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What Populism? Trump's America Is Party Time for the Corporate Elite


What Populism? Trump's America Is Party Time for the Corporate Elite

Robert Weissman

“Trump has converted the GOP into a populist working-class party,” Trump advisor and far-right economist Stephen Moore told Republican members of Congress at a caucus meeting.

Well, advisor Moore, meet the Trump transition team.

"We are witnessing not a populist, working class revolution, but the wholesale takeover of government by an extremist faction of the corporate class."


The Corporate Elite have been partying non stop since 1776 with a small break to sleep off the drunk in the FDR years.


Yes, this is the heart of the matter. One wonders when, or rather if, those, not from the 1% or above, who voted for Trump will ever realize how badly they are going to be betrayed.


One of the best posts. Sometimes people forget about that.


I do not think they care.


People should have been paying closer attention when Marco Rubio called Trump a scam artist. They were warned. No excuses for not knowing they were being scammed. They all heard the stories about Trump University. If people didn’t know they were being scammed it was their own fault. It was all over cable news and all other types of news. Everyone all over the world knew. He didn’t release his taxes. That’s a clue not to vote for him. Too late now unless the recounts turn up something unexpected.


Now Trump can add the U.S. government to his ownership list of casino’s, Manhattan skyscrapers, and golf courses,


This accomplished due to Dump pulling one of the more basic tricks in the Grifter Playbook: Bait & Switch.



I am a member of Public Citizen, but I have to ask you: Would Hillary Clinton’s America be that much different? The business of America is business.


And he doesn’t own anything without the expectation of making a huge profit off of it.


What a surprise. We are finding out that whatever he said he would do when elected was false advertising. Trump is a con man through and through. I wonder how all these middle class voters think now? Absolutely nothing for them (yet?).


“Populism” is one of a number of words/concepts that has been thoroughly bastardized in recent decades, often to imply widespread support of one’s own ideology.

Populism refers to the proverbial masses – poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, with a goal of “the common good.” This remains a distinctly anti-populist era.


No, and this is a point that some people can’t grasp. Trump and Clinton have strikingly similar ideologies. Regardless of the theatrics of the campaigns, the Clinton and Trumps remain personal friends, enjoying their get-togethers, playing golf, etc.

The biggest difference is that we don’t actually know how Trump will respond to international conflicts. By contrast, HC has a long record of support for military aggression. It took the Clintons to end actual welfare without ruffling the feathers of the liberal bourgeoisie, and to take the first steps to similarly “reform” Social Security (targeting the disabled).


Contrary to “draining the swamp” as Trump promised, it is apparent that there will be more alligators in the swamp after January 20 than there have ever been, giving new meaning to the time worn saying: “up to our asses in alligators”.


You know today the NYT reported that Trump and Peance had concluded a deal to keep Carrier jobs here…I would imagine the people whose Jobs where saved would take a different position.


One your comments are premature at best/ and most who voted for Clinton remember NAFTA and the fiasco that was.


Have you been following this? Yes, Clinton would be different. For anyone not wrapped in a cocoon somewhere.


Do you think the Clinton team would have been any different? The only plus is they wouldn’t have been avowed racists and white supremacists. Corporatism don’t care which party rules.


I am sure you meant to say it this way!


I agree. They won’t care as long as they think his policies are in their favor and hurting those they dislike. Trump will hurt those they dislike , but it’s highly doubtful he’ll help these people out directly. He’ll give them the standard rightist pitches about freeing up the market from regulation and how lower taxes for the rich will somehow magically translate into jobs. Even if it’s all Bullshit they’ll all cheer and believe it anyway.