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What’s Religion Got To Do with It? German Co-Pilot as Terrorist


What’s Religion Got To Do with It? German Co-Pilot as Terrorist

Juan Cole

Once it became clear that Andreas Lubitz, 28, deliberately crashed Germanwings Flight 9525, a reporter immediately asked “what was his religion?” (Parent company Lufthansa said they didn’t know). Authorities said there was no evidence it was “terrorism.”


THE question to be asked here is: Was the pilot on some mood/anxiety medication(s)? And did he recently stop taking same, which is proven to often produce severe thoughts OF SUICIDE? Like Robin Williams or Hoffman?

Did the pilot recently come to the realization of the totally corrupt gov’ts and 0.01% visiting deprivation, destruction and death on the world in the name of “profits”? That alone is enough to drive even fully functional people to thoughts of suicide.

Only the 0.01% psychopaths and their sycophant enabler elite class “don’t see” the harm they cause.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it.” Upton Sinclair

The US/NATO political/corporate elite know their “job” all too well.


Dr. Cole is right on the nose here. Terrorist is a proxy word for Muslim BUT the PTB do reserve the right to apply the word–and the loss of civil rights–to others that they disagree with including ecological activists, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning etc.


Read Karen Armstrong’s, “Fields of Blood”. The thesis of this book could be summed in a few words. Whenever Religious belief is mixed with political ideology, religion functions as the accelerant to justify the violence that is the basis of the Empire or nation state which it serves. Religion plus political ideology is always worse than either alone. Religion will never tame politics. It may dream of controlling a nation by enforcing it’s god given rules, some of which sound quite noble, but in practice because it feels no human restraint, because it inevitably becomes so self righteous and intolerant when it’s will is done on earth, there is no kingdom of heaven established, only more intolerance and violence.

What holds on a societal level also holds for individuals. Religion, supposing to fill the need for moral guidance, fills the soul with the intoxicant that he is not a mere mortal, but an agent of God’s will, and as such will fullfill that divine will without any human constraint. The most easily dismissed constraint, that the other may have value too, that there are ways to live together despite our differences, that as fallible human beings we should be prepared to change our convictions if the result of those convictions are more pain and suffering, not less. These are the human impulses toward decency and human worth. Although religion sometimes tries to coopt these values, when the accelerant of self righteousness takes over, (and it always does) these values are quickly abandoned and the extasy of doing God’s will regardless of human consequence takes over. God establishes his will on earth at the cost of rivers of blood, seas of blood, as Revaluation reminds us. God cleanses the world, and then of course there is peace.


A LONG way to go to say: the power elite will use “religion” (or any other convenient social/ethnic construct )to further their own psychopathic agendas. “God” has nothing to do with it.


Our corporate controlled media and many of our politicians simply cannot think outside of the box. Since ISIS, Iran are the new evils at the moment he simply must have had something to do with them in one way or another. On the other hand he could have been influenced by Putin and Russia or Venezuela, according to our media. The best they can come up with at the moment is that it was an act of “evil”.


Good question A_P,

I just listened to a track which is claimed to be the last 60 seconds of the CVR (Cockpit voice recorder that would presumably be the CAM, the Cockpit Area Microphone on the overhead) and what strikes me is high cabin noise from high speed, people trying to knock down the Kevlar Cockpit Door, a CRC chime (Continuous Repetitive Chime Warning which could be an overspeed warning) followed by engines unwinding and the unmistakable sound of the autopilot disconnect (which is not cancelled like you would expect a pilot to do) followed by what sounds like nervous laughter right at the end.

Possible leaked CVR?

If it’s authentic, this is chilling. Your drug theory is a good one.


Has anyone else seen the Argentinian film Wild Tales? I saw it before the news that the crash was deliberate.

This story may be much creepier than we’ll ever learn.

This is an unusually good article from Cole. I’ve seen comments on other sites arguing that the co-pilot was Muslim. The religious-bigot trolls are out in force.



Maybe it’s Odin. When he had Loki steal Freyja’s (goddess of love and war) necklace of the Brisings, he would only give it back if she promised to do him a favor. She had to cause two kings to come in conflict and start a war that would result in the deaths of thousands so he could fill Valhalla with the souls of the warriors. She said…no problem…just give me back my necklace.


Cole is not offended by the fact that a question was asked. He is taking issue with the content of the question.

Cole’s point is that religion was introduced into the discussion when there was no indication that religion played any part in this tragedy. Trying to counter his argument with generalities reflecting your own prejudices more than anything else is contemptible.



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Hi Rita,

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I’m with you. First the CEO of Lufthansa said this guy was a perfect pilot and they were mystified (even though he must of been lying if he had looked at his personnel file and saw the depression sick leave.)

Then, the CEO says he agrees with French Investigators that he is a suicide pilot, even though the flight data recorder motherboard has not been found (just the voice recorder only) and nobody has released the ACARs transcripts showing the mechanical state of the airplane as reported by it’s computers.

On the surface, it seems just a little bit off, wouldn’t you say?

This is a pretty old airplane - 24 years old, with 58,000 hours on it according to guys at Professional Pilot’s Rumor Network. Fly-by-wire computers work great when they’re new; not so sure about old ones…

The Telegraph just put out a claim that the guy just split from his girlfriend after buying her a new Audi which she didn’t accept, they infer… Destroyed sick leave notes from doctor, found torn up in his trash can etc. But nobody will tell us the name of ailment he was being treated for.




