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What’s Trump’s Parade Really About? His Bottomless Insecurity

When Obama called them bitter clingers he was just being nice. They are far worse than that. You have the audacity to call them conservatives. I guess you don’t get anything right.

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hell of a situation when you can’t stand trump but in the same breath can’t defend the democrats. this parade is to rub it in the noses of all those who did not vote for him, thinking he was just an idiot to politics. this has gone beyond ‘the emperors new clothes’.

Eugene has it wrong. People need to stop saying that Trump is a fool. He is not. Trump is a cunning and effective manipulator of the media (Fox) and his supporters. No one opposed to Trump and Trump’s policies should take comfort in pointing out the deficiencies in his character. Instead they should appreciate Trump as the highly dangerous and disturbingly effective leader he is.

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Oh, would the parade and pomp were only for Donald Trump’s tender hide.

As usual, the bell tolls for thee, and the jackboots not less.

Yes, but you can be sure that the parade would still be attended by millions of skinheads and their fellow white, racists!