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'What Right-Wing Extremism Is All About': Sanders Slams Barrett for Refusing to Say If Social Security, Medicare Are Constitutional

That’s fine. Four or five makes no difference to me.

I am of the opinion that if there ever were additional parties with any substantive following and support, it would immediately become the focus of directed “investment” by the same interests that already own and control the other two mainstream parties.

Sadly true. Maybe we’ll manage to stop the takeover this time. I hope.

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The tinhorn orange One is stacking the court with rightwing corporate loyalist who were selected by corporate America to deliver and legitimize a fascist system. To understand how we arrived at this point, one only needs to read: “Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America” by Nancy Maclean. She details a well documented account of their plan beginning after the civil war and leading up to and including the present. Their plan is for an irreversible fascist system that places the corporations, the rich and powerful in total control of our government and society. Now is not the time to be asleep at the wheel.

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That is an extreme exaggeration that these last four years should thoroughly disavow. What on earth is wrong with you?

Perhaps you could cite some examples where the Democratic party didn’t act in the interests of capital/imperialism. Or even better, when they acted against those interests. (MIC, Wall Street, Banks, what-have-you.) Apart from dismay at what is going on all around me, I feel fine.

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Wait. An extreme exaggeration? So they only did it sometimes?

The only hope I haven’t given up on is my ability to save my family from the worst of the next decade or so of our nation’s, and global civilization’s collapse and fall, …though I must confess to some increasing doubts, especially as the politics and science keep shrinking and distorting the window of survival opportunity. Everyone would be well advised to to stock up a few month’s worth of long shelf-life food and water and basic meds (and don’t depend upon having reliable, steady, grid electricity to help store foods or prepare and cook foods, hand rechargeable flashlights and radios are also a good idea!).

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The USSC became illegitimate, and largely irrelevant to most considerations, in 2000.

I’ve given up on that hope too. My kids are healthy, young adults, so they might be ok.

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If you are this unaware of the history of this nation and the Democratic Party’s role therein then perhaps you might comment about something you do know.
I cite only two you seem ignorant about; the Civil Rights act of '64 and the Voting Rights act of '65.

While I find it rather amusing that I, a registered Green who supports third party politics to counter the corporate ownership of both major parties, to seem to defend the democrats, I am not such a zealot ( or Trump troll) as to ignore the good that party has done.

When we have a president and a Senate both committed to the growth of fascism then our responsibility is obviously to defeat them . That , under our current governments iteration is by electing the only other candidate with a chance to win.

Progress is accomplished, not by seeking the ideal candidate , one who does not exist, but by incremental steps,not by an electorate that does not vote, or the half that does then goes home and forgets about it all until the next election.

The Left has made no progress to speak of because those like you shoot themselves in the foot by rejecting small steps and encouraging non-participation because there is no candidate who fully expresses the leftist agenda.

Trump, in a second term, will actively work to end the ACA, privatize Medicare and Social Security, continue to turn this nation into a third world one, with more and more wealth accumulated by the 1%. All the while those ike you will gripe an dbitch and do nothing significant.

The election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is a step forward, not a completed journey. After that step it is ,as it always is, up to the voters to remain active and demand what Trump and McConnell will never give us.
You are certainly free to continue to seek a magic wand that will automatically make this nation what we all wish it was. You are also free to bad mouth any and all who may move us a step or three closer to that ideal. But be certain of one thing, by doing that you delay that which we need so desperately and that makes you a part of the problem, sadly.

I understand the desire to minorly tweak a path forward so that eventually we can rise above the horrors, unfortunately, a slow walk is a death march, not a viable solution that will eventually arise to improve the lot of the poor and the oppressed. Any solution that does not dramatically change the current situation before the collapse that is already underway is complete, will result not only in the loss of our nation and global civilization, it will kill our species,…and perhaps that is the only real solution to the current situation.

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Wow, I guess you told me all right! How are the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act doing these days, btw? As to something I know, well there’s Joe Biden’s Crime bill making us the prisonhouse of nations and how about Clinton happily dismantling Glass-Steagall. Of course there was the determined and bitter Dem opposition to the Iraq war…oh wait. Resisting and fighting against the oppressive Patriot Act…hmm. Opposition to the brutal and murderous attacks on Venezuela or stopping US support to that paragon of liberal democracy Saudi Arabia as it systematically carries out a genocide in Yemen. Well, these things happen, what can you do? Gotta stay incremental, ya know, don’t try to do too much.

