Some people lead simple lives, and are notlooking to make a million dollars. I know people who visited parts of Africa where people were not "rich" by our standards. Guess what ? They reported that they were happy. Ask yourself if you are happy. I do that too. Now, ask if you would like to help others. Back in the nineties I worked in an inner city school. Some of the parents worked but many were on assistance ( when the economy was going well). Some reported that they had gotten into the groove so to speak. Some spent their days drinking and doing drugs. Some actually tried and bettered their situations. Some kept having kids and said that they did not know who the father was. No, not all poor people are victims. Hardly. Some have gamed the system. When welfare the old way ended some got assistance to go to school and get a job. Some did not unfortunately, but many have bettered their situations. Difference today is that many people are working two and three jobs today if they can find something. I have actually worked with people who started out with very llittle and ended up getting a MA.Also, did we forget? Wall Street, and real estate agencies colluded, and caused this global recession, and our governemt did nothing to put them in jail. It's big money and politics a lethal mixture. Why can't we just say Wall Street? There, I said it. When the Glass Steagall Act ended ( with Clinton as president behind our backs), that's when things started to go downhill. My late grandparents lived through two world wars and a depression.My late parents lived through one world war( my father fought in that one) , and a depression. My late grandfater came to this country as a teenager by himself, and then brought the rest of this family from Czarist Russia. They are worked hard, and did well. Was it easy? No. Lots of people have all kinds of stories. However, when I see teenagers and even young kids with cell phones ( some even in inner cities) I would not call that fascism. I would say that there is a high wage gap and that we are fearful of the present and the future.
Remember also: Voter turnout is poor in this country compared to other developed nations. Almost 47% of eligible voters did not. I have met people who have never voted. I have also met people who have emigrated to this country and were very excited to have the right to vote because they did not have the right in their own countries. One of these people is an older person who was a little girl in Germany during WW2.


Sounds like you need to go to a Trump rally. Obama brought this country our of a crippling recession. McConnell and his ilk wouldn't want a person of color to succeed right? Very immature and infantile view of the world. Obama facsist state? Is it because over 20 million more people have health care? The same crowd that says hands off my body but has few teeth? What has Mr. Obama done to you that is so bad? If you think you can do better, why don't you run for office? That should be hilarious.


I wanted to add this: You seem to have a problem with poor people. Do you dislike poor people and are removed from "them" somehow? There are many poor people( depending on your definition of poor) who know how to survive. They grow food, make clothes etc. Is it easy out there now? No, not with student loan debt and many other problems.


A quick Google search shows these guys had a conference every year. Except that with no media coverage nobody was paying any attention to them.

It was Clinton campaign strategy do associate them with Trump and the media quickly gobbled it up giving them a platform from where to shout their ideas. Clinton's strategy backfired, bringing her a humiliating defeat and bringing these guys in the spotlight. And a certain part of the media doesn't seem to be getting enough of it.


Trump disavows these extremists. But I would feel better if he hadn't appointed Stave Bannon to an important position. I don't believe Bannon is a white supremacist but his claim that Breitbart News speaks for the alt-right should disqualify him from any appointment. Maybe Bannon simply wants to make money off the alt-right but making a living that way should have consequences in Washington DC. Trump has to do more than talk the talk. He has to walk the walk and rescind his appointment of Bannon.


That may be the case, I don't know, but the cited article https://dalrock.wordpress.com/2016/11/21/a-cold-calculation/ doesn't appear to support that claim. The article looks to be objecting to the default cash incentive women get to divorce. Wanting to level the scales in divorce is not the same as wanting to take away women's right to divorce.


What surprises me is that Common Dreams is surprised by all of this? Not only are you surprised, but like all the other Progressive media you have fallen once more for the right wing control of media language and as a result, communication. I say this because you, like all the other "liberal" media now used the Right Wing inspired shortcut term "Alt Right" so freely. You might recall White supremacist Richard Spencer, who runs the National Policy Institute, coined the term “Alternative Right” or "Alt Right" as the name for an online publication that debuted in 2010. Of course he used it to mean the alternative right, but for the uninformed, probably 80% of the voting population, they have no idea what it means and as a result, it becomes code for the Fascists. The press now throws round the term as loosely as it does Left or Right Wing. I had a p[lumber come by for some work and thought I would find out if my theory was true. I asked him if he ever heard of the political term Alt Right? he said no and then I asked him what he thought it meant and he eventually said, he thought maybe the Democrats or Left! In his mind, it was the alternative to the Right! In fact, that is true, but in the general public, unless it is stated along with its meaning, I would suggest that most who are not political junkies, will misunderstand the meaning of "Alt Right"! I wrote to Rachel Maddow several years back when it was first being used and pointed out my concerns about the new term. Now everyone uses it and it is just another way to confuse the public!