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What Rudy Giuliani Did For New York Would Make America More Unsafe


What Rudy Giuliani Did For New York Would Make America More Unsafe

Terrance Heath

What Rudy Giuliani did for New York City as its former mayor, and what Donald Trump promises to do for America, will only make things more dangerous for Americans — both for the police, and for those being policed.


We need more Wichita style gatherings that lead to ongoing engagement, deep, healing, systemic policy developments for community strength and health.

Moratorium on any and all militarizing of police forces


"In black communities, the police derive their power from the force they deploy, as Coates writes, and not from some high American ideal. That is the danger to the policed. The other danger is that the police are “indistinguishable from any other street gang.” And if that’s so, “then it is certain that someone will resort to the kind of justice typically meted out to all other powers in the street.”

An accurate astrological chart shows what behaviors a person will express, and astrologers have an inside joke that it's impossible to tell the criminals from the police based on the CHARTS. Both will relate to firearms, both will have interaction with the criminal justice system and jails...

The other thing this article triggers in my mind (apart from reeling from what an asshole Guiliani turned out to be)... is that it's possible that The Deep State wants to foment a Race War.

The selective prosecution of only Black kids and seldom to never the white klans' men (dressed in blue uniforms) creates such a lopsided "justice" that it's the moral equivalent of a lit dynamite fuse.

If they succeed in fomenting enough riots in enough major cities, a pretext for greater State Controls would be in place. As usual, it would take its rationale (falsely) from making (white) people safe against enemies (people of color).

That this late in humanity's game plan, with the witness of history bleeding before our eyes, men who pass themselves off as leaders or statesmen would PROMOTE the most rampant, rabid forms of racism... defies logic. It insults morality and mocks their self-proclaimed Christian titles.

There are white men who are just, compassionate, and "get it." Unfortunately, the majority that do not--and that also happen to wield powers they don't deserve--don't. And it's this caste of imbeciles that is running too much of the show.

The dummies can't connect to Earth as living being so they prove as inured to her calls for help, her anguished cries in the form of brutal storms, tornadoes, droughts, etc. as to insist that there's nothing happening with climate or the weather (against all evidence to the contrary). They also are hardened to evidence lest it make war a certainty or a feigned necessity.

This is the danger to the world: That this small demographic that has run things for centuries--and in many ways, run things to the ground and the cusp of annihilation DARE to insist that they continue (solely) to run the show.

Then, when those within the multitudes call out their crimes, see their folly and express what it will mean to eclipse human survival, laws are codified to turn those voices (and their messages) into criminals.

VERY scary to see prominence extended to these right wing lunatics who pretend to be patriotic upholders of Liberty when they are America's jack-booted proponents of the Military State.


Excuse me what did he do for New York? That is the question and the simple answer he covered up the crime of this century.In what univesre does the Mayor not protect the crime scene for a thorough investigation.None and as he is a former DA he knew better and ought been charged with aiding and abetting in this crime.How does the supposed two planes that media informed us struck the twin towers demolish in addition a third high rises and with no plane and that means no jet fuel excsue me demolision sole only means to have brought down building seven a 47 story steel concrete reinforced structure.In fact we have on PBS station same late afternoon Larry Silverstein own words that he met with a fire nofficial and together they decided to pull the building.Pull is a term used in controlled demolition and exactly how did all media get this story wrong for over fourteen and a half years and counting.Conspiracy sole only means possible wake up empires run on our credit card while war profiteers like Dick Cheney Rupert Murdoch rothschild bank all making out like fat cats at our expense but far worse.Once again misuse our troops deployed how many years fighting a fraudalantly war for whose benefit at our expense in the trillions wake ujp it once was your money.


I am aware of the Trump Team of "law and order" types and what types of major offenses their version of law and order protects.


" Out of four million stop-and-frisk searches in ten years, only one in 10 resulted in criminal charges. "

Are those numbers right? They seem to show that 40,000 individuals per year faced criminal charges. That would be more than 3000/month. Is there a statistic on what those charges were? How many convictions did those charges bring?