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What Planet Is NATO Living On?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/23/what-planet-nato-living


Good article Medea, more corroboration that the acroynm NATO should stand for: THE NORTH ATLANTIC TERROR ORGANIZAT5ION.




“the first since President Biden took power”…In the old days, presidents took office. When did that change? Dictators and Mob bosses take “power”…The Prez of the USA, as a supposed representative of the people, should not be taking power of anything. In a democracy, the president is elected to an office…but of course we don’t live a democracy or a representative form of government, of, by, and for the people…

And NATO represents what? Seems that this article has some clues…

I’ve only been around for 75 years in the USA, but this is NOT the country I was born and raised in. It has morphed into something really evil…

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We all know who has pushed for wars forever. Not allowed to utter the truth.

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Good catch !

Political history is not my specialty, but the comment by the author(s) is obviously making a profound statement for astute observers like yourself or else an equally profound Freudian slip. Either way the outcome is the same…well done.

I am not sure when that occurred. I will go out on a limb and say, right around the time America became the most powerful nation on Earth and the President became generally recognized as the most powerful person…So much for “peaceful” transitions, huh?
(in real life I am laughing and slapping you on the shoulder) [sip beer]

I find it odd that America is (supposedly) spending 11-1 on military over Russia and 3-1 over China, yet… I don’t need to finish that thought…
(especially since money is fake…LOL)
I wish someone would slap the bully and send it crying, running home to mommy.

The clock is ticking louder…


I’d say November 1963, in Dallas, Texas.

I just read JFK’s 1961 address to the United Nations again, and if you then read or listen to - his Peace Speech at American University - and compare these to the partial list of broken International & American laws which Ms Benjamin provided in the article - well - connect the dots.

As has Israel under Bibi. Both countries have changed significantly - swung hard hard right.

The title of this article asks:

What Planet Is NATO Living On?

It is living, like all of us, on Anthropocene Earth - and it did not have to be this way.

But since it is this way - I think we need to recognize that because of the coup in '63, we, (planet Earth & lifeforms) - are now in need, not of a new, New Deal, which was and now is - in its new iteration - just more GDP predatory capitalism, i.e., not capitalism at all, but a crime scene.

All military juntas are crime scenes I think.

Now for some pie in the sky:

What we need is a Strategic Retreat - to bend willingly and with understanding the Population Curve down - and to Restore our farmlands and the way we farm and ranch - i.e., Regenerative Farming.
In addition, basically free high quality education through the Bachelor’s degree or community college or trade school, and M4A.

I don’t want to get carried away here in this Pie in the Sky moment - because what we will get is the fuzzy good vibes Green New Deal, read unsustainable pretty much everything, which will make gazillionaires of the billionaires, like ‘coup who we want’ Musk.

And we will get, just for fun, Generation Four & Five Nuclear Reactors by the hundreds - which I cannot describe or envisage.

So I did go climbing today - because I live in this world, and not that pie in the sky world.

Astonishing Climbing Rock, which looks like a mini-Arc de Triomphe, saw some action today. I cleaned the ice out of the North face by hand, the temp hovering around freezing, in a brief hour of a seize the moment window of weather opportunity between snowy cold fronts. The Sun and the West wind shone just for me, as Black Elk’s ‘thunder beings’ lurked just to the North, and cumulus congestus to my South - with topsy-turvy heap clouds lit up in a brilliant yet surreal manner over the great Canadian Mountain Front by a strong Sun just ten degrees above the western horizon in a patch of clear blue sky.

Admittedly I was awkward (out of practice), and I can feel my legs just now, but the South Face of the Astonishingly Good Climbing Rock was of course sunlit and warm to the touch (and stretched a few hand and arm muscles). The view from on top (two and half meters) was as usual, one of my favorite times, as I sat there looking out at the front range, and wondering why we couldn’t all just go mountaineering - a much healthier practice than war.

Just as I got back near home, and stopped in at Tims to read another chapter of Black Elk Speaks, the wind shifted from West and warm to North and Cold. Also a ‘good catch’ - Elcil ~
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And it was in the First sentence of an article by Medea Benjamin. Chilling.


Yes, I agree. JFK in my view, was selected like all POTUS but as a true profile in courage, even though JFK had to know that when said he wanted to fire Dulles and " BREAK THE CIA INTO A THOUSAND PIECES" he was signing his death warrant by turning on the people that elected him.



While you were enjoying that fine climb on a beautiful mid-winter’s day, I was working in the garden, preparing for spring planting.
Here, inland Contra Costa it was 80F (26C) - clear - winds10M (16K).

I bet you’re sore today, LOL.
Let’s keep enjoying ourselves…

Reading this was similar to hearing the conversation(s) in the War Room in the great movie, “Dr. Strangelove…” some countries are starting to love the bomb a little too ardently. The “nucular” option is starting to look too easy to pick, and too many small players have the capability of turning this planet into a radioactive pillar of salt. The murder of JFK was the event that enabled the hard right to move in and press for what they believed would “protect or way of life.” Not turning out to be as easy as they thought.