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What’s Trump’s Parade Really About? His Bottomless Insecurity

What’s Trump’s Parade Really About? His Bottomless Insecurity

Eugene Robinson

Well, of course the president who claimed bone spurs to dodge the Vietnam War wants the biggest, bestest military parade ever, with lots of tanks and rockets and flags — zillions of flags — and fighter jets screaming overh

A former NAVY Seal said it very well. This proposed military parade for Trump and his diseased ego is “Third World bullshit”. I despise this corrupt, narcissistic piece of crap, Trumpo the Klown. He is WRONG about everything and this appalling, incompetent regime is a disaster for the great majority of our people and many others around the world. I endured the right-wing crap of Nixon, Reagan and Bush the Idiot. However, this current crop of gangsters are something else again. They represent a wholesale ransacking of what is left of our country’s infrastructure and social programs, everything that has been achieved since FDR. I have said this before and I will say it again - the so-called “Republican” Party (even their name for themselves is a lie) is the greatest threat to what is left of our democracy and our very republic that I know of. This party is the most treasonous bunch of scum I have ever seen in American politics.


Humans are about to become extinct; the blindest of the blind want to grab as much as they can before Earth no longer supports life.

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trump wants us to think about him 24/7 and so all the sideshows. but a parade goes over the top, i am outraged that his ego comes before common sense

If there’s an upside to this latest weirdness, it’s that Twitler risks alienating the very ones he might need to keep him in power. As someone pointed out on a related thread, real soldiers hate parades.

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The Donald likes big military parades for the same reason porn is watched by so many people. He gets “enjoyment” from people putting on a show for him. He digs it so much, he can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t like it. Professional soldiers don’t need to parade their stuff as exhibitionists do. They see their duty, and they do it. We can only hope they can clearly perceive what their duty is.

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Oh hell yes, let’s have a big, beautiful parade

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Even if only one tank is in his parade, trump will claim that it was the biggest, most watched parade in U.S. history.
If he does have a parade, wouldn’t it be nice if nobody showed up to watch it.
If he needs a parade, let him pay for it himself, he claims to be a muti-billionaire.


If he had any sense (common or other) he would know better than to do this, but he is nothing more than a 10-year-old brat in an old man’s morbidly fat body!


Thank you, Mr. Robinson… however, let’s not refer to the demon in the white house as a “soul”.

People are souls, operating our bodies.
Trump and his ilk are meat bags, operated by predatory, overly consumptive, short sighted algorithms.

Other than that, a good analysis.

Obama hates the country? What a twisted assertion. Obama is a racist? You are way way off. I really would like Common Dreams to start purging people like you that make these insane claims.

I’m not even an Obama fan but at least I try to be objective.


Parades seem to do something for ego centered leaders. Adolph liked them, Kim Jung Un likes them. They seem to need the reassurance as they prepare to possibly do something radical. Hopefully not.

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Right ON, Blocker!   O’Bummer is a stooge of Wall Street, Big Pharma, Big Insurance and the Multi-NaZional Korporations comprising the M.I.C. that have made him rich.  But there’s no evidence whatsoever that he’s a racist, even though he’s been the target of racism most of his life.  And why should he hate D’UhMurika – like
I said, it’s made him rich.  I fell for his false message of hope in 2008, but had wised up by 2012.  Nonetheless, calling him a racist who hates America is beyond idiocy — sorta like calling Tweetle-Dumb a patriot who would give his life for his country.   Yeh, THAT’LL be the day!!!   But wait – Wolfess just had a GREAT idea:

Can you get Faux News to show that video six or seven times during the next few days?  That should put Tweetle-Dumb’s panties diaper in a knot, and convince him to give up the stupid parade idea!!  And if not, maybe there’s a company of Marines who’ll fulfill their oath to protect our Constitution from Tyranny . . .


So if Tweetle-Dumb gets ‘put to sleep’ during his big parade, the joyous headline will be, “Trump Sadated!!

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The Trump supporters sicken me. I post on a pepper website because other political subjects are mixed in. It’s all blame libs this and lib that BS. I have to be careful with what I say to even get a comment in. I consider myself liberal but actually despise both sides of the same hoodwink twofer charade.

Hey big guy – takes one to know one!

Thank yah; thank yah verah much!

And having fox-so-not-the-news shout it from the rooftops is a wonderful idea :yum::hugs:

Well you know, those old men need their sleep – the deeper, the better …

Sorry, but both parties are the scum of the Earth.
Republicans are corporate wolves in wolf’s clothing. Democrats are corporate wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Case in point - 55 Democrats (all of who claim to hate Trump), voted to abolish the Fourth Amendment last month and give the guy they claim to hate, full power of surveillance over every American. Every one of them is guilty of treason, as all of them swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, the alleged supreme law of the land.


“More anti Trump hysteria…” And more bullshit by throwing Obama into the comments. I’m no fan of his but Obama has been out of the Presidency for quite some time now but idiots like you are STILL getting mileage out of trying to use him as a deflection from the criticisms of this appalling asshole in the White House… but just sayin’
BTW, fool, Obama doesn’t hate this country but Trump has NO respect for most of its people and he is close to treason. Now THAT is hatred of our country. Go back to Breitbart.