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'What Oligarchy Looks Like': Sanders Leads 140 Lawmakers in Condemning Trump Plan to Rip Food Stamps From 3 Million Americans

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/08/what-oligarchy-looks-sanders-leads-140-lawmakers-condemning-trump-plan-rip-food


It is BERNIE or bust.

Most if not all of the Democratic field of candidates have one foot in the Corporate World and the other foot in the Republican Party.

The Media is promoting the idea that the Dems must move to the Right and endorse a Troglodyte phony like Biden or lose to the Trumpster. Hogwash.

Bernie can ignite the Youth of our Nation like no other candidate and this is the path to a Landslide Victory.

No one but our Young Democrats can Choreograph and Master Social Media like enthusiastic Young People.

Grandpa Biden will turn off the Democratic Electorate faster than a cold shower.


It’s not like we’re going to do anything about it. We’ll cry and moan and people will starve and the rich continue to play free from risk.

the moral conditions for open rebellion have existed for some time. Still our “opinion leaders” refuse to call openly for it.

Maybe we just need to plead louder or march more? Sure.


Trump’s obesity is the metaphor of a perverted society that gives to the already wealthy while taking from the most in need. In a real way, he is the neediest of us all.

My submitted comment:

Comment: To take food stamps away from people who are poor so as to cover the tax cuts to the obscene rich can only come from someone who has no moral compass, Trump’s own obesity is the perfect metaphor for this “revision of eligibility”. What is needed is the revocation of his time in office as he has repeatedly demonstrated he is unfit to head this nation. So, NO–no changes in reducing eligibility but increase eligibility.


There is a moral and just man seeking the highest office in the land. We Must make it happen at all costs.

Many years ago I was up for renewal for my “food stamps”. I refused them. There will always be those in greater need, it is our duty to try and fulfill those needs. One way is to vote :-)))))


I LIVE on Social Security… my retirement money “vanished” during a series of corporate mergers. Last year, my food stamps were cut to $15 a month…not much but more than $0.


Let them eat cake…

Did pelosi or schumer or sean maloney or any in the other complicit clinton/obama camp clones sign?

Soon one will be forced to have absolutely nothing to qualify to receive any assistance. How many of those voted for this evil scum? How many still would?

A regime beyond all bounds of decency in everything it touches!

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The El Paso shooter won’t be needing his food stamps any more.

Point well made, I hadn’t looked at that side of it. It makes it all the more depressing thinking about who didn’t stand up for doing the right thing. It’s heartbreaking.

At least Biden is honest about one thing. If he is elected nothing will change. And that is a very bad thing.
All that is left for the rest of us is to decide what action from this administration causes us to no longer to be proud to be an American.


There are millions of people in this world who get SSI, SSD, SSDI, SSA, Welfare, WIC, $5,000+ in food stamps, selling their food stamps for cash so that they can buy booze, drugs and cigarettes, have never worked a day in their life, living the good life by receiving all of these benefits and even more and it is not fair to those of us who struggle every month, living paycheck to paycheck, only getting SSI or SSA benefits, $15 in food stamps, having to pay $700 for rent, $700 in bills and trying to buy food and neccesities and only having 50 cents to their name by the time the next paycheck comes.
A lot of people get too much free government money as free handouts and they need to draw the line somewhere!

Heidi, which planet are you from?

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Congress can fix this, we need a line item veto on our 1040 tax returns. Create an option to Choose up to 3 federal programs that you in good conscience can’t fund, and reassign those funds to 3 other programs.
ie, take my military funds (sans VA) and assign to SNAP.


Bullcrap. A lot more people really need this assistance to live, like the elderly and disabled. The idea that there is widespread fraud is just a talking point used by the right to convince people like you that it is okay to let people starve while giving the rich even more.

I don’t think Biden will beat Trump. I feel like it is 2016 all over again when their was obvious momentum in Bernie’s camp and we got Clinton pushed on us. I did not really dislike Biden as VP, but it is obvious that he is living in the past.

I can no longer count the number of actions from Trump that make me no longer a proud American. How 'bout choosing to go into Mississippi and arrest parents at work while their children were attending the first day of school or stuck at daycare with no one to come get them – this when someone mouthing Trump’s words killed 22 targeted people in El Paso. And Trump showed up in El Paso to talk about himself.

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You are ill-informed.

From the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, citing actual, you know, SNAP data:

“The average SNAP benefit per person was about $126 per month, which works out to about $1.40 per person per meal.”

Seems like a lot less than $5000/year in food stamps, Heidi.
But thanks for the free speech – it serves as a great illustration of what we’re up against.


Fake news is everywhere. Even here.


Only Love can change all this ultimately.
Their worldview is the problem and must be challenged .
The solutions are spiritual in nature and raising conciousness is what we must do.
Listen carefully what Marianna Williamson has to say it comes from the human heart of pure compassion and love for humanity .
Carpe Diem

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