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What’s the Biggest Threat to American Democracy?


What’s the Biggest Threat to American Democracy?

Frances Moore Lappé

We sure hear a lot today about external threats to our democracy, whether it’s Russia’s election “meddling” or North Korea’s nuclear expansion. But a home-bred threat might run deeper still.

More than a third of Americans polled by the finance company LendEdu say they’d forfeit the right to vote in exchange for a 10 percent raise.


What’s the biggest threat to American democracy?

Inherited wealth.

Confiscatory estate taxes are the solution.


What’s the Biggest Threat to American Democracy?

The DNC and the RNC.


33% of Americans saying they would give up their right to vote for a 10% raise is unreal. Hope these are the same people who don’t vote now.


Well I needed this rather upbeat piece especially after reading the opening as stated above. Why would people give up the duty to vote? Because our system is corrupted and rigged by corporations and those whose need to stay in power keeps them corrupt in the hands of corporate wealth.
In my seventh decade I am finally getting actively involved in the process since we do have a candidate who has signed a pledge to refuse corporate financing and is campaigning on what I know is important.


That easy. Voter stupidity.


Can’t much fault step 1, taking from those who have. Although didn’t George Bailey inherit his bank from his father?

I am not so comfortable with the finish of that concept: who gets the estate at the end of the confiscation process? Any number of Third World populists have taken from the boyars and other economic chieftains of the day. And often that money and means of production ended up in the populist’s and his crony’s pockets, not going to be best service of the people.