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What’s Scarier: Terrorism, or Governments Blocking Websites in its Name?


What’s Scarier: Terrorism, or Governments Blocking Websites in its Name?

Glenn Greenwald

The French Interior Ministry on Monday ordered that five websites be blocked on the grounds that they promote or advocate terrorism. “I do not want to see sites that could lead people to take up arms on the Internet,” proclaimed Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.


These days, truth is virtually impossible to come by given the pabulum served up as "food for thought" by the captured mass media as political operators answer to the corporate oligarchs, and war is perceived as a profitable, necessary product. Therefore, in such an interim of pervasive inversions of truth, justice, government checks and balances, and calls to war... it becomes at minimum plausible that the "terrorist" event that just happened in France was another false flag. Each one works that Shock Doctrine magic of placing the New World Order's draconian controls over entire nations like one damning blanket.

I think all of this is planned in the same way that the War Department plans its tactical moves.

If anything objectionable to State Power can be defined as "terrorism" in the same way that innocent civilians are routinely gunned down under the guise they are terrorists, then no countervailing force can remain in place to oppose, challenge, or call to account illegitimate--given their violation of established law--government entities including those merged into corporations (as befitting Fascism).

Welcome to The Control State.

The good news? That the more elites try to tighten the can that humanity is being forced into, the greater the force to oppose their ends.

Momentum is everywhere building. The Control State is not destined to last, nor can it.


What an unbelievably stupid policy. All these blocks will accomplish is to encourage content providers to find ways around them - and the providers most likely already have.

Reading the linked article about the websites shows us that (a) the policy equates Islam with terrorism and (b) the French government is still trying to figure out how to implement this policy.



I guess burning books no longer works to stop independent thought.


Burning books that criticized the Third Reich was the old school way of that fascist state to eliminate dissent; the new way will be for the government to eliminate web sites that speak the political truth about the Fourth Reich as having the capacity to foment terrorism.

To quote Orwell: " in a time of universal deceit; telling the truth ( on political websites ) will be a revolutionary act."


If there were actually Russian or Chinese "dissidents" organizing the overthrow of the US gov't buy means of "street protests" via public WIFI, then the US would be cracking down on such potentially anonymous internet WIFI connect sites as well.

But there are no such credible, let alone Russian-paid, movements in the US. To the point the US gov't literally has to concoct stings to trap "terrorists" or incite and enable otherwise impotent radicals.

But we have US gov't operatives of many apparent stripes right here attacking free speech with an endless barrage of disingenuous and misleading demands for "proof".

It is pretty much settled "je suis Charlie" and the attack that incited it was a US-backed operation. Not that rewqski will accept that it defied logic that the events could have progressed as scripted in the media. Start with the initially positively identified "getaway driver" as having an airtight alibi and surrendering to the police before he could be summarily killed. Bloodless gunshots to the head, riot police firing directly into a crowd of other police with no casualties... more Hollywood stunt/CGI than real attack. Other than the tragic sacrificial lambs for the moral outrage portion of the show. Uninvited BiBi and his cabal marching in a contrived photo op foisted on the world as them leading the actual march.

Before you start rewqski. READERS CAN FIND THIS INFO FOR THEMSELVES. My role is to make them aware such info exists. So don't bother. I will not respond to your childish demands, and readers can see you've already been told.


A quick search just now found no hint of any passport requirement for using public wifi in Russia. For example: http://waytorussia.net/Practicalities/Business/Internet.html

The French censorship topic is current, the relevant law or authority being enacted early this month. Rather than constantly questioning authors' priorities as we are wont to do, we are always free, of course, to read only those articles that are of most interest to us personally.


Interestingly, the US and its regime change operations figure highly in the Cold War-to-current period of book burning and library/literary/artifact destruction.

McCarthy's doing so may particularly interest readers. So perhaps the US again is NOT the unquestionable champion of the literary, intellectual fountain of truth and knowledge.


Quel surprise, our resident purveyor of all local Ukraine/Russian knowledge is perhaps again caught in a half-truth or outright lie?

I'm beginning to think rewqski may be the reincarnation of a certain rabid anti-Rus Russian ex-pat who landed in Florida and has a long history of spewing such crap all over comment sections and social media. Again, I'm not going to search out he old references, but the modus operandi is so similar as to make one wonder.

Unjust laws are still "laws", but should be questioned and protested at every turn.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
Ben Franklin


NO LINKS REQUIRED, it is obvious on its face. This pattern started LONG before Obama, and you know it. It's not merely a "conspiracy" when the pattern of behaviour has been repeatedly established. The US ADMITTEDLY overthrew HOW MANY South/Central American elected gov'ts, and and now admit it illegally interfered in the rest? Given the US has NEVER recanted from the polices behind those actions, we must assume they continue unabated. PNAC and Grand Chessboard show there is no divergence. The Penatgon/NSA/CIA budgets are as large as ever, so it follows the money is being spent on the same type of programs, just elsewhere.

It is now the US's moral duty to open the books to the US public and the world and show exactly what has been secretly and malevolently done in the taxpayer's name and on their dime.

YOU prove to the world the US is NOT still following the established pattern of warmongering world wide.

Oh ya, you can't. Because telling the truth would mean confirming all the "conspiracy theories".

You're not convincing anyone here, just reinforcing the well-founded belief that the US is run by a bunch of irrational, intellectually deluded psychopaths. You are an annoyance, no more than that. But carry on spouting your delusions.


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