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What Should Be An Entirely Unnecessary News Flash For Kavanaugh: Contraception Is Not Abortion


The linked Guttmacher piece was pretty good. I have a better understanding of what Kavanaugh and his ilk are talking about. Legally he is dead wrong, but I don’t doubt there is a significant % of pro-lifers that take a similar view: contraception that blocks fertilization is OK (or at least between married couples is OK except for a minority of wing nuts like the Pope) but contraception that blocks implantation is murder because in their mind, life begins at conception (and it doesn’t matter to them that a whole bunch of fertilized embryos never attach even when not using birth control - that is God’s choice I presume they say).

This tough battle is going to get tougher since I’m expecting Kavanaugh to be confirmed. The battle may even move to the states for a while.


dara –

Notice this refers to a 1998 Study, yet there were studies during the 1970’s which make clear that homosexuals are NOT our sexual abusers of children, nor are women –
(See: Focus On the Facts/Cahill below)

The mystery is WHY American parents don’t know about these studies, generally, as it would be important knowledge in helping them protect their children.

In some of the film/video of the Harvey Milk-Mayor George Moscone shootings in SF in late 70’s, you will also find Senator Diane Feinstein commenting on these studies which make clear that homosexuals are NOT our sexual abusers of children.

It’s very similar, of course, to the question as to why MALE violence in our societies is not a frequent subject
for our press, nor in political discussion, nor common knowledge.

Also in searches, I find that there is increasing “editing” of information on the internet since the Trump takeover of the White House, and even back two decades where right wing info begins to predominate in searches. In other words, harder to find truth; easier to find right wing propaganda.

But to begin with we are still looking at the Kinsey scale which strongly suggests that no one of us is wholly male or female. And, the myth of very low numbers of homosexuals in the population still stands. Rarely, either, will you find any reference to bisexuality in the population. This still has much to do with the efforts of “Christianity” to create a sexual norm, to control human sexuality especially of their members (their minds and their bodies) - but also to control and restrict the sexual behavior of all members of our societies.
They continue as well trying to prevent sex education in our schools, information on birth control and abortion with Gag Rules – and continue to spread lies in propaganda on most all of these subjects.

From my readings, every couple has a 30% chance of having a homosexual child.
What does that suggest for homosexual births?

Additionally, I’ve read that before the coming of the “white” man to Hawaii, homosexuals there were
long held in high esteem and honor for their care of orphaned children there.

But I will relate some information I’m aware of in regard to this subject for you or other readers here –
How is pedophilia different from incest by adult males against children?
From what I’ve read, some researchers feel that pedophiles (males) have no actual sexual orientation.
Some seem to be childlike/suspended in time with their behavior unbelievably in the open at times, including an adult priest tongue kissing a student in a 3rd grade classroom with the nun/teacher present and observing, and the same priest sexually assaulting a young boy on a hospital bed who had just had back surgery and who was in a full body cast. Others seem to be vicious/violent/abductors, some casually involved and others very seriously involved in organized pedophilia networks. You’ll also find in looking at networks that Allen Dulles ran a “Camp for Pedophiles” just off CIA premises to train pedophiles.
See: The Devil’s Chessboard by David Talbot Also see: CIA MKULTRA/Monarch.
In fact much of the Monarch records were ordered destroyed by Dir. Richard Helms when he retired, but nonetheless MKULTRA and CIA activities in using children as homosexual pedophiles, as drug runners and for espionage/spies is shocking enough. This use of children – even kidnapping of children – was funded by our Congress. Again, some very convoluted versions of MKULTRA since editing in June 2016.

This is different from INCEST –
also carried out by males; heterosexual males where this is described at times as “situational pedophilia.”
In the Oedipus Complex, Sigmund Freud betrayed his young female and male clients who had confided in him their sexual abuse by adult males in their families – grandfathers, fathers, uncles, male cousins and male friends of the family. And he did this by making the outrageous suggestion that it is infants, toddlers and young children who are the sexual aggressors against adult males in their families. Today, there are suspicions that Freud, himself, was a pedophile.

