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What Should Be An Entirely Unnecessary News Flash For Kavanaugh: Contraception Is Not Abortion


What Should Be An Entirely Unnecessary News Flash For Kavanaugh: Contraception Is Not Abortion

In a telling "red-alarm moment" in his confirmation hearings, increasingly slimy Brett Kavanaugh dropped his careful "Roe v. Wade is precedent" mask long enough to conflate birth control - basic health care used by over 95% of women during their lifetimes - with "abortion-inducing drugs," an extremist ideologue's dog whistle that critics blasted as “anti-woman, anti-science propaganda.” Make no mistake, said one choice advocate, “Women have every reason to believe their health and their lives are at stake.”


Is this steady drip…drip…drip…of 411 on Kavanaugh going to sway red state Dems like Manchin?

How about pro-choice Repubs like Collins and Murkowski?

High drama, although it isn’t like Trump didn’t tell us what kind of judge he would nominate. I still think he’ll be confirmed.


Gonna need at least 30 Kamela Harris’s in the senate to eventually impeach Ratt Kavenaugh.


This is the right wing coming at democracy again – and Separation of Church
& State – by secrecy and lies, through deception as they cannot stand honestly
and say they’re against abortion and birth control because they know the public
wouldn’t waste any time in tossing them out for their insanities.

This looks like another “Christian” crazy in the madness of his own delusions.

And he is certainly after birth control, as well as abortion –

And never is it about an interest in children and their wellbeing, it’s always about the
oppression of women.

What we see from these “Christian” men is over and again the abuse of children, including
sexual abuse. As studies have long shown, males are our sexual abusers of children and
they are heterosexual males - grandfathers, fathers, uncles, male cousins – and male
friends of the family.

Homosexual males are 100X LESS likely to sexually abuse a child than a heterosexual male.


I am seriously wondering if Kavanaugh is an Opus Dei kind of cathoholic.
Too many on the court already…and yes, I do know that Scalia is dead.


So, priests who are not only supposed to be celibate but also male in the Catholic Church now can get pregnant? Right, they can’t but simply think its OK to impose their ethics on non catholics and women who actually can get pregnant.


I think Kamala was on to something when she asked Kavanaugh if men have any rule controlling their bodies…: ) Of course, he had no answer, because they don’t have that rule.

We have a winner here people----and I’ve said this before ----- if certain people really want to control women’s bodies, they have to do men’s bodies at the same time. Under this rule there will be NO unwanted pregnancies-----MALE CHASTITY BELTS----- see, if the lady has the key, then she must decide the yes on access to her body, and the key is used and the penis is freed! Yea… and both people took a chance —no rapes here. So what if there is an unwanted pregnancy…ohhhhh, I guess this won’t work, gosh, oh well------ pass this law and worry later—because women still can die during pregnancy-----you know, there are more women and babies in the Wests’ Boot Hill than there are gunslingers-----so dead by pregnancy is an old problem…

BACK to the BELT_____it will, however, be uncomfortable for the gentlemen , no doubt, and Hillary, bless her evil heart can now proudly say" LOCK EM UP, " in parody of that orange haired guy, although if would work for Bill too. : )

Women have the keys to the so-called kingdom… and of course, this new law will be attached to ANY bill restricting women’s ability to control her own body. Yes, it’s awkward no doubt for men, but women wore them in the Middle Ages when men went off to war--------so it’s historic, Catholic guys----a real precedent. : ) Besides, what with all the weird priest stories coming out now, this might be a workable plan for them-----an eternal chastity belt…no pedophiles here!

It’s a definite showing of EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW-----because we can’t have i law for men and 1 for women------that’s just not American. : )


Oh Abby, I’m embarrassed for you!
You’ve mistaken knuckle dragging for tap dancing!

But that’s OK, I frequently mistake the mafia for the government (or is it the other way around???)


Hey - what gives! You completely omit everything about the ‘family jewels’!!

I’m looking for a design for a portable safe with locks optioned under the space program…


Most anti abortion fanatics are also anti contraception. After all why do married Christian women need birth control? No other women should be having sex. Calling birth control abortion inducing hides their real agenda. This is about total control and subjugation of women. Even Anne Coulter has been for taking the vote from women.


I guess you were never hit on by a gay man when you were 13. Or, maybe you were.


dks –

My comment was clearly about sexual abuse of children by heterosexual males –

What we see from these “Christian” men is over and again the abuse of children, including
sexual abuse. As studies have long shown, males are our sexual abusers of children and
they are heterosexual males - grandfathers, fathers, uncles, male cousins – and male
friends of the family.

Homosexual males are 100X LESS likely to sexually abuse a child than a heterosexual male.

Not sure if that’s what you’re claiming – and whether you’re suggesting assault?

Since I’m a female – you’re right – no I haven’t…

But couldn’t count the guys who made unwanted passes and comments –
including in business offices.
And today this still happens to females on the streets and in workplace.

How about you?

But I can attest to being aware of heterosexual males’ strong interest in
sex between women as I’ve been a witness to that INTEREST … as you
may have seen strongly commented on in FRIENDS TV show.

As a female, I recall that within my circle of friends/acquaintances, a few
males were highly interested in introducing a lesbian to me – and I realized
later they were anxious to see if she would try to make a pass at me.
So silly that it’s something you don’t forget.
NO, she didn’t. And, no – neither am I a lesbian.

How old was this homosexual you say made a pass at you – what did you do about it?
And presume he wasn’t a priest, but was it an authority figure like a teacher or coach.
Or someone your age? Classmate?


