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What Rift? When It Comes to Palestinians and Human Rights, US and Israel As Close As Ever


What Rift? When It Comes to Palestinians and Human Rights, US and Israel As Close As Ever

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Amid a public spat between the White House officials and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, top Obama administration aides signaled Monday that the U.S./Israeli "special relationship" is as ironclad as ever—especially when it comes to accountability over war crimes against Palestinians.


Zionists, Nazis, Fascists, US Fourth Reich, Israel, what is the difference?

  • They shoot children, invade and kill other nation’s people, starve and mistreat them, do not take minimal care of their own populations except for the wealthy and powerful. They have contempt for any world law or disapproval of their acts.
  • And they watch each other’s back.
  • Again I ask, what is the difference?


In our “Celeb Secrets Exposed!” media culture a feud between known names is news fodder gold.

Actual policy is beneath attention.


It is a wonder the U.N. doesn’t file similar charges against America over war crimes. Don’t anyone hold their breath.


If Bibi can speak to Congress, how come Noam Chomsky can’t speak to the Knesset?


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Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable over on Stormfront?

Anti-Semitism isn’t a progressive value.


Thanks, CZ. Wish this whatever s/he is would go away.


I’ve never heard of Stormfront, and I’m not anti-semitic, but I’m very real
about pushy power plays.


Regarding IRS Organization Exemption Office:

Americans are not allowed to write off political donations. Why should Americans be allowed to write off settlement subsidies to help Israelis push Palestinians off their land? This taxpayer give-away makes every American complicit in criminal action - stealing land from Palestinians. What happens when Justice becomes unjust, when Honesty becomes dishonest and when political Decision-Making becomes hidden? Nothing good!


Nothing good, unless we learn from it.


Your original statement sounds like something from a neo-nazi.

Comments like yours are why CD changed comment systems. They wanted to keep bigots like you from making it look as if this was an anti-Semitic site.

So I suggest you take your bullshit (“I’m not anti-semitic”) elsewhere.

Those of us who oppose Israel’s policies/actions get enough accusations of anti-Semitism already. We don’t need the guilt-by-association we get when actual anti-Semitic morons post here.


Using Anti-Semitism is a buzz word to hide any OPEN
discussion and stop people from hearing the corruption
and crimes of Israel and the U.S. today.


Israel owns the elected officials , military and U.S. policies
Lock , Stock and Barrel…
What would the articles be if Obama , republicans , democrats
did this for Iran???

Israeli-United States Relations

Obama administration ‘supplied bunker-busting bombs to Israel’

U.S. Quietly Supplies Israel With Bunker-Busting Bombs

USA supplied Israel Sarin Plutonium and Depleted Uranium on plane which crashed in Europe COVER-UP

January 11, 2009
Is the US and Israel Planning a Broader Middle East War?
Shipping 3,000-odd tons of ammunition in one lot.
London brokers say This large amount of weapons is rare.

Israel is widely believed to be the sixth country in the world to have developed nuclear weapons
and to be one of four nuclear-armed countries not recognized as a Nuclear Weapons State
by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the others being India, Pakistan and North Korea

US pays Israel to Spy On American Citizens

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Being ‘Guarded’ by Israel
Sept. 26 2007
(May also have an inside shot at U.S. water supply)…
Magal brags about it’s control over other countries around the world.


The fact that accusations of anti-Semitism are frequently used to suppress criticism of Israel doesn’t negate the fact that anti-Semitism exists. hipocampelofantocame’s original post in this thread is an example of anti-Semitism piggy-backing unto a thread about the U.S. and Israel working in concert regarding Palestinians.


I’d probably be worried if you had a better opinion of me, but I’m happy to read that
at least you’re against the AIPAC. Being anti-Semitic is one thing, and disapproving
of a pro-Zionist US government is something else.


You do realize that people can read your original post about Jews, right?


I just re-read my original post, and what I said about Jews is true.
Either you are super sensitive, or you have a bone to pick. This
is my final recognition of you. Tschüß