HRC: We came, we saw, he died. Unfortunately, so did Libya. Is she or Obama responsible for the open slave markets there? Nah, perish the thought. “Impeachment is off the table”, was a glorious moment for integrity and accountability in government. Well at least the Dems are united and fighting hard against all of Trump’s federal judge appointments. And they fought tooth and nail against Trump’s increased military budget and refused to approve his wall…huh? Oh, never mind.

But there’s one thing I admit I do not understand: why are you a Green exactly and what do you do in support of them? Curious minds want to know.

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I speak as one with decades of experience in local and neighborhood organizing. Lasting progress is always measured in inches not miles. It has taken decades, if not centuries, to get to this point in our nation’s history. It will take a long time, hopefully not quite that long, to undo the harm and make our democracy healthy again.
It is a huge mistake to seek major change and refuse the slow steps that are both obtainable and turn into long strides in time. Remember the words of a wise revolutionary; “A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step”.

I suspect there are more than one thing you fail to understand, Mr. Stanton. To diminish the two bills cited is to make yourself out to be arguing for arguments sake. Your sarcasm is both misplaced, leads to being ignored in fact, and makes no point, only alienates.
I doubt you even have considered why the Left gets left behind so often while the Right has been so successful .
As to my being a registered Green; I have long believed that our two party system is not representative of enough of the people of this nation to be truly democratic. While in Europe I studied up close the effects of a multiple party system and found it to be , in the cases I studied, far more effective in representing all the people.
Take France, for only one example. With twelve parties they have achieved great benefits for working class folks, including benefits such as maternity leave for both parents, up to twelve weeks for women, better wages, overall benefits as well. You can easily verify this with a simple search.

As to what I do to support them, a question that brings your intent into question, I help register voters, spend my time and energy in promoting that party, try to contribute as best as I can.
Perhaps, in turn, you might enunciate what it is you do to make our nation better?

Where to begin…I am not “diminishing” whatever that means, the two bills. The Republicans are doing that through brutal Jim Crow type laws and rampant voter suppression. The point is, what are the Democrats doing to fight back? If you listen carefully, the sound you will hear is…crickets. No sarcasm involved.

Why is the right successful while the left isn’t? Maybe because the Democratic Party is ruthless in its suppression of the left. Remember the vanishing of 200,000 voters from the Dem rolls in NYC in 2016 by the Board of Elections? The 16 derogatory Bernie stories in the Washington Post in 16 hours? The massive coverage given to Trump by all American media? The suppression of 300,000 voters from the rolls in Georgia by the Sec. of State who just happened to be running for governor? (But I digress - that was the Republicans) Think maybe that had something to do with the defeat of Stacy Abrams? And of course let’s not forget the outrageous and criminal cheating of Tim Canova in both 16 and 18 by imposter and crook Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her henchwoman Brenda Snipes in Florida.

Your mention of France is interesting. Are people in the streets in the Yellow Vest movement because they’re so happy with the way things are?

As to your support of the Greens, I would be more impressed if your advocacy for them was as spirited as your defense of the Democrats. BTW, what do you think the attitude of the Greens should be toward the Democrats? I’ll tell you mine: I want to destroy the Democrats completely and utterly and remove them from American political life. With them out of the way, no longer running interference for the Repubs, such as crushing Bernie maybe we can them remove them too.

As to what I’m doing, admittedly right now, not too much. If the Movement for a People’s Party proves to really be something, I expect to get active in it. We’ll see.

So we have nothing to speak about, you post somewhat smarmy critique while others work hard to effect change.
As to France, protest is allowed in a democratic nation. You reaffirm my opinion that silly criticisms are all you seem to have.
My advocacy for the Greens has nothing whatever to do with my position on the democrats.
Frankly, Mr. Stanton, I believe you have nothing of value to offer and will simply pass on further exchanges, at least untril you understand how trivial your posts have become.

That would be nice, if there is enough time for that to occur. Unfortunately, my understandings and experience, indicates that our nation and global civilization, has at most 1 (possibly as much as 2), decades of existence left before climate change impacts and other mounting externalities collapse, and dissolve, these political structures. Following that collapse, the extinction of our species is an increasingly likely outcome over the following handful of decades. The choice is we either change ourselves and our conventions to adapt to these urgencies, or we go the way of the dinosaurs (but consequent to our own actions, not the vagaries of a “natural,” tragedy).

Miracles occasionally occur, but counting on them for salvation from a self-caused disaster, is simply foolish.

Fine by me.

What do you hope to accomplish with this I give up attitude?