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What’s Really Going On in Kashmir?


What’s Really Going On in Kashmir?

Reese Erlich

Diplomats and the mainstream media focused on the danger of another war between the two nuclear-armed countries. But the major media provided less information about the flashpoint for the crisis: India’s brutal occupation of Kashmir.

Assistant Professor Junaid Ahmad, director of the Center for Global Dialogue at the University of Management and Technology in Lahore, Pakistan, said in a phone interview that the conflict reflects “the bitterness and anger that remains from the British partition of the region back in 1947.”

Why the conflict?



As it is an honest broker in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I suppose. :slight_smile:




WATER. Bingo.
As the Himalayan glaciers retreat from global heating, this choke point of water is in major play.
The USA could never, under the present State Dept be an honest broker of peace and resolution in this region. Modi of India is another batshyte cray cray tyrant as well.



Why no mention of the still outstanding,1947 UN resolution calling for a plebiscite in Kashmir?

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