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What Scalia’s Death Means For Climate Change


What Scalia’s Death Means For Climate Change

John Upton

Just days after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling clouded the future of a new United Nations climate pact, the passing of one of its justices has boosted the pact's chances of succeeding.


Nine children and 36 grandchildren (I heard). Get it? These "conservatives" are happy to consume the planet to pass on their DNA, which they don't understand because they're not scientists, but God just wants it that way.


Isn't it amazing that a prejudiced windbag like Scalia wielded enough power to hold back meaningful responses to climate change all over the world?

While another Court Justice probably couldn't do as much damage to life and liberty as this now deceased (good riddens!) Inquisitor... still looming are TIPP and TPP which look like end-runs around any form of binding Environmental Laws.

This is where Obama is out-doing Bill Clinton's triangulation by making moves that appear to limit Big Coal while at the same time, zealously pushing the trade pacts that make any sovereign nation's environmental laws moot!


They worship the sperm. The Earth Mother is just a dead thing to them.

Here's a monthly recap of THE result of this mindset:


Many people originally did not realize how critical the Clean Power Plan was to an agreement in Paris but probably pretty much everyone has now connected the dots. To keep all the developing countries on board with reducing emissions the Clean Power Plan must be put into effect. The majority of emissions come from developing countries, They need to see evidence that the US is doing its part as the number one historical polluter and presently the second biggest polluter.


Scalia's passing means that the pact seems safer than it was several days ago


Right now, that depends on if another rightwing judge, or a more llberal judge is nominated to the SCOTUS.