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What’s Behind the GOP’s Muslim Bashing?


What’s Behind the GOP’s Muslim Bashing?

Amitabh Pal

Recent Muslim-bashing comments by Ben Carson and Donald Trump follow a path blazed by other GOP candidates in the race. Bobby Jindal earlier this year falsely asserted that several British cities have no-go zones where non-Muslims can’t enter. And Rand Paul recently commented that immigrants from Muslim countries should be subjected to special scrutiny.


Naomi Wolf's "Ten Steps of Fascism" is MUST-VIEW material. One of the tenets is that which the Nazis mastered: the use of a scapegoat population upon which society's woes, challenges, and ills are relentlessly projected.

This mentality works on a segment of ANY (and every) population since in any population pool, a bell curve forms and within it reliably exists a born-authoritarian/conservative ilk.

That group tends to gravitate towards absolute right and wrong along with simplistic black-white narratives. The belief in a strong leader and strong rules makes this group feel SAFE and secure. They are, by nature, suspicious of anyone outside of their tribe, order, or religious sect. That's why the scapegoat clause reliably works on this demographic. And indeed it IS being used again as it facilitates a smooth transition of a fairly free and transparent society into a Fascist entity.

Here is part of Ms. Wolfe's brilliant analysis and portrayal:

This may be more apropos to this discussion:


Thanks sr for the links, I had never seen her speak... it's very interesting


About 20 years ago the novelist Umberto Eco put together a summary of the things necessary for fascism.

Among these is the requirement to focus people's concerns on an enemy that is both internal and external, and both exceedingly cunning and incredibly stupid.

Wikipedia has a good summary of writings about fascism, most of which include the type of other-bashing the GOP candidates are stooping to.

Kinda scary seeing all the similarities between historical fascism and what "Reich 3.1" is doing today.


As a student of history I have been seeing since 9/11 a move towards fascism. The one thing it didn't have was a leader who could focus on scapegoating others. Oh there have been those who attempted to do so, but none of them managed to bring enough flair and open hate to succeed. Now one has come along and others are trying to copy him.
I don't think yet that a majority of americans will go along with this. But he lays the ground work for someone else or himself in the future to try again. It took Hitler two tries.
Most american people are easily led by fear and hate, it's how Bush got 70% of the people to support his war. It is a proven winner. Tell the people enough lies and often enough and you can get enough to believe.


" Most American people are easily led by fear and hate."

True, but that is nothing new. The Romans saying: Oderint Dum Mutant ( let them hate provided they fear ) as been used by many governments to achieve their nefarious ends.

This latest Islamophobia is nothing new but we need to ask ourselves.... cui bono?


How many can agree with this....??