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What’s Happened to the Big Wage Increases Promised by Republicans?


Hi Mossonarock, and LOL, because the GOP promised raises and they speak, mostly , with forked tongues! GOLD is the world standard of wealth. probably since Croesus, and that is what once backed America’s money. We don’t have anything backing our money now except maybe ----war.

My curiosity was peaked about the rich—because if there is no gold , or very little of it—can people be rich in paper? Probably not, as we can read in American history of how many leaped from tall buildings during the Depression—as all their “paper,” was worthless.

It seems to me that if the corporates keep buying up their stock to make it seems higher in value------ then what gives it the value? I am thinking that when the next crash comes stock paper might as well be toilet paper for all the good it would do. So, in a way, with nothing to back the American dollar-------even the rich with , all their stock papers. will be paupers too.
Sad for the people---------but in a perverse kind of way----a great equalizer.


The dollar is mostly backed by arms.


So for a couple filing jointly with a income of $60,000 (2016 median family income roughly 50k), 2018 projected taxes of $3939 (6.6%) vs 2017 $6163 (10.3%).


HI Bardamu… sigh—arms -----and that is so depressing. : (


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that “when there is no food, you can’t eat money.” White people like to knock American Indians for not having impressive technology, weapons and all that. However, Native cultures had very different values than the colonists. In their hubris, white people failed to learn that lesson. Many Native people believe that white people were sent here to learn to become civilized- Not the other way around as arrogant white people like to assume.


Most Americans don’t even earn that much.


Actually, about 1/2 of Americans do. Average 2016 median family income was about $59k (apologies for the typo in my last post). Either way, higher standard deductions and lower marginal rates translate to lower taxes.


HI Mossonarock-----LOL I love that," White people were sent here to be civilized…" some were but not enough. Ben Franklin got the idea for the legislature from the East Coast indigenous people, and conservation began with the indigenous people too-----Maybe Washington should get out of the way and let the those who understand that WATER IS LIFE lead the way now