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What Sanders Would Have Told AIPAC... In Which He Talked About Palestinian Rights


What Sanders Would Have Told AIPAC... In Which He Talked About Palestinian Rights

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though Bernie Sanders was the only presidential candidate credited for skipping the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) convention in Washington, DC on Monday, he gave a speech on the campaign trail in Utah which he says is the same one he would have given to the powerful pro-Israel lobbyists and their allies if he had attended.


This would never get the AIPAC seal of approval. He humanises all non Israeli actors and you can't have that! And what's this business about peace and engaging with Iran and the Palestinian people. No wonder AIPAC didn't want him anywhere near that conference.

A perfect AIPAC candidate should jump up and down and manically yell "Kill! Kill! Kill! ..."


Wish he could have said: "and a pox on all of my colleagues who signined the AIPAC loyalty pledge."


How smart of him to have begged off.


In other news, Trump is already attending the required classes to prevent being JFK'ed. I think they used to wait until the primaries were over.
Watch for the change in foreign policy rhetoric.



The text of this speech provides a clear and concise reply to those who claim Sanders has no vision for foreign policy. All the experience of the past several decades highlights the truth in his comment about the vacuum after the troops leave (Vietnam, Iraq,..). Addressing the fundamental inequities that fuel the fight is a smarter way to curtail the violence and provide a basis for peaceful co-existance...and the only way to do that is to bring the representatives of the people to the table. Sanctions represent an effective way to encourage them to get there. Makes a lot of sense to me.


"But it is important among friends to be honest and truthful about differences that we may have.": I could not agree any more so here it goes.

"Clearly, the United States and Israel are united by historical ties. We are united by culture. We are united by our values, including a deep commitment to democratic principles, civil rights and the rule of law.": Really? Everything that has been transpiring in the US speaks of democracy only for the very wealthy and the corporations; civil rights have and continue to be a struggle for black and indigenous peoples as they are for Palestinians and what rule of law both here and in Israel? Laws themselves do not guarantee equal treatment either, neither in the USA nor in Israel otherwise we would not be seeing or experiencing the oppression of entire groups of people who "deviate" from the dominant culture. As far as cultural ties go, what might they be really? While Israel does have a historic claim to the land on which it sits--but so do the Palestinians--the USA has a historical claim to Turtle Island only in its sick imagination.

"I firmly believe that the only prospect for peace is the successful negotiation of a two-state solution.": Exactly on what land will this occur, Bernie? It has been so carved up with Palestinian "Bantustans" as to make this highly improbable. A one state where each people enjoy equal rights--not easy for sure--would be worth working toward and a BDS movement to add pressure to the unwilling.

These are some ideas for a start. Other posters can add their own or disagree all they like.


If I had the supernatural powers to create a presidential candidate, with all the traits s/he should have in my image, I could come up with anybody better than Bernie. This man is incredible!

Now this Jew from Brooklyn stands up for Palestine and proposes statesmanlike solutions for a conflict, where pro Israel prejudice runs rampant in this country and where he might have severe bias, because of his religion.

We should not be surprised. He has dedicated his whole life to fighting for the poor, the underprivileged and the underdog.


In just the space of yesterday and this morning, three streams
of reality have confluenced into a raging river of clarity about the
previously well hidden Disguised Global Capitalist Empire that flows out
of America like an unabated Amazon in the quickly heating oceans of
our sickened and diseased world community of people.

Empress-in-waiting Clinton, and her 'Disgusting Speech' at AIPAC ---
which I have long renamed as more accurately the American-style
Imperialism Political Action Committee --- has clearly given Killary the
most difficult stream of this delusional reaction to the global River
of reality to address, and thus her rough defense of militaristic and
deadly force of the Empire in dealing with dissidents draws high rebuke.

