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What Should the Punishment Be for the Crime of Weaponizing a Virus for Political Purposes?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/16/what-should-punishment-be-crime-weaponizing-virus-political-purposes


“Weaponizing a virus for political purposes is a crime against humanity, and it is being committed right in front of our own eyes.”

Oh please. Do you really think the Democrats and media aren’t going to do the same by keeping the fear mongering in high gear right up to the election? This is their new Russia-gate!

They have nothing else to offer the American people.


Wow. So many “what aboutism” replies to a clear question about what we should do about a President and cabinet willing to kill us using a pandemic rather than protecting us from it. I don’t have such a nonchalant response. I’m livid!

Maybe its because I was coughing my lungs out in March and couldn’t get tested because I didn’t fit the parameters then. Maybe it’s because of the days my strapping 40 year old nephew spent in the hospital. Or perhaps my underpaid “mission essential” son, daughter, and niece inform my disgust. Finding out that while Trump points an accusatory finger at China while the CDC website informed me the Chinese gave the world a full report AND the DNA for the virus to help develop testing on my birthday, January 7th, makes my blood boil.

All of Tom’s assertions are spot on, and there are a million more to go with them. Wouldn’t matter if the Dems were all the progressive activists we wish they were. With the Senate, Cabinet, the courts, big business and many governors willing to grovel at Trump’s feet they’re rendered ineffective.


Well, I’m not going to sit here and blame democrats for not doing more. Certainly not blame them for trump. What more can they do at this juncture than keep on passing bills through the house only to end up at Mitch’s desk and being disregarded.
They have no power and trump knows it and is taking advantage of it. Pelosi can stomp her feet to no avail,


Gee Thom,
the headline is true for kissenger’s fast war.
“Weaponizing a Virus”
And this is not the first time we have done this.

Fort Detrick shut down timeline last summer: science proposing an August 2019 show up that has others promoting October 2019.for C-19.

Notice the Iran pain due to our blockaide. They cannot even buy spare parts for their american made medical equipment. They cannot get humanitarian aid because banks fear the wrath of DC. Trump walking away from good nuke deal and installing harsh sanctions has killed at least 150,000 there.

Over the next thirty months, we will suffer far more. Does either party care? NO
Ridding the elderly ww2 era widows and korean war era widows to make room for boomers widows is the plan.

30 more months!!


Anyone who pays any attention to Trump’s advice at all is a complete moron. We are better off without them.

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Well, the consequences for some contracting Covid-19 may well be death. and altho perhaps not quite murder or manslaughter, It is an assault with a deadly “weaponized” virus for political ego and malignant narcissism - a mass attack potentially infecting hundreds or thousands with potential death as well-known consequence; a weapon of mass destruction, and even mote than that, it inspires others of equally low intellect, moral compass, and concern for others to also spread the killer Covid


Would being infected by that virus (and perhaps a few others at the same time) be a suitable punishment?

Or if that is blocked, rename the virus after that person.

No passes here, just dealing with the topic put forth. I came to terms with what’s wrong with neoliberalism, unfettered capitalism, oligarchy, party politics, and uninformed citizenry quite some time ago. I’ve been a concerned, active, involved voting citizen since 1972. I actually grew up in Colorado (still consider it home), lived in Texas for a decade and now live in Virginia. I’ve lived in, or traveled to many other parts of the world. I know way more than I want to about this nation’s (and the world’s) history, politics and the hypocrisy of both.

None of that changes the fact that the CDC, HHS, Department of Education, Food and Drug Administration, Department of Labor, HUD, the Global Health Security and Biodefense Unit organized under the National Security Council, Strategic National Stockpile, FEMA, the Department of the Treasury, and host of other federal resources for which we all pay needed to be deployed on our behalf. No later than January we should have been cooperating with the rest of the world to grapple with this threat to the world’s population seeking solutions, not competing about who had the best numbers or pointing fingers. That’s all on Trump…the lying, dissembling, and refusal to act in his role as President is not just incompetence, it’s criminal negligence.


“Trump’s scheduled rally in Tulsa this weekend and his moving the Republican convention to Florida both demonstrate that he is more willing to take actions that will kill Americans in order to get his ego stroked and increase his chances of reelection.”

Call me cold blooded, but besides the added burden to the healthcare system, the less MAGA supporters in our gene pool the better.

Trump has always been devoid of a conscious in relation to humanity, or much of anything really, it shouldn’t be a surprise, this didn’t start when he took the oath of office.



GREAT POST! Wish you’d come over to w~w.rawstory.com sometime, and get “down voted” along with me, as they think Pelosi is (and I quote) “The Greatest Speaker of the House We’ve EVER Had!” (They somehow forget that under Pelosi, Dems LOST more than 1,200 fed., state and gubernatorial seats, during her [ongoing] 12-year REIGN OF ERROR.

