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What’s Happening In Bolivia Is a Violent Right-Wing Coup

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/21/whats-happening-bolivia-violent-right-wing-coup


Hey, Warren : Are you paying attention? Condemn the coup!


I assume we are behind it.

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I haven’t seen anything about Bolivia on any of the network news channels. I wonder if the network channels are part of the establishment squashing this story?

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Time to stop PRETENDING this is NOT a coup!!
— The U.S. TALKS about Democracy, …
but it PREVENTS it everywhere it can … especially right here AT HOME!!
• 70+% here want Medicare For All …
… but we wtill pretend we need to hear from DRUG Companies.
— B.S.!!!
• 50%+1 wins.
END of Story … in an actual Democracy.
Neither Democrats nor Republicans … GET IT!! … nor do they WANT to.

They’ve been handed a clear MAJORITY from the People,
yet pretend their Oligarch Owners still get a say:
— THAT is ANTI-DEMOCRACY in practice, …
… but, WE LOSE unless we FIGHT back!!

And BOLIVIA was a Military-led COUP, whether our Oligarchs like it or not!

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It’s no use PLEADING for WARREN to ACT.
She IS who she is.
— She’s had her chance.
• It’s OVER!
… she acts from FEAR, … NOT from a Vision!
— She is in NO WAY … presidential.

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Of course the media is involved in the whole thing. The CIA calls it “Perception Management.” Lies by omission is their favorite tool.

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America was hijacked long ago. The people are no longer in communication w the pilot in the cockpit–if they ever were.

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