Secondly, Barack "We're NOT here for Empire" Obama [which is exactly
what he said on national TV to the American 'audience' of its domestic
'subjects' precisely while he was ordering the bombing that killed
Libyan civilian women and children to, of course, humanely free them],
actually had the easier task as retiring President of the metropole of
the DGCEmpire. Obama only had to maintain the "Illusion of Empire"
[Hedges] that the forward leaning of progress was still being gayfully
expanding, extending, and "bending the curve of history" toward
welcoming in reticent areas of our world, our 'community of nations',
and their happy and prosperous 'free-market' modern Empire of Global
Capital to even these backward people who had been captured and enslaved
by forced "socialism" for the last half century. And although
faux-Emperor/president Obama did not overplay his hand by pointing out
to the Cuban people how wildly successful a similar freeing of the
Russian people had been in unleashing the innovative capitalist skills
of the oligarchs (and, of course, J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs, for
training the oligarchs) the ultimate OKie Doke and secret agent 008
(licensed to kill - by Drone) Presidante Obama was able to delude the
crowds in this 'near abroad' and nearly captured 'territory' of the
un-diagnosed Empire that all would be roses, new cars, iToys, and berry
berry good for baseball very soon with the unstated implication that all
they had to do to enjoy this consumer paradise was to dump the confused
an addled old guy at the mic next to him --- and by implication also,
bring Sheldon Adelson's and il Donald's Trump casinos and real estate
Empires to their fair shores.

A Third tributary stream of reality to this confluence of rivers of
the unmentioned but beautiful River of Empire emptying into our world
"across the pond" (as the upper-class of former oh so close to global
British Empire) used to say, was also as difficult to politely talk
about to the vast majority of average people (qua, 'subject' of the
Empire) as the tough non-Love that Killary had just the day earlier had
to force through fear onto her American-style Imperialist Political
Action Committee audience of anxiously waiting hawks.

In that, this third tributary to hell on earth was sounded not by the
nearly former faux-Emperor/president of the DGCEmpire, nor the new and
hopefully smiling but too often war-raging future
faux-Empress/presidentist, BUT by the disgruntled hoards in Gaul and
BelGaul, who unfortunately were so set upon by the nice sweet (if you'll
only be reasonable and join our Global Empire as 'subjects', that we'll
eventually give you a path to citizenship in our Empire) were
continuing to be totally unreasonable and even explosively difficult in
seeing the advantages of joining the service.

This third steam of aggressive thoughtlessness and rejection was
continuing to be as uncooperative as the Incas were to the Spanish
Empire a while back and as senselessly argumentative as the Indians were
to the nice Red Coats bearing beads in the British Empire --- just
before that paradise of new land was amped-up to its current status of
an even better 'paradise on earth' compliments to human genius and the
application of innovative 'job creating' capitalists.

So, all three converging Rivers of reality reaching their confluence
at the mouth of the giant River of Empire approaching the rising sea
(which they are assisting in 'rising' all over 'our', or rather 'their'
globe) are now, with an apparent rapidity reaching a conclusion ---
which maybe, just maybe, we should all have a chance to vote on.

Luckily, we all have the wide choice of either Trump or Killary to
continue this exciting experiment in global Empire to it (and our)

And also fortunately, that troublesome old Bernie, who would not even
speak to the American-style Imperialism Political Action Committee, has
only hinted, so far, that he might have another idea about where we
should put this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire --- but hope, faith,
and LOVE all spring eternal.

Liberty, equality, justice, and socialist democracy
Violent (and dual-party Vichy disguised)


PS, But now a fourth (of July of sorts) seems to have quietly
occurred in Bernie's doing what I have hoped, prayed (and pleaded since
May '15 in Rochester NH) that he would "have to do to get through this
thing and win") which is; to publicly 'expose', 'call-out', 'un-mask',
and commit to non-violently confront this Disguised Global Capitalist
EMPIRE that has 'captured', controls, and nearly fully "Occupies" our
former country as its nominal HQ / metropole, while 'posing', as

Thanks for this 'good news' --- which I will treat as Gospel (regardless of whether Bernie was speaking on a mountain in Utah).


