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What Really Happened... And Why It Could Happen Again


What Really Happened... And Why It Could Happen Again

John Atcheson

Hillary Clinton’s new book, entitled What Happened, has been raising quite a brouhaha among Democrats. The general consensus is that most wish she’d just go away, with many saying she’s sapping energy and attention at a time when the party should be forging unity and looking forward.


A book is causing an uproar??? How stupid, and stupidly they do not change…


Hillary Albright and Kissinger – war criminals flock together.
but, heck, war criminal is in the job description …


If you go to DKos and listen to the Democratic mainstream, they just don’t get it. This needs to be posted there.


Given the title, and author, I assume it will be in the fiction section


…and soon to be in the bargain bins, circular file, dumpsters and landfills.


Daily Kos lost me forever during the 2016 campaign. The love affair they have going with the DDDDs is over-the-top obnoxious.


Hillary ran a bad campaign offering nothing to the constituencies who she might have done well with. Her whole pitch was that she ought to be rewarded for her experience as thevFirst Lady who lways seemed to depict herself as Bill’s equal in office, his old "two fir the price of one meme and turning health care over to her which she crewed up,

Then there was her term as New York Senator where as far as anyone can tell, he did and accomplished nothing, just served her term for the resume.

Then as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State where she seems to have led the charge to kill Gadaffi and brag about it, and who knows hie many enemies shr was responsible for the deaths of.

All this experience was somehow supposed


Next Clinton will be complaining about Katy Tur releasing her book on the same day Clinton’s book is released.


You simply cannot be a panderer for Wall Street and also be a Democrat! The concepts are exclusive. I am not saying Wall Street is bad but time and time again they have unarguably proven that Wall Street and Corporate Entities are not to be trusted with even the plastic tableware.
The nation can fend for itself for a bit, I want My Party Back!


The people I really hate here are Chris Hayes,Rachel Maddow who should know better. MSNBC could have had a real debate about the Clinton wing and the movement of Sanders—Instead it was 24hrs of Trump bashing and Chris Hayes asking Sanders when he would concede to Hillary because Hillary was unbeatable. And watching Chucky Todd with Charlie Cook today says it all. These people have no understanding that people are sick of corrupt politicians. HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE IN THIS COUNTRY EVERYDAY BECAUSE OF CRAPPY HEALTHCARE! Hey Chuck and Charlie the issue is a corporate media refusing to address the totally corrupt political elite.


This article needs to be sent to every person in the Democratic leadership and all of their advisors. Somehow they will argue their way out of it, but it still is about as accurate an explanation for the results of the last six or eight national elections as you will find.


Just one of the many problems she had. In Iraq, Libya and Honduras she was imitating her mentor’s (Kissinger) actions in Argentina, Chile, Central America and Viet Nam. She was totally subservient to AIPAC, fawning on their every desire. Her support for the Iraq War was either because she is a war monger or because she lacked the courage to do what was right in the face of public opinion. You will note that she didn’t even read the actual report made by the intelligence services, but instead just read the Cliff Notes prepared by Cheney and Bush. And as far as domestic programs go, can anyone think of a progressive program that she championed?

If way back when she was in the Senate, she had begun pushing for progressive programs like reining in Wall St. and actually expanding health care to people in need, pushing for support for battered women and expanding voting rights, then there would have been no need for Mr. Sanders to get involved and she would have done well. As it is, there was no reason to vote FOR Hillary other than “I’m not drumpf.” If she would have given us a reason, then she would have been leading the polls and not Mr. Sanders.


Tone deaf war monger with psychotic entitlement fantasies lost election to worst candidate ever now writes book about it. Must read?


Nah, you can just get the content of the book by the summary “Clinton blames everyone but herself”.


Basically, anyone who supports Hillary and Hillary herself …are all rotten apples right? While Bernie is the knight in shining white armor. !!! So much for common sense in this news portal


You did actually read this article didn’t you?


To free the Democratic Party from the oligarchy’s hold we have to remove the Big Money from the entire political process.
Those that are ready for a political upheaval can make it happen by registering at onedemand (dot)org that they will only vote for small contribution candidates in 2018.
You can also sign the petition to get Ralph Nader to address this approach that he has ignored since 2015.


Will this wretchedly awful self-serving corporatist war monger ever go away? A beast, as in Hildebeast, she assuredly is, as her history of incompetence shows.


Haha - yes, indeed. Well done - this really highlights the absurdity of Hillary’s finger pointing.