Again, women are NOT our sexual abusers of children – and in the case of lesbians it’s pretty much never – however women will sexually abuse children when they come under the influence of a heterosexual male.
The Catholic Nuns are an excellent example of this where they have assisted the Catholic Church in many perversions such as labeling children in their care in Canada as “retarded” in order to collect more money for their care from the Canadian government. The Roman Catholic nun Kosaka Kumiko, 42, allegedly helped the priests cover up anal and vaginal rapes, fondling and oral sex at the institution for deaf students in Argentina. Meanwhile, 40% of Catholic nuns have themselves been beaten and sexually assaulted by Catholic priests. And who knows where these reports will end as Italians tell us that sexual abuse in the Catholic Church has been going on their since the first days of the RCC.

"Focus on the Facts" – Sean Cahill, PH.D

A 1998 Study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that 90% of pedophiles are men, and 95% of these individuals are heterosexual.

Research has indicated that gay men and lesbians are less likely than heterosexual to sexually abuse children.

Perhaps the most egregious and damaging claim promulgated by anti-gay groups is the claim that homosexuality is intrinsically linked to pedophilia and child sexual abuse. The social science research on sexual orientation and child sexual abuse clearly disproves the claim that homosexuals are more likely to molest children.

A 1998 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that 90% of pedophiles are men, and 95% of these individuals are heterosexual. One researcher explained this statistic by noting, "Gay men desire consensual sexual relations with other adult men. Pedophiles are usually adult men who are sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children. They are rarely sexually attracted to other adults. In fact, research has indicated that gay men and lesbians are LESS likely than heterosexuals to sexually abuse children. Two studies that examined the sexual orientation of convicted child molesters found that less than 1% in one study and 0% in the other were lesbian or gay. One psychologist reviewed the existing social science literature on the relationship between sexuality and child sexual abuse and found that “a gay man is no more likely than a straight man to perpetrate sexual activity with children.” Further, “cases of perpetration of sexual behavior with a pre-pubescent child by an adult lesbian are virtually nonexistent.”

Gay rights activists, like all advocates for children’s welfare, oppose child sexual abuse and support equitable age of consent laws that help prevent and punish such abuse.

At least 110,000 children are waiting to be adopted in the US. Approximately 588,00 children are currently in foster care. Barring gay men and lesbians from adopting or foster parenting decreases the number of potential suitable homes for children in need.

Children who remain in foster care for much of their childhood, as do tens of thousands of American children, are more likely to have emotional problems. Some children in foster care live in 20 or more homes by the time they reach the age of 18. Barring gay men and lesbians from adopting or foster parenting is not simply unjust and unethical; it also decreases the number of potential suitable homes for children in need.

Research shows that children raised by gay and lesbian parents are not disadvantaged vis-a-vis their peers raised by heterosexual parents.

Footnote 65 – p.123

A review of 352 medical records of children evaluated for sexual abuse during a 12-month period at a Denver children’s hospital found that less than 1% had been abused by a gay man or a lesbian. Of 269 adult perpetrators of child abuse identified among the 352 cases of abuse, only two were gay or lesbian. The vast majority of the children in the study (82%) “were suspected of being abused by a man or a woman who was, or had been, in a heterosexual relationship with a relative of the child.” And the review concluded that in this sample, " a child’s risk of being molested by his or her relative’s heterosexual partner is over 100X greater [than the risk of being molested] by someone who might be identifiable as being homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual."

Jenny, C., and Roesler, T.A. (1994)

Are children at risk for sexual abuse by homosexuals? Pediatrics. 94(1).p.44.

In an earlier study of convicted male child molesters in Massachusetts, none of the 175 men were found to have an exclusively homosexual adult sexual orientation or to be primarily attracted to other adult men.

