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What Religion Has to Do With Campaign Finance and Voting Rights


What Religion Has to Do With Campaign Finance and Voting Rights

Patrick Carolan, Miles Rapoport

As people of faith, we recognize the responsibility of government to seek justice for all people and to build the common good. Justice cannot be achieved unless the rules governing the democratic process are just and fair for all. Central to that process is a citizen’s vote — not limited by the powers of money, social class or unequal access to the ballot box.


You seem to think that other people shouldn't have their own points of view about what needs to be done to fix our problems ? What about people who are not concerned with voting for Sanders or Hillary or any one candidate but who want to get Citizens United overturned? To say people who are willing to get arrested for their beliefs is just a ploy to get funding sounds very much like you are a troll. You use the term strategically clueless in reference to them but dismissing their courage, self sacrifice and dedication to protesting against the corruption is simply you being clueless. I won't ask what you do that is strategically anything. I won't ask what you do at all because to be honest, I doubt you are doing anything useful in concrete actual ways. However, putting down other people who are ding something seems strategic thinking huh? Yeah okay. Sure. Lol. You are a strategic thinker at large I suppose? Lol


You make a strange statement dismissing protest and a courageous protest at that and then you make guesses about conspiracies and connections offering no proof of any and then you act as if it is up to someone else to prove you wrong? It doesn't work that way. You haven't proven that you are right which makes you spreading unproven slurs and backstabbing bullsh*t to be honest about it. Protest is our right and changes people's minds. I don't know what you are babbling about 'the solution'. If Bernie wasn't a tad busy, he'd be marching alongside these great people.


You must be young. I am chuckling here when you say that what is needed is sound strategy...lol and then you say there isn't one. So from your armchair or your mom's basement, you think it would be better for these people to not have done anything? You didn't mention oh great leader what is your grand strategy. Oh wait you'll likely repeat that we should elect Bernie (I agree and I think most of these people would also agree btw) as what you consider to be a great strategy? Um yeah thanks. Does Bernie know that he is the strategy lol? Are you for real? Btw you aren't addressing that there are many other groups that are participating and I don' remember reading anywhere that this is being funded by Soros or that it is a Move On.org run event? Are you suggesting that Move On publicized it among other sites that did?

Did you even bother reading about the protests before you condemned them? By the way, the value of protests is to bring attention to an issue. Civil disobedience makes a big impression on people because it is harder for the media to ignore people being arrested at a protest although this may be an exception given it protests the influence of oligarchy and the corruption it facilitates.

Protests and civil disobedience eventually ended the Vietnam War by making people aware that the issue wouldn't just go away over time like our endless war is doing now. People need to be engaged lest apathy make them quiescent. Civil disobedience makes people realize that an issue is that serious for people to be willing for them to get arrested protesting it.

So spare us your negativity and apathy or rather your willingness for others to do something while you ...um...strategize from the MBR (Mom's Basement of the Revolution)... Lol.


By the way Move On has endorsed Bernie. Just sayin'!


What strategy? You said the word several times in these posts and to paraphrase 'The Princess Bride' >>> "you say this word many times but I don't think this word means what you think it means!" What strategy to do what by whom?

You say you have a problem with Soros. Okay but if he contributes to something like Move On then don't use Move On if you feel that strongly about it. There are many independent groups involved in this protest but apparently you think protests are not an effective strategy. But this is about an issue that Bernie shares among many. BTW you never actually say what your strategy is other than to say simply that we should elect Bernie. Nor do you say how you would accomplish that btw.

I think nonviolent protests accomplish the most of any strategy available to people. People recogonize that the protestors are both courageous and willing to make an effort in real terms to have a voice instead of just talking about it and 'strategizing' but doing nothing else but talk. Civil disobedience is reality that conveys to everyone that people care deeply about an issue. You simply dismiss their efforts without cause, you offer no competent alternative and you most likely go back to doing nothing yourself but talk about strategy. Yeah okay. That's great. Let us know when you've come up with your great strategy and in the meantime show some respect towards people of good will who make an effort beyond talk.