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Yes, this comment syatem is odd, but at least our conversations are not monitored and data mined by by big corporations like Disqus is…


Well, considering the scattering of the wreckage, they were lucky to find the voice recorder that fast.

But also, when the cause becomes very likely criminal foul play instead of an obscure engineering/meteorological/human factors issue, then it is a completely different situation and it is proper to publcise it right away.

When there is a murder in your city, do you think that the identity of the murder suspect should kept secret all the way until the conclusion of the trial?


I had to go to another site to hear the CVR (below), and could not heat any nervous laughter - but what is that clattering sound in the last 7 seconds or so?



Answer me this: do you truly think that readers of papers or viewers of television news would not be interested in the religion of a mass-murderer in these times, when religiously motivated mass-murder has become almost commonplace?

Most of the “religiously motivated mass murder” today is being committed by Israelis. Should all “decent people” (a republican expression if there ever was one) be prejudiced against zionists?

Please keep in mind that most of the violence committed by Muslim extremists has been directed against other Muslims and the perpetrators consistently take credit for their deeds.

We must not be allowed to connect religion to religiously motivated violence.

This presumably cynical statement lays bare your prejudice in its presumption that religious motivation can be discerned in the act itself. Cole is simply pointing out that the origination of the question was not prompted by any details being reported. Given the eagerness of the investigating officials to tell the public what it had learned, they would have reported any findings of religious motivation if they had discovered any.

Your entire position is based on a media-driven perception of Islam. If we examine the history of the followers of any religion - especially Christianity - then we will see many of the same murderous behaviors that you are trying to identify solely with one faith.

But I go back to a statement I made in another post. If the co-pilot was making a martyr of himself then there would have been clear evidence to that effect. There’s not much point in being a martyr if no one knows that you are.

I don’t like Cole either but, just as a blind hog can find an acorn, Juan has brought up a legitimate point. The concern with religion did not come from the investigation but from the reporter’s mind.



I don’t know, Yunzer. That clattering noise is not part of any cockpit sound I’ve ever heard. It’s high frequency like metal on metal. Perhaps somebody trying to dig through the door latch?

I hear German yelling through the door with the screams at the beginning of this clip. Seig Heil? or something like that? I used to fly to Germany and it’s familiar. The laughter is just perceivable in the last ten seconds if you crank up the sound on good audio equipment like Apple. It’s a muttered snickering, a light “ha-ha-ha” finished by a sigh before the recording ends.

Looks like you were right Yunzer, and I was wrong. They decoded the radar transponder data downlink info this morning and it had a deliberate altitude select window setting of 100 feet MSL. That’s way below ground level and nobody ever sets it that low. So, circumstantially, it looks like a suicide of a very young 26 year-old with only 600 hours total time!

I don’t know if you heard it, but that’s the CRC (Continuous Repetitive Chime) which we all hear from time to time in cruise exceeding maximum MMO/VMO speed. It’s a ECAM warning of a serious event. The solution, so that control is not lost, is to pull the engine power way back. I can clearly hear the unwinding of the twin-spool engines after that warning, so i believe a person reached up and did that. Next, the unmistakable sound of the auto-pilot “Triple Calvary Charge” Autopilot disconnect horn, means someone is hand-flying the machine via the sidestick, or the autopilot let go on it’s own (which it will do under certain circumstances.) But the horn is not cancelled, like a lucid pilot would do, which is strange.

There’s about six channels at least on the voice recorder, and this one leaked is clearly the CAM (Cockpit Area Microphone) sitting in the middle of the overhead panel, hence the muffled sound. But it’s pointed back into the cockpit and that’s why we clearly hear blows and Keys? Digging of the latch?? of the facing cockpit door and aft bulkhead. Or alternatively, someone is trying to come up though the E&E hatch, the “hellhole” on the floor. That access door-floor is clanky and sounds like that. But I consider that unlikely in an eight minute dive and crash. Not enough time to dig up the floorboards in the pax cabin and make it in the dark through the forward baggage to under the cockpit. That sort of thing might take 30 minutes or an hour to do, if it can be done at all on the A320. Chopping a hole through the floor of the galley, for instance with the crash axe, if this airline keeps one in the rear.

Far-Fetched I know. There’s another way, that I won’t discuss for security reasons, but that also may have been disabled by the bad guy.

This is not the first Captain locked out of the cockpit after 911. I thought it was insane for the government not to consider a dedicated lavatory for flight crews where you don’t have to go out of the cockpit at all. We had a sleep compartment like that on our 747-200 which was wonderful. A little noisy for sleeping and it always filled up with flight attendants hiding from the 512 passengers on our all “roach-coach cattle-car”, but it added a great deal to safety.


p.s. What we need now, just like the AF447 accident, is a leak of the ACARS system monitoring maintenance data which surely exists, in it’s many forms to engine manufacturers and the airline itself. One format of that will contain pressurization data, which would rule out incapacitation by hypoxia if a rapid decompression is not seen on the data. If the cabin blows, you would expect the First Officer to don his oxygen mask and commence an emergency decent. This leaked 60 seconds of CVR is not long enough for us to hear that part.


Actually being on the drugs can be just as deadly as going off them …


“Religion, supposing to fill the need for moral guidance, fills the soul with the intoxicant that he is not a mere mortal, but an agent of God’s will, and as such will fullfill that divine will without any human constraint.”

You are describing religious zealots, a small % of folks who believe in religion …


And if he had been a Muslim - the assumption would be that it was his religion that prompted his act - as if there were no such thing as depressed Muslims who might want to commit suicide for any of the myriad reasons for which Christians or Jews, etc. do …