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What Role Did Sexism Play in Warren's Failed Presidential Bid?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/16/what-role-did-sexism-play-warrens-failed-presidential-bid


To leftists & leftish Democrats, Warren’s inauthenticity was palpable. From her Republican roots, to her cingeworthy attempt to appropriate Native American identity, to her unapologetic imperialism, to the ‘capitalist to [her] bones’ remark, anyone with an ounce of street smarts could see she was pure Clintonista.

Despite her ludicrous ‘Pocahontas’ stunt, however, it turned out that her greatest strength was weaponizing identity politics. She apparently was very effective in outreach to the LGBTQ community, with the unfortunate effect that this faction has now been driven away from Sanders, inexplicably to the creepy rapey racist Joe Biden.

(Warren’s refusal to endorse Sanders tells the tale. Capitalist to her bones indeed!)

The corporate Democrats demonstrated masterfully on Super Tuesday their ability to game the system. I have to suspect that the alienation of the LGBTQ from the Sanders Insurgency was likely engineered.

In light of this, and in light of the overtly racist Joe Biden somehow becoming brown, female and gay, it is now patently obvious that modern Identity Politics is the most effective tool for dividing the working class.


You couldn’t have said it better.

It has nothing (or little) to do with “sexism” and everything to do with “I’m an opportunist who will do anything to put myself ahead”. Warren, at this point, probably can’t be authentic, because she doesn’t even know what her authentic self is.


For a highly literate write up, this article is a nothing but a vacuous hit job.
Sexism and Feminism indeed.

Not one mention of Tulsi Gabbard, and why her race has not been given a sliver of daylight by the press.

When Warren pulled out of the race, there was thank you piece on Common dreams.
I went to the comment section thinking if I posted something counter, I would be pilloried.
Only to find the 50+ posts were all counter.
Thank you, Flapdoodle for stating the obvious.


Good comment, but how did the corporate democrats game the system?

There aren’t enough of us lefties to exert meaningful influence on the d-party, much less win their nomination. That’s just reality, and when the lackluster pretenders to the position Uncle Joe accrued by being Obama’s sidekick read the writing on the wall – and those lackluster pretenders include Liz – the inevitable happened.

Wealthy white women
Elderly African Americans
The LGBTQ community
…are centrists and tribal blue teamers whose core drive is fear.

That’s why once again I’ll advocate for a progressive third party to splinter off and wield real power. Because within the d-party big tent, we’re easy to ignore.


Answer? Virtually none. Warren was flawed from the beginning yet even at that was polling well until she started attacking Bernie Sanders and accusing him of sexism. Had she stayed on the high road and had she not solicited Hilary Clinton and her ex advisors as allies she would have fared far better.

She could not gain traction on the right because that was amply covered by every other candidate outside of Sanders and she could not obtain traction with the progressives and the left because of her past history that being ex Republican and a “Capitalist to the bones” coupled with her attacking the personal character of Mr Sanders.

This identity politics fits very much in with “The Russians did it” meme. Alexandria Oscario Cortez handily beat a white male candidate in her bid for office . This alleged “sexism” is not something people turn off and on like that.


The DNC gamed Super Tuesday by ordering Buttigieg & Klobuchar to drop out at the 11th hour, correctly guessing that in a last minute forced choice mode, typical timid Dems would gravitate to Biden. Super Tuesday is where it all ended.


Here here. She faded into obscurity after choosing to stand with the corporate dems instead of Bernie.
She signed her own political death warrant.


Excellent article, Ms. Kumar and Mr. Barrett! This is a superb analysis of the factors that doomed Sen. Warren’s bid for the nomination.

Surely, sexism played a role in Sen. Warren’s failure to connect with some Americans. That was only exacerbated when she retreated from Medicare-for-All and launched her sexist (contrived or “spurious,” as you say) attacks on Bernie Sanders – perverting feminism and weaponizing identity. At that point, everyone saw her inner “Clinton” and realized that she is a fraud who couldn’t care less about women’s issues.

Common Dreams published an excellent piece a few months ago on this subject: ~https://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/15/politics-believing-women


She should have stayed a senator. By running for president, she revealed too much of herself. I lost any shred of respect for her.


I don’t understand your remark about Warren’s Pocahontas “stunt”. Her family’s lore was that they had some American Indian ancestry. Trump made fun of her, but the DNA showed that she, indeed, had some although about six generations past. What I find remarkable about that is that it persisted in her family so long. AS I see it, she called Trump’s bluff.


I suggest that you Google Green Party and get their URL. .

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Warren, like many white people, bought into a family myth that she was somehow a ‘person of color’ and used that pose to her advantage during her university days. That was mistake #1. Mistake #2 was doubling-down on this nonsense & taking Trump’s bait to get a genetic test. The press never reported how much Dachshund DNA she has, but it’s probably about equal to her native content.

Bottom line: she has been visibly white her entire life, and has been treated by society at large as a white person. To have bolstered her credentials by claiming membership in an oppressed group is grotesque. The same way her supporters claiming that sexism was her undoing is also a grotesque distortion.


They were going to gravitate to Biden eventually.

And Bernie didn’t have the toughness needed to take on the establishment and his “friend.”


I agree, I’m not sure why the authors had to add that stupid line to a mostly interesting article.

It would be reasonable to say sexism affects a significant number of voters in the general - I can’t imagine it is a very significant number in primary and I would say more voters would all else being equal actually bias towards a female candidate in the primary (I wouldn’t, but I think many would). If the authors want to make an extraordinary claim, they need to point to evidence (exit polls or whatever)


File this under “Praising With Faint Damns.”

Bye, Tin Lizzie, thanks for nothing.


Trump called her bluff.

She has between 1/64 and 1/1024 Native American DNA.

Now she’ll forever be Pocahontas. She blew it.


Warren’s refusal to endorse Sanders tells us all we need to know about her supposedly progressive politics. As many of us suspected, she’s just another “minority” mascot for the Corporate State!


I don’t think that Warren will be forever known as ‘Pocahontas.’ I’ve seen another name floated that suits her better - ‘Liawatha.’


I always felt she was treated badly over this. I have the same family history stories, and it spurred me on to find more. My GGG-Grandmother was full Native American.

I was lucky that, because of the time and people involved, the family was well written up in history books. Others are not so lucky, but to claim she lied is too extreme in a situation like this. And the significance in the grand scheme of things is minimal.

Not saying I would have voted for her… I never decide that until the day of voting. Of course my day is tomorrow, so it is a moot point now. But this is one reason I don’t early vote. Too much can change, and throwing away my vote needs to be my decision… not the DNC or an individual candidate (by dropping out or making a huge mistake).

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