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What Protests in Lebanon Can Tell Us About Inequality Worldwide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/02/what-protests-lebanon-can-tell-us-about-inequality-worldwide

So what happens in Lebanon, if anything, now that the U.S. has assassinated the leader of Hezbollah. This is a veiled false flag operation since it has been obvious the the trump administration has it in for Iran.
Kill, retaliate, retaliate for the killing, and pretty soon you have another disgusting blood bath in the middle-east, this time it is apparently Iran’s turn to suffer at our hand of death and destruction.
Hand ringers will say, what do we do now? The same fricking thing we should have done in 2001, get the hell out.
Instead we spent trillions of dollars and saw a million or more lose their lives or of a loved one.
Countless refugees. We are a real special country. See what we can do.

Thanks for a very informative report. People around the world have lots of work to do.