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'What Right-Wing Extremism Is All About': Sanders Slams Barrett for Refusing to Say If Social Security, Medicare Are Constitutional

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/15/what-right-wing-extremism-all-about-sanders-slams-barrett-refusing-say-if-social


this is what happens when a political party refuses for decades to protect the american people from the corporate right wing agenda–refuses to fight for their nominees, refuses to fight for our voting rights -refuses to fight for the American people by refusing to address the many systemic problems like criminal justice reform, massive poverty, lack of health care,poverty wages and crappy working conditions, hell even refusing to prosecute known criminals and traitors (Nixon-Reagan-Bush)and instead give us a steady diet of pandering and outright support for the right wing agenda—Why is this?? --time to face the fact that the Dems sold the people of the USA down the river decades ago and have since become a major part of the problem

so when you look around at the chaos-know that this is laid on the inaction the Dems have engaged in for decades–this is their doing–and they have done it for the same reasons the Republicans are trashing our country–FOR THE MONEY


If you can even call it “money”, that is.

Diane tried.
I was waiting for her to bring out a surprise witness who would startle the committee as she did with ms Ford in the Kavanaugh hearing.

There is nothing wrong with a teaching professor or even a chemistry teacher putting something wild out into the class room that creates thinking by the students. That is the purpose of education. We spend billions for schools and teachers and get devoted Trump voters - so we are failing.


Good point.

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She certainly does not strike me as having the backbone to sit on the bench and interpret law as a scholar. Her little girl voice is unnerving, probably testament to her subservience to the men folk in her cult. Would she be making her decisions or farming them out through back channels to some Federalist Society forces? I tend to bet on the latter. Miss you all the more RBG, you were a beacon on the bench!


I hate to be the “I told you so” guy, but…
I’ve been saying for the last few years that the final steps in the libertarian agenda put forth by the old John Birch society and Lewis Powell will be walked, not by conservative politicians in the house or senate, but by the Supreme Court. No conservative Politico, no matter how bold and bombastic they appear, has ever had the intestinal fortitude to end the New Deal and Great Society. And at the national level had no interest in legislating abortion or marriage equality out of existence. The plan has always been to let a conservative SCOTUS push those issues over the libertarian finish line so they would not have to expend any political capital, or take any blame, for the abolition of the welfare state.
By the end of the first SCOTUS session of 2021 abortion will be illegal at the federal level. Marriage equality will be as dead. Unions (or what remains of them) will be made impotent. The ACA will be gone. And yes, Medicare and Medicaid payroll deductions will be made voluntary, all but killing both programs.
Then they will use the same rationale to destroy social security.


Republicans abhor the New Deal that was enacted over eighty years ago. They have shown during this pandemic that they have no concern for the health and safety of the public. They could care less if those who have lost their job during the COVID crisis can’t pay their rent and get tossed into the street. Their mentality is that it is your responsibility to work yourself to the bone for 45 years and then do society a favor and die. Those that are accepting social security checks or feeding their family with the help of food stamps are just moochers that are picking their pocket. It is the philosophy of Ayn Rand that she and her cohorts ascribe to.


Just wait until you come under the banking domination of “cashless society.” Propaganda on steroids!


I tend to think you are right. The past 40 years have been the rabid clawing at institutionalization - embedding the practices of extraction (in all senses of the terms) colonizing of minds as well as “resources” (think advertising as well as usurpation, breaking of treaties stop-at-nothing-fascism); proxy wars so proxied out of context that they can now be identified as the “grand chessboard” of the 15th century colonizers and their legacy.

Since Reagan and Brezinski (you know, MSBC Mica daddy) the lexicon of ‘chess’ has come to “dominate” (the primary goal) all conceptualizations ( "you’re not good enough, smart enough, skilled enough or of high-class enough to warrant even a voice.)

In the long run - all of these do end up defining what “money” is about at the moment. It is dirty as the day is long. Only cooperative models pull the rug out from under the knuckle-dragging ideologues that have convinced themselves of their … ahem , “elite”(read EFFETE (incompetent, sterile, mind numbingly insensate and cannibalistic) stasis, I mean status.

I look at the same glassy-eyed face of the ideologue well exercised in teasing apart the dimensions so essential to the concept of justice - and how the narrowness of ideology leaves them unfit for the rigors of discovery.

