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What’s Driving the Passion Behind JASTA?


What’s Driving the Passion Behind JASTA?

Michel Paradis

In all the debate over the Justice Against Sponsored Terrorism Act (JASTA), the hardest argument to ignore has been from the victims of the September 11th attack. The moral and political clout of this group is unquestionably why a Congress that cannot pass a routine budget was able to overwhelmingly override a presidential veto to ensure that JASTA became law. On its face, the legislation was held up as the only means of providing victims of the September 11th attack the ability to hale foreign governments, such as Saudi Arabia, into court for their purported complicity.


The author is afraid to follow logic and is completely ignorant of history. Governments lie all the time. Only a fool would believe any Official Account. Quick lesson: Pearl Harbor may have been the "Day of Infamy". How convenient for FDR who had struggled to enter WWII but bloody Public Opinion thought otherwise. FDR followed to the letter the 8 point plan laid out in the McCollum Memo designed to provoke Japan to attack the US. Forthermore, all Japanese sigint was accessible thus FDR had total foreknowledge of the attack, but withheld this from the naval and military commanders, Kimmel and Short. Thus far, there have been ten official inquiries into government malfeasance which simply proves a series of cover ups. If Pearl Harbor was False Flag op and the McCollum Memo the smoking gun, then a paper written in 1998 entitled "Catastrophic Terrorism" is the exact parallel for the McCollum Memo. Go figure.
Do governments lie? Ask the Chilcot Inquiry. Does the Pentagon plan False Flag ops? Try Operation Northwoods or Cyanide. Was Oswald just a patsy as he claimed? Try the Katzenbach Memo to Bill Meyers asserting the need for a blue ribbon commission to prove that Oswald had acted alone. Is that a conspiracy? Yes. They are the norm. All police and prosecuting lawyers theorise about criminal conspiracies. Get this: people lie when they are up to no good.
Finally, the official version of how 3 steel frame buildings collapsed despite the fact that no such building has ever collapsed because they are designed to withstand aircraft strike and resist fire. How odd that the venerable BBC should announce the collapse of WTC7 before it even happened? How many millions must die to avenge the 3,000 who died on 9/11?