Groth, A.N., and Birnbaum, H.J. (1978).

Adult sexual orientation and attraction to underage persons.

Archives of Sexual Behavior.7(3).pp.175-181.

Also : The right-wing “Family Research Council” notes/confirms findings that “almost all child sexual abuse is committed by men.”

On November 27, 1978, San Francisco mayor George Moscone and supervisor Harvey Milk were assassinated by a rival politician, Dan White, who had resigned from the Board of Supervisors only two weeks prior. Feinstein was close by in City Hall at the time of the shootings, and discovered Milk’s body after hearing the gunshots and going to investigate. Later that day at a press conference originally organized by Moscone to announce White’s successor, Feinstein announced the assassinations to the stunned public, stating: “As president of the board of supervisors, it’s my duty to make this announcement. Both Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk have been shot and killed.”[17]

Feinstein appears in archival footage and is credited in the Academy Award-winning documentary film The Times of Harvey Milk (1984). She appears again briefly in archival footage, announcing the death of Moscone and Milk in the 2008 film Milk. Feinstein and her position as President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors are also alluded to several times in the movie, and a portrayal of her character has a few off-screen lines.


Keep in mind that the numbers are on the side of sanity –
This is a liberal nation and citizens support government funding of PPH –
They support CHOICE now by more than 50% –
Catholics have just as many abortions as any other women -
And when Latinos/Latinas are added in all of the percentages for support go up 10% –

but, yes, quite frightening that control of our government is almost
solidly now in the hands of the insane/fanatics/fascists.


You’ve gotten it all wrong! The Founders were slave-holders but, at least, they got the DANGERS of Church & State working together right after CENTURIES of examples of the horrors in Europe *Spanish Inquisiton, with trials, etc)ALL Little SIsters of the Poor had to do was FILL OUT A FORM expressing their “religious objection” with birth control provided by insurance they paid for for their workers Then, the government offered a DIFFERENT insurance for those workers. Butm this religious groups showed their TRUE intention–to INMPOSE THROUGH THE STATE THEIR RELIGION ON OTHERS *aka: “third parties”) by saying JUST FILLING OUT THE FORM to state their religious objection was 'complicity". “Conservative” Catholics and Fundamentalist Protestants want to CONTROL WOMEN’S LIVES (aka:“third parties”) --which the First Amemdent does NOT allow . Their religious beliefs WERE respected when they had an OPT OUT of pariticpating in insurance that paid for contraceptives. But,they wanted much more: to DEPRIVE their workers of THEIR rights to use contraceptivespaid for by health insurance.


" Newsflash, Brett Kavanaugh," railed Elizabeth Warren. “Contraception is NOT abortion. Anyone who says so is peddling extremist ideology - not science - and has no business sitting on the Supreme Court”

Actually, Kavanaugh never claimed contraceptives are abortion.

What he said was:

"The question was first, was this a substantial burden on their religious exercise? And it seemed to me, quite clearly, it was, they said filling out the form would make them complicit in the abortion-inducing drugs that they were, as a religious matter, objected to.

Now English is not my first language but it seems he was explaining to Cruz the point of view of the plaintiffs using their own words.


I was hit on by a man, who never admitted he was gay, and never gave any indication to his many friends at church either and I was 13. He was in his 30’s when he hit on me and a friend when we were allowed to spend the night at his apartment with the promise of a swimming pool and burgers. He was an outstanding member of church (but then the BTK killer was a Lutheran Church Deacon as well as a member of the church council)

Anytime as an adult (18 and older) that I have been hit on by a gay male–I have felt complimented. Just let them know I am straight and that’s it.

So my caution for children to keep safe from sexual assault is “Never trust someone with your safety alone, not even a minister/priest, church goer or bible thumper, a teacher, and even a police officer. Anyone is capable of sexual assault and endangering your safety.”

And in fact, BTK was also a boy scout leader.



