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What Progressive Populists are Looking For


What Progressive Populists are Looking For

George Goehl

On Wednesday, a reporter asked me what progressive populists want from a Democratic candidate. Hillary Clinton, he noted, appeared to be pretty solid on a number of progressive issues from gay rights to raising the minimum wage. But noticeably missing from his list were issues that require a commitment to fundamentally restructuring the imbalanced relationship corporate America has with the American people.


I suggest people read “The Regina Manifesto” .

This was the first policy platform adopted by the CCF here in Canada.

The CCF was a Socialist party and called for all that these so called Progressive Populists demand and more.

I can not see the possibility of these Progressive Populists succeeding if they feel they have to invent a new word to describe themselves because they are afraid of being called Socialists.


I’m re-reading “JEB: America’s next Bush” by S.V. Date (2007). If you want a peek into his governing style, you may want to read it, too.

As for what candidates say, it is more about the money to shape the masses into voting for them. Mobilization is a key factor. JEB vs. HRC would be a snoozer in terms of personalities. Once the Rs get out of their inevitable clown-car-pre-primary mode, organization will be key. JEB would have a helluva crony network to work for him, if he can keep them awake (and, in some cases, still breathing until election).


As always, nothing but talk. Will progressives actually take action that can slow down and halt global warming? No, they won’t. They refuse to become vegetarians or, better yet, vegans. They complain about right wingers who deny global warming but they act in the same way as right wingers. Their behavior is no different. How can a person claim to be a progressive when their daily lives are indistinguishable from the daily lives of right wingers?


Ending US imperialism in the form, for example, of ongoing wars killing lots of innocent people and destroying lots of stuff for short-lived power and wealth would be foundational for any “progressive” project for the US, I think.


i logged in to say:

If all they can muster on ecology is “Jump-start the transition to a green economy” then they are living in a fantasy world. We need swift ramp-down of the economy’s war on the ecology. Imagining that we can “switch to a green economy” without swift and serious changes in all kinds of economic activity is incredibly naive.

That said, reducing “the economy” to personal choices in the marketplace leaves out a huge part of the equation. Yes we should all be responsible for what we eat, but let’s shut down the Pentagon, and outlaw fracking and mountaintop removal and tar sands and Arctic drilling, and charge a bunch of banksters with crimes, and institute popular budgeting, and outlaw political bribery, and enforce laws that corporations do not have human or civil rights and money is not protected speech, and… let’s disempower the corporate oligarchy that thinks they own everything.


Of course I agree with your list of reforms but one person cannot disempower the corporate oligarchy, stop mountain top removal, etc. but one person can stop supporting the animal slaughter industry-we don’t need to have political clout to be a part of the solution. Too many so-called progressives refuse to take personal responsibility and instead just list all of the issues they think are more important than global warming and then they continue eating in the exact same way as right wingers, making them indistinguishable from the people they claim to oppose.


Some good ideas, but what is listed here in this article does not seem to get to the fundamental core of the transformation needed. I would add ending corporate personhood and having every white person undertake racial equity training so that they understand how white privilege/inequality/oppression is enshrined by the capitalist system.


What are you doing to actually take action that can slow down and halt global warming? What are you doing to address the corporate takeover of government? What are you doing to educate and organize working people into a movement that can make positive change? Or are you just another armchair critic pushing utopian ideals and crippling cynicism?

This sounds like a vitally important effort worth supporting and building. It will take a coalition of all progressives to push back and overthrow the corporate dictatorship that is destroying the planet.

To be fair, I’ll tell you what I do with what very little I have: I struggle to move culture and consciousness in a progressive, environmental and class conscious direction by publishing a progressive literary journal called the Blue Collar Review and I write regular articles for a local, otherwise non-political culture mag called “Veer Magazine” in my community. I also support and participate in grassroots activism when I can.


You’re about as Zen as Bush, Jr. Bashing Progressives is your intent.


Why not add that every male person get similar training on their latent sexism and/or misogynistic attitudes, practices, and unexamined privileges?


Ten Year Ten Trillion Dollar infrastructure plan! Paid for by taxing all income above $3 million / year (ordinary and investment income) and by adding a 0.1% transaction tax on stocks.


Sounds ok to me.


I just got through looking at Democratic Underground and there are people there professing their support for Shillary because she is a “progressive”. So, the delusion continues. My idea of a true progressive populist in 2012 was not Barry the Appeaser but Dr. Jill Stein, whom I voted for. Amazing how we are supposed to be satisfied with the likely choice of Jeb and Hillary next year and are repeatedly told that Hillary is less evil and that is the best that we can expect - after all we have to “win” don’t we? But WE, the 99%, will not win with these two to choose from. Hillary and her ilk will just screw us less overtly. Hey DNC and DLC, when is that “Change You Can Believe In” going to kick in? Oh yeah, it was just advertising.


You are spot on.

The TV Mesmerizer has completely ostracized anyone calling themselves a Socialist or a Liberal. People are scared to freely engage in politics that are in their best interests. The Faux News fanatics will froth at the mouth with “the Five Minute Hate” if anyone dare utters the name “Liberal” or “Socialist.”

In the Hoover era, the FBI hunted down and arrested anyone who called themselves an anarchist. I liked the lastest “Hoover” movie with Depcaprica starring in it. Hoover’s best friend kept telling him his frame-ups were wrong. The SOB was a dishonest operator; pretending Charles Lindberg wanted him to investigate the kidnapping of his son, when in reality, Lindberg did not trust the FBI at all, wouldn’t talk to them, and didn’t want them involved at all. But Hoover was always after agency funding, so was going to alter history in his account of the case.

A big powerful Federal Government is a scary thing. On the other hand, Hoover seized the Bush Crime Family Bank and Steel companies, finding that they were violating the “Trading with the enemy” law. So I guess he wasn’t all bad. Creepy guy, though, who started a creepy agency.


Hmmm, the old blame the victim trick, eh?
Maybe progressives can’t change the world because common citizens have no choice but to take any crappy job they can and commute to that hell in a car. Is there any light rail in 99 percent of the country? No. Do they get to vote on war? No. Do they get to vote on bank laws? No. Do they get to sit in a citizen jury on the supreme court? No. There is no citizen jury on the supreme court.

Do they get to sit in a chair in the boardroom of Fortune 500 Corporations where US laws are written before the prostitutes in D.C. sign them?

No. They don’t.

It’s a Fake Democracy bent on resource extraction and war, and skipping meat is not going to have much impact when 10,000 new humans a day are born into this world. You won’t talk about a global-one child policy like China successfully used, so we are going to go extinct with your vegan delusion, thinking that alone will save us.

Sorry, your attack on Progressives should be directed at yourself for not controlling the sheer number of people being born who all cut down the rain forest just to grow a few vegetables so you can pretend you are saving the world.