You have this whole separation of church & state backwards. The 1st amendment is to protect the individual and religious organizations from the state, not protect the sate from religion. If the government mandates that you must provide contraception coverage as part of a mandated health insurance plan as a condition of employing workers, one who morally opposed to said contraception is faced with two options, acting in violation of his/her conscious or not starting/continuing a business. This is even more egregious when the organization in question is a religious based charity that hires people to carry out a specific mission (ie. Little Sisters of the Poor). This mandate clearly clearly interfers with their free exercise of religion.


Harris voted yea on the recent Death Authorization bill. She will never get the support of the true left.


Oh, my …

No, the basic idea is to protect and guarantee the individual’s right to freedom of thought,
free conscience and free will –

However, historically, you’ll see that “Christianity” took over NATIONS, STATES, GOVERNMENTS
and KINGDOMS which then forced the citizens to practice “Christianity.”

Often this was done by force or threat of force.

Separation of Church & State is ensuring that our government remains a government “of the people” –
not the Church.


HI theoldgoat. and LOL
Sorry for the omission…o.k. then the ,“Family jewels,” will be encased in a recreation of the codpiece from Shakespeare’s time-----which will magically release when the urine level is reached to high-tension level, and then the release will occur, BUT, the jewels must be safely re-enconsed before the chastity belt automatically closes over the codpiece -----so you have protection for the ladies again. : )

I actually never heard of this modern chastity belt thingy until I read a news story that a man was pulled over for warrant, and he had to explain to the police that before they took him in, he needed to get the key to the chastity belt from his wife. : 0 Wow, the chastity belt for men lives-----already! : 0


Yes, protect the people from the state, not the state from religion. If the state requires actions that are in violation of a persons religion,they are establishing a state religion, by not allowing someone to follow their free will. That was the issue in this case and the Little Sisters of the Poor case, the government mandating action taht violates their free expression of religion!


TJ –

Wow – are you confused and gullible – separate yourself from whatever sources
you are picking up these lies from.

No – Democracy and Separation of Church & State are a threat to religion because it
challenges any religious teachings which deny free thought, free conscience and free will
to its members.

And, in fact, religion continues to try to use government to force its beliefs on our free society.

The STATE is the “people’s” government from which they have nothing to fear as
long as it is under their control.

Clearly, when our Supreme Court confirmed the right of homosexuals to marry it
was contrary to the teachings of some “Christian” religions. And clearly, it is legal for
the Supreme Court to confirm that freedom for its citizens, despite what any religion
thinks of homosexuality. That was confirmation of the US as a secular state.

And, birth control and abortion are two other examples of freedoms confirmed by the state.

Secular things are not religious. Anything not affiliated with a church or faith can be called secular.

Granted, as the fascists now in control of government pack the Supreme Court with other fascists,
there are attempts to overturn these freedoms by male supremacists/“Christians” in order to create a Church State in the US.

The Sisters are an example of other attempts to deny birth control not only to Catholic members
but to the society as a whole. The Sisters are now being allowed to deny their employees the full
coverage of insurance policies where birth control is provided to employees, despite the fact that
many of their employees are NOT Catholics. This is simply a case of a religious organization
attempting to use government to enforce their religious beliefs on others. And the corruption of
our Supreme Court by fascists.


Here’s some info from the Kavanaugh Hearings where he does everything he
possibly can to hide behind a mask of lies because he knows that the public does
NOT support his anti-woman, anti-birth control and anti-abortion agenda …

which is in line with the “White Male Supremacist” Trump who nominated him …

and with the “White Power” association his teammate (Bash) flashed during the Hearings –


Kavanaugh’s tap dancing around the issue came to an abrupt halt when he tripped over a question from Ted Cruz about a case brought by Priests For Life, an (redundancy alert) anti-abortion and anti-contraceptive Catholic group that in 2013 filed a lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that health care providers cover birth control. The priests argued the rule violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the same argument used in Hobby Lobby’s successful 2014 lawsuit. The priests’ suit was dismissed, but Kavanaugh dissented; this year, the group applauded his nomination "because he sided with us when we had to defend our religious freedom."

Explaining the case to Cruz, he argued the mandate was “a substantial burden on their religious exercise (that) would make them complicit in the abortion-inducing drugs that they were, as a religious matter, objected to (sic).” Except whoah: The case wasn’t about abortion; it was about contraceptives, which duh, prevent pregnancy. Furious critics called his claim “flat-out wrong,” “a GROSS misunderstanding of fact,” and “an anti-science lie” proving, again, that, “People who can’t be bothered to learn the basics of how something works should never be allowed to make a decision regarding that something.” “Newsflash, Brett Kavanaugh,” railed Elizabeth Warren. “Contraception is NOT abortion. Anyone who says so is peddling extremist ideology - not science - and has no business sitting on the Supreme Court.” If he gets there, warned Dawn Laguens of Planned Parenthood, “Women have every reason to believe their health and their lives are at stake.”

abortion: the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy:


Do you have data to support this claim? A factor of 10 I could believe but 100 seems high - unless you are speaking of the liklihood to be abused by a herterosecual vs homosexuwal whouch of cousre includes the effect there are fewer homosexuals.

I looked around, the the only clear scientifically worded link I could find was:

which came up with an 11:1 ratio between heterosexual pedophiles to homosexual pedophiles (*). If homosexual men (and I agree the problem is mostly men - around 95%) are about 10% of the men this would mean they are right around the same likelihood. If homosexuality is under-counted and it’s much higher (say 20%), that still only makes them 1/2 as likely, it’s a long way to 1/100th as likely.

(*) I should add in case there is any confusion, the 11:1 ratio is not the ratio of abusers to girls vs abusers to boys which is much more even (around 40% of cases involve male victims) - all studies recognize that many heterosexual pedophiles will abuse boys (I have no idea if homosexual pedophile would go the other way very often).