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What Sanctions Mean for My Iranian-American Family

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/03/what-sanctions-mean-my-iranian-american-family

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I believe your article would make Trump push for ever more sanctions.
اظهار عجز نزد ستم پیشه ابلهی است
اشک کباب موجب طغیان آتش است

What a strange man Trump is. He believes that he can sanction Iran to death----well he is hurting many the people—but the saddest thing is that Trump— Bolton , Pompeo all 3 want war—because–well I don’t know for sure, but all of these three seem to think control is obtained by FEAR!
Silly men—all you are doing is setting up America to fail. China and Russia will help Iran —as people see how mean spirited and delusional the current American government is----America will be the nation that has lost the trust of other nations. If American can’t keep its agreements, and rushes off to be the solo moron --if underhanded and dirty tricks are your style----then America will be the nation—off on its lonesome—that no one will trust, nor can they trust. Prepare for the worst America-----when Trump is ignored , there is just no telling what he will do—maybe his next screech will will be the last and final fat berg to kiss his heart good bye!

Great piece Mina. So terribly sad. I think of Iran as such a safe place; so sorry your grandparents now have to fear leaving their house. It’s such a terrible policy. Economic terrorism.

Maybe this time we really will need a lot of duct tape and plastic wrap to be ready for that gas attack.

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Who is Trump doing this for?