In my opinion, that this woman does not recuse herself is the only red flag necessary in the “hearings”. All participating parties should be under the microscope. There should be one heck of a Broadway play being outlined. Wonder what will serve to replace the guillotine.


NOT if it requires the fascist ‘job’ creators to contribute …

When asked to state her name, Coney Barrett responded with ‘I can’t answer that in the hypothetical until I actually see the arguments which are advanced.’

Her testimony has been so tedious and contemptuous of Congress and for that reason alone, she should be rejected, but we know how this story ends.


And there’s not one word in that article about how Biden also tried repeatedly to kill social security and medicare. It doesn’t seem to look too good for our side, does it.


I don’t know why people seem disgusted and shocked by her testimony. She is simply spouting the well coached federalist society line. They learned their lesson in the Thomas hearings near 30 years ago now. Just sit there, smile occasionally, and answer no questions. As long as the POTUS and the senate are controlled by the same party, just remain quiet and pick up your new robes on the way out the door.


I believe your post is accurate . I also believe that we the people have no choice but to vote democratic party in this election to remove the imminent threat of creeping fascism turning into galloping fascism.

I am of the opinion that we need third party presence in our governance to combat the corporate control of our two major political parties. But , when faced with a pressing problem, a president who threatens the very foundations of our democratic processes, who is pledged to end medicare, to privatize social security, who uses the office to personally enrich himself, who appoints sycophants and toadies who, in turn, use the constitution as so much toilet paper this is not the time to refuse to act responsibly.
Fact: the democrats are the only viable choice right now.

Fact: responsibility for our current quandary lies more with the hundred or so million who do not vote than with a party corrupted by corporate funding and cowardice.

Fact: once Trump is removed, on his way to a state prison near you, his traitorous and self serving appointees removed from government and facing the bar of justice themselves one can, if that is ones choice, work to restore the democratic party to its proper role.

To do otherwise is equivalent to standing in the middle of a busy intersection bemoaning the lack of traffic controls while a semi bears down upon you.


I think that republicans would like to turn back the clock to a time where we had a feudalistic society comprised of a monarch, nobles, peasants, and indentured servants. The mere fact that they forced workers back to their jobs at the meat packing plants without providing protection against the COVID virus shows that your life means nothing to those of nobility. We need to remove this despot and his enablers come November before they overtake our Democracy like a cancer.


So, I’m back refreshed from my political news fast and spouse and I just dropped off our ballots at a secure drop box. We dug a new veggie plot for next year with the help of an entire bottle of ibuprofen and helped complete our animal rescue’s new addition( with prolly another bottle of Advil).
Did I miss anything important in the political arena???
Holy Cow.
A friend from college who is about to retire from a Philadelphia ‘white shoe’ law firm as they used to call it, says she cannot imagine how Coney-Barrett got through her first year of law school… let alone being even thought of for any judgeship. Apparently her colleagues feel the same as well.
I guess if she gets on I can kiss that sweet sweet SS I was hoping for in a few more years goodbye…
And my daughter (and all other women) can kiss any rights they have bye bye…
Jebus, what a shitshow. I should have waited to resume reading the news until at least after the election.
I did see one or two points of light - that Lindsey is in trouble as is Collins and even Cornyn… And apparently Fl might flip…
And no matter what happens we STILL won’t provide every person in the country with high quality healthcare… because… freedumb…

Hope you are all hale and hearty and keeping it together.


Well said. And what is “money?” At the end of the day it looks like who controls whom. Cyber currency, paper dollars, gold, baseball cards…

Actually you are wealthier in a Toyota than a Rolls Royce.

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I think it will take much longer that that but in essence I agree if something doesn’t change radically. If T gets re-elected, the Dims don’t take the Senate and he gets another justice on you might be right. I just cannot see any real positives for the country going forward. With Biden I think we get a return to not living in crazy fascist town and I think thats the best we are going to get until when and if we can get some viable third parties running things better in local and state offices who then have the power base to compete nationally. I imagine @64 I won’t live to see it - even if it eventually happens.


This is what they mean when they say MAGA, its their interpretation of a great country. Apparently its also the interpretation that half the voters have of America, and the other half think that change for the better is not a practical idea, and that maintaining the current structure is the safest way to go. This leaves less that ten thousandth of one percent who actually want a livable future for their prodigy or themselves.