Think you mean that you "could" not "come up with anybody better than Bernie." Yay!


This speech reminds me again that my support of Sanders (and I AM giving him support) is indeed a lesser-evilist thing. I can't find anything at all inspiring in his talk; and certainly nothing remotely "revolutionary". He only sounds good when you compare him to the other mainstream candidates, whose total obeisance to Israel is, to me, disgusting.

But the election is, exactly, a matter of making such comparisons. The difference between Sanders and Clinton, or between him and any of the repubs, is enormously greater than the differences between any of the competing presidential candidates in any election in my lifetime.

So Go Bernie, I guess.


It was a statement that I certainly have some disagreements with:

  1. He needed to emphasize the role of desperation in the recent futile lone-actor knife attacks, the fact that 3 times more Palestinians were killed by Israel occupation forces in the same time and the fact that even just preliminary rhetorical gestures of justice for Palestine from Israel would end the violence immediately.

  2. Someone seriously need to explain how Iran is a "source of instability" rather than the most stable and sane nation in the whole region.

  3. And the big elephant in the living room - Israel's already-existing nuclear weapons - remained unmentioned.

But we should not expect to get everything we want in these stunningly reactionary times. Overall, Sanders statement was a stark difference from the fawning candidates in the convention hall in DC last night. A Sanders presidency may be the only thing standing between us and barbarism.


My reply simply disappeared. Yes, Sanders is unable to think out of Empire's box and imagines US "values" to have been just and noble, etc. I'd said before about electing presidents on the basis of domestic programs, not foreign policy which would be dictated by the military-industrial complex. We gotta be realistic about this.


"We have serious concerns about the nature of the Iranian government, but we have to honest enough, and sometimes we are not, to admit that Saudi Arabia – a repressive regime in its own right – is hardly an example of Jeffersonian democracy."

Yes he said it. Is he being cagey as he knows how propagandized the public is on this issue?

He fails to explain that Russia fighting anti-Assad forces was in fact fighting ISIS. He fails to explain that it was Russia who created the turn around in Syria. And he is still stuck in the dumb policy of getting Assad out. Regime change? Assad is the enemy of terrorism and has always provided intel about terrorist activity to the west.

He should follow his own advice? Replace Assad with who?

Is Assad the monster because the West says so? Is he any less murderous than the last 10 presidents of the USA?

The one thing he makes clear is he is not itching to fight with Putin. He wants discussion. Clinton is itching for a fight with Putin.

That alone disqualifies her as a sane choice.


How is it the same, and what is your proposal? Thx.


He did say

"We have serious concerns about the nature of the Iranian government, but we have to honest enough, and sometimes we are not, to admit that Saudi Arabia – a repressive regime in its own right – is hardly an example of Jeffersonian democracy."

I think he is aware how brainwashed the American electorate is on this issue. SA & Qatar are ISIS. The "domestic revolution" in Syria is actually a mercenary financed war by SA & Qatar.

I think one has to read between the lines somewhat. He wants to talk with Russia whereas Clinton wants to call Putin a Nazi.

Sanders gets it wrong with Russia as it is Russia who has dented ISIS in Syria. As if anti-government forces and Nusra and ISIS are really any different.

So is he ill informed or does he know this is really about SA & Qatar. I think he knows. But it will take baby steps for the US public to accept the truth about the situation.


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Here's the rub, posthuman:

POTUS Barack Obama began parroting AIPAC's lines the minute he took office. He may have paid a certain amount of lip service, like other Presidents before him, but, like other Presidents before him, Obama has done nothing to advance the cause of peace and a viable two-state solution to the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian debacle.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, seems genuinely concerned and interested in doing the right thing, and has never parrot AIPAC's like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and pretty much everybody else.


Or perhaps you might say that it (foreign policy) is the same because it follows the military-industrial complex - the real power holders in the country. Sanders can choose to minimize the harmful effects, but not reject the entire Empire package (unless he wants to be another JFK).


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