Keep up the PROGRESSIVE FIGHT! Maybe, one day, we’ll have a viable THIRD PARTY!

I’m still WRITING IN BERNIE IN 2020!


Math is not fear mongering. The disease is still here, still infecting thousands per day, still killing a thousand plus each day, and now more states are seeing increases in cases and deaths. With 60 to 90 thousand needless deaths and economic disruption directly caused by Mr. Pence and his boss, maybe a well thought out plan is called for.

The 24 hour news cycle moves on to new material, and the people continue to die. We are an exceptional nation.


Maybe they could pass enough bills that Moscow Witch’s desk would collapse. Otherwise not many suggestions but keep screaming about the incompetence on view each day. And of course, Vote.

Yes, thank you–in contrast to the majority of comments posted in most of these forums, although some of them advance the discussion in their own right.

Oddly enough, neither you nor Thom answers explicitly the question posed, but given the name of the crime (in the question itself) and identifying the perpetrators, the suitable punishment is implicitly clear.

I am opposed to capital punishment, but have long thought that if we are to have it at all it should be reserved for those who cause the greatest harm and to the greatest numbers of people, although those qualities do not lend themselves to quantification. And if it is to serve as any kind of deterrent it should be as brutal and monstrous as the crime itself, such as drawing and quartering in the public square.

And finally, while the abject complicity of the “Democratic” party misleadership since the formation of the DLC in 1985 renders them as worthy of the most severe punishment as the criminals in the other party, it is important to keep in mind that the current situation has roots in the actions taken and those NOT taken by the Democratic misleadership beginning immediately after the death of FDR (April 12, 1945).

This article is a recap of all of our current problems with no solutions. Nada. Not very helpful.

Also what about state governors - AZ, TX, AL, etc… - who are refusing to mandate the wearing of masks in public?? Their decisions are actively causing the spread of the virus and therefore causing unnecessary death, catastrophic medical bills, and loss of jobs and work.

It is a known known that the simple step of wearing a mask will bring the R0 below 1. These governors have chosen to place their citizens at great risk - when does this gross negligence become a crime? Is there any possibility for class action lawsuits against these states for lost wages and loss of life? Class action against the federal government??

This situation is becoming untenable.


I ain’t got any. You?

It would seem that the only “solution” to any and all of our current problems is time: It has taken 75 years (see my comment to ImissShirleyChisolm just above) to get here from D-Day. It will take that long to undo the mess our overlords have created over that period, but if we play our cards right and get really lucky we may be able to eliminate them as a class.

“This situation is becoming untenable.”

Becoming? Virtually everything the Capitalist economy has ever done is unsustainable. (Not everything, but most of it–let’s hope we can salvage the rest.) This is not news. The awareness of it has been increasing for the better part of that 75 years. Silent Spring was published in 1962; Edward Abbey had his epiphany in 1945.

The planet and humankind are in flux, and there is no guarantee that we will survive another 75. The best I have to offer is to gain some understanding of complex and chaotic systems and keep a sharp watch for the opportunities that spring from the “emergent phenomena” inherent in such systems. Each of us should prepare ourselves to respond quickly when we become aware of one.


A high death rate and ruined economy is equally in the crass political interest of the corporate Democrats, who have settled on a candidate so obviously, egregiously, astoundingly bad HE COULDN’T EVEN BEAT TRUMP! without tanking the country and blaming the Republicans. A hundred bad policies against the interest of the people plus dementia–what a tool for the oligarchy.

They all need to go.

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Not true; they have lots of power, as the Republicans demonstrate every time they’re not in power–and every time they are.

The Democrats could have prevented gerrymandering and voter suppression by calling attention to it instead of colllaborating. They could have reversed a lot of the Republican progress toward fascism when they had both houses and the presidency 10 years ago. They could come up with better candidates, which would keep the Republicans from constantly coming up with worse and worse candidates of their own. IOW they could have stopped the erosion before Reagan. They could stop stealing elections from good progressive candidates like Sanders and many others. If they had, Sanders would be president now and Democrats could have a large majority in the House and might even control the Senate. Politically and legislatively Pelosi has been an abysmal right wing tool. There are dozens of other ways the Democrats have collaborated to keep the country in the hands of the oligarchy and still moving to the right.

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I have covered calif----the cheapest plan----which really does nothing—it just got increased by 30%—I am locked into this plan-----and if I stop making payments I will be fined next year.

I might vote republican in calif-----Newsom was all about public healthcare and he is the biggest screw-----I call covered calif and they say call the insurance company-----call the insurance company and they say call covered calif.—ask to talk with a supervisor----NO----WE ARE WORKING AT HOME!

Still waiting for my tax refund --they got the info in march??? I guess they are working at home???

Every year people on ss get an increase—and evey year the state of calif takes it-----


Amen to that