There are studies that have shown women have a higher rate of abusing children than men do. This was primarily attributed to greater opportunity to abuse. How accurate all these studies are is difficult to say, although it is easy to say this is a very difficult thing to measure.


If Kavanaugh thinks that birth control is like abortion-----what does he use if he’s been married for at least 13 years and only has 2 daughters?


If one is for banning other means of contraception, the real world result is an increase in use of abortion as the birth control of last resort. This is no secret.


I am confused? The whole point of the bill of rights is to expressly limit the government intrusion on individual liberty. No, you should not be forced to live by the dictates of a religion you do not believe in, but that curs both ways. Forcing others to violate their beliefs is just as much of an intrusion as forcing beliefs on others.

The Little Sisters are not preventing anyone from using birth control, their employees are still free to purchase them. The Sisters do not want to assist in the procurement of them due to their religious beliefs. This was not an issue before ACA required contraception as required coverage (based on the recommendation of the secretary of HHS). This mandate is clearly an imposition on the Sisters religous liberty.


I forget where I heard this but I heard something along the lines of “banning abortion will not decrease the number of abortions in the country, but will decrease the number of safe abortions”. And banning contraceptives I feel will be similar.


Except that contraceptives, specifically the pill can cause abortions. Although designed to prevent ovulation, ovulation can (and in some percentage of cases, does) still occur. A secondary effect is thickening the lining of the cervix (which would not be necessary is ovulation was stopped 100% of the time), but in spite of this, sometime an egg is ovulated and fertilized. Hormonal changes caused by the pill make it harder for the fertilized egg to implant. If you hold that life starts at conception this constitutes an abortion (the premature expulsion of the products of conception, https://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=2091). Others hold that pregnancy starts at implementation, therefore, this situation does not constitute abortion. Labeling those view the pill as a potential abortion inducing drug based on differences in definition as extremists and anti-science is playing to emotion and engaging in honest debate.


As I replied in another post, not having the state force one group to submit to religious tenets they do not hold to is just as bad as the government requiring actions that violate religious beliefs. The intent was to prevent the state form encroaching on religious freedom.

[quote=“LydiaMN, post:24, topic:55338”]
ALL Little SIsters of the Poor had to do was FILL OUT A FORM expressing their “religious objection” with birth control provided by insurance they paid for for their workers Then, the government offered a DIFFERENT insurance for those workers.
[/quote] All they had to do was assist in the procurement of something they see as morally repugnant. Their employees still have the freedom to obtain contraceptives, the question is who pays for it. This was not an issue until ACA mandated it.
As a conservative Catholic, I do not want to “CONTROL WOMEN’S LIVES”, but I do want to end the practice of allowing mothers to kill their children prior to birth.


TJ –

As I replied in another post, not having the state force one group to submit to religious tenets they do not hold to is just as bad as the government requiring actions that violate religious beliefs. The intent was to prevent the state form encroaching on religious freedom.

What you’re saying is nonsense –
The STATE was not forcing any religion to believe in anything –
If they didn’t want to indirectly be paying for contraceptive coverage for their employees who were entitled to the courage, all they had to do was state that and submit the document which provided an opt out for them. And I certainly disagree with what was done as it gave this RELIGIOUS organization the right to keep their non-Catholic employees from using contraceptives. And presumably, also their Catholic employees who likely would have also used them.
The government however gave an opt out – and the government would supply the contraceptives to the employees by other means, other insurance companies.

It’s amazing how fussy the Little Sisters and Priests for Life are about keeping women from
preventing pregnancies, but how little attention they pay to priest sexually abusing children …
over and over and over again.


TJ –

Not only are you confused but you also seem to like it that way –

Again, while the health care insurance program was intended to provide contraception for
any employee covered under the program, there was an opt out for anyone who had religious
objections. No one was forced to use contraception, nor to provide contraception for any one
else – even employees who were NOT Catholics or for Catholics who may actually have wanted
to use contraception. Thereby, contraception was provided to their employees by other means
which had nothing to do with the religious organization or any insurance they were paying for.
The thing about it is that each time one of these Catholic groups bring objections to providing
contraception to their employees who not be Catholics, they just look silly and 5th century.

