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What’s at Stake with the Supreme Court


What’s at Stake with the Supreme Court

Marge Baker

Nearly every issue that matters to the American people eventually finds its way before the Supreme Court.

Whether it’s access to health care, the right of women to make personal medical decisions, the ability of workers to defend themselves against discrimination, or simply having access to the voting booth, it’s difficult to look at any part of our lives and not find evidence for the importance of our nation’s highest court.


The truth is Obama will choose a corporate friendly Justice and everything else we are hearing is just hype. Obama abandoned his social justice platform a long time ago and now is just considering his personal finances once he leaves government. If he were a real progressive, he would immediately appoint Michelle Alexander as the next Supreme Court Justice and avoid leaving office as just another corporate sycophant. Instead he will be left to decide between a right wing justice and an extreme right wing justice.


Looks like the Koch Brothers' apparatus sent out a memo demanding that no Justice be appointed via Senate Confirmation. On the short list of the world's biggest polluters and greatest threats to public health and welfare, the Koch brothers can't risk the court swinging in a direction that might actually protect and preserve Human Rights and well-being!


"Will Republicans let partisan rancor and petty politics damage it?"

Count on it. The question is will Obama damage it?


Precisely, now Obama can install another tool with the excuse that a more progressive option wouldn't garner approval in this slapstick theatre.


I think it belittles democracy when we respond to negative outcomes by trying to pack the court, litmus tests indeed! If you want to maintain the integrity of the court both sides of the political spectrum have got to learn to apply democracy when the constitution says something they don't like. You don't like citizens united don't play the game, pass an amendment, something most american's would be in favor of.