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What’s Wrong with the Obama Administration’s Plan to Help Student Debtors


What’s Wrong with the Obama Administration’s Plan to Help Student Debtors

Ann Bowers

As the general-election campaign gets underway, one of the issues candidates for the White House and Congress should be debating is what to do about the $1.3 trillion student debt burden.


It may be better to think in terms of "what's wrong with student debt?". Many countries have free advanced education. It's in society's best interest. As Dr. Jill Stein points out for every $1.00 the government spent on the GI bill after WW2, $7.00 was eventually returned. This morning Democracy Now had a segment on student debt which began on democracynow.org at 48:50 minutes.(42 million owe $1.3 trillion It was interesting to hear about who benefits.

Dr. Stein wants to treat the students as we did the banks and write off the student debt. (Writing off debt -jubilee-used to be the norm after a period of time.)


No one ever mentions the fact that it is cheaper to go to a brick and morter school than it is to go to an online school.......Why is it so expensive to go to an online school?...They dont have to have bathrooms or school rooms or parking or offer room and board ....Hell it is all done online with a web camera and a teacher.....Why should it be so expensive?....No one can answer that....I remember when I was considering an online school until I realized it cost more money and I asked why it cost more and they gave me some stump speech about how you could not put a price on education....and I said well you have put a price on it and I want to know why it cost more to go to an online school than it does to go to an actual school.....They again gave me the canned response some incoherent nonsensical bullshit....WELL ....I will tell you why it is more expensive...It is because they are crooks schemers and cons...everyone from the top down get commissions especially the ones on the phone selling it to you....It doesn't matter how much you get in pell grants or loans for being in the military the tution will always equal the amount you can borrow beg or steal nothing is ever left......In a real school you will always get back a few thousand after you borrow and use pell grants so you can use it to buy a computer or a car or what ever they put it into your school account to use as you see fit....BUT NOT ONLINE SCHOOLS noooo .. these online schools have it rigged.....They get every cent you borrow beg or steal you get nothing back for personal expenses nor do you get a refund.....These online schools are for chumps anyone buying into these grifter schemes deserves what they get......Apparently politicians get good campaign checks from these assholes and that is why they are allowed to fleece you.....PAY to PLAY in Washington allows these fkn crooks to rob you all they want....Any politician not willing to stop this thievery is on their pay roll....every-time they vote with these institutions they are robbing you of representation and proves to me they are all without exception crooks both parties.....The base voters or should I say groupies are stupid ignorant assholes for reelecting these crooks they think their congressman or senator is not one of the crooks that they are special because they told you they was hahahah idiots... but YES they are everyone of them is crooked to the bone all should be fired and replaced and if those new ones are crooked then fire them and get more until you find one who is not a goddam corporate fed crook.....This includes Hillary all republicans and you guessed it Obama....None of them represent you the voter....none...Get over yourself and vote these assholes out....Say none of the above...no thanks..


You make some good points. Richard Wolff, an economist, has been talking about capitalism in talks
you may have heard and accounts for the situation you describe as a consequence of our economic
approach. He has several online talks, his latest: https://youtu.be/yKxnsnULwpU.



Yes, you were defrauded by the college. Yes, you were exploited by the Wall Street puppets ruling on behalf of Wall Street.

Petition the Imperial masters again and again watch nothing but insult result.

Or, vote with Jill Stein and have a democracy.


In this era of Shock-Doctrine style Disaster Capitalism, no group--from the most aged and infirm, to those most impacted by health challenges, to students--is exempt from its rapacious profit-seeking. The many tentacled Wall St. Squid that Matt Taibbi exposed is very committed to ripping off students for 3rd rate educations.

This segment from today's "Democracy Now" is most instructive on how the financially profitable CON works and who designed it:



Sorry, but when MONEY is involved, a Higher Power will demand payback.
To some, Money is Power and Money is God. To them, there is no higher power.
This is the Mindset that must be changed.


Most colleges and universities provide quality education. Those few that don't should be closed and the tuition and loans be paid back. This regulation sounds good but so difficult to administer that only really bad schools will be affected.

I think that existing loans should be limited to the federal loan rates (1 %). If the responsible financial institutions don't lower the interest rates for all student loans then the government will take over the loans by paying the loan out from its low cost loans. I see no reason that banks should make money off our young people. This is probably the best that we can do for existing student loans.


We live in the world of Economic Existentialism

We profit, therefore we are.

At one time the UK had taxpayer-funded tuition fees and cost-of-living grants for students who got to university. Then we got Margaret Thatcher who had benefitted from the very same socialism that she so despied. However, Maggot Thatcher got a taxpayer-funded public funeral and it was worth every penny of the 14 million GBP I have heard that it cost.


Whats wrong with Obama's "plan" to help student debtors? The same as is "wrong" with Hillary Clinton's "plan", or every other politician's - there is no "plan" except continue to empower financial parasites everywhere - they and their political co-conspirators all empower the mechanisms of vulture capitalism, banker usury feeding off the lives of billions of people used as wage and interest/debt slaves - thrown away and destroyed if they don't produce to fund the con.

Politicians increasingly an integral part of financial usury of many sorts - all gain wealth from the work of others - politicians gain campaign-contribution bribes to continue the con and legitimize it through legislation sanctifying and normalizing it. Whether "Federal Reserve" Banks determining how to best continue/protect, increase and divide the spoils, or bankrupt entire cultures and nations, the con is universally designed to enrich the few.......a shell game of vast proportions......

The "financial sector" has its claws on our throats from birth to death - they print money from thin-air, then "loan" it to government, individuals, cities, and nations for profits - what a grand con. An entire "sector" of people/families, living large on the backs of ordinary people who cannot print money or gain "interest" as their birth-right, only work their lives away to service the system of greed and usury of elite parasites.

Whether education, health care & insurance/big-pharma, big-ag, the war-machine, or banking/Wall Street, and other mechanisms that have become vectors for profits of the few from the suffering/slavery of many, usually with disastrous consequences for the 99%, the mechanisms have become a clear and present danger.......

We desperately need more George Bailey heart, vision, honesty.....society without organized, legalized, banker interest/debt or education robbery - an end to parasite vulture capitalism and its political collaborators.