The point of the bill of rights is Separation of Church & State which BARS Church from having
any influence over State affairs. In actually, however, because of the rise of the right wing –
and the weakness of Our Founders – the Church has become involved in state affairs.
It has used its influence over our free press and for political purposes in violence of Separation
of Church & State. The Church has tax-exempt status not only for its Church and soup kitchens
but for its real estate holdings and for its stock portfolio. Additionally, by the corruption of the “W”
administration and collusion of the right wing Supreme Court, the Catholic Church and other
religions’ “faith based” organizations are now also tax exempt though it puts American taxpayers
in the position of funding religious education. This is fascism v democracy.


TJ –

You continue to make clear that you have no knowledge of females or reproduction or
sexual issues. How old are you?

An abortion can only occur when there is in fact a pregnancy.
The pill prevents a egg – fertilized or not – from adhering to the wall of the womb –
thus there is NO pregnancy.

Only religious fanatics “hold that life begins at conception” – and actually that doesn’t even
hold for all of the Catholic Church as in Vatican II, Pope John XXIII told Catholics to use
their own personal consciences to decide for themselves whether or not to use contraceptives.
Yes – the right wing fascists in the Church rose up against Vatican II trying to bury it – but
essentially Pope John in affirming the right of every individual to free thought, free conscience
and free will made the Church a democracy.

Again, the pill prevents a pregnancy – therefore there is no abortion.

And, again, I would encourage you to separate yourself from this religious fanaticism which is
keeping you from developing relationships – which couldn’t be clearer – which I would describe
as healthier for you and your future.


As Bash made clear, you can certainly stamp Kavanaugh 'WHITE POWER" —

And combined with the religious freaks/perverts already on the SC - Alito, Roberts, Thomas
Trump will be very close to – or 1 vote away – from proving that Male Supremacist-religion
which underpins Elite-Patriarchy can force us all to practice their religion.


However, the follow up on that situation was that after Kavanaugh objected to the need for the religious group to fill out a two page form to exempt themselves …

Kavanaugh then would not release a young girl who was pregnant and who wanted an abortion to be released from confinement to get the abortion … because he didn’t feel that the CONFINEMENT was a burden on her.
Kavanaugh held her in confinement long enough so that she would pass the time when she could get an abortion which did not require a health exemption.

So – in one case, filling out an exemption for was too burdensome –
but keeping a young pregnant girl in confinement in order to prevent here from having an abortion wasn’t “too much of a burden on her.”



gde –

This is not true, but if you have a information please supply it –

Meanwhile, it is males who are our sexual abusers of children and all evidence confirms that.
Additionally they are heterosexual males who are our sexual abusers of children.

Actually, nuns have helped Catholic priests abuse children in pretty much every way – in
labelling them as “retarded” so that the Church could get more $$$ from the Canadian government –
and also in one case where a nun helped Catholic priests in Argentina sexually abuse DEAF
children in their care. Additionally, nuns have witnessed pedophile behavior by Catholic priests and
covered up for them, or ensured that the incidents weren’t reported to officials.

Nuns, themselves – 40% of them have been physically abused/beaten by Catholic priests and
sexually abused by Catholic priests and one of my other posts has links to all of that info.

THIS IS NOT anything difficult to measure –

And it sure hasn’t been anything difficult for the Catholic Church to hide –

GAG RULES are hanging out all over this nation – to keep government officials from telling truths –
to hide sexual abuse and sexual assaults by priests and male celebrities and government officials.
And our legal professionals have long know about these GAG rules and what they’re intended to hide.


Which requires them to take an action to assist in the procurement of the contraceptives, violating their beliefs. The employees can still purchase them if they want them. No rights are denied, it is a matter of how people obtain them.