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What Snyder Knew: Flint Email Dump Shows Attempts to Shift the Blame


What Snyder Knew: Flint Email Dump Shows Attempts to Shift the Blame

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Redacted emails released Wednesday by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder show that his administration was informed of problems with Flint's water almost a year ago, many months before the embattled governor or his staff begrudgingly admitted to bearing any responsibility for poisoning a city—or for fixing the problem.


Pete Nichols: " somebody needs to go to jail for this".

This travesty was an act of domestic terrorism, pure and simple. Too bad that probably, no one will ever be held accountable.


It says a lot/too much about a Republican governor and the GOP when their main concern is assigning blame for such a deadly fiasco rather than addressing the problem with their constituents in Flint. BTW, has Snyder managed to visit Flint and meet with members of the community yet?


But he said he was sorry. having lots of money means you only have to say you are sorry.


Only the poor are held accountable.justice is blind towards the rich and powerful or should I say justice looks the other way. The governor of Michigan will not be held accountable . some low level employee will be fired. The media will move on and the children of Flint will have to live with the harmful side effects. It is times like these that I truly hope there is a God. Cause if there is all will be held accountable for their actions.


The entire idea that because the neo-colonizing greed of corporations for low wage work forces abroad means that the remaining real estate investments have to be protected by bringing in an emergency manager is an obscenity. The ideologues pounding their chests in neo-feudal two-step never once explored a cooperative grassroots bootstraps model and building an economy from the grassroots up.
Take money from the DOD and plant it with communities to grow cooperatives, schools, social infrastructure - transportation - all that is needed.

There is no reason on God's Green Earth.that this should EVER HAPPEN. NONE!!!!

The wealth of skills, energy and imagination - not to mention experience - that have been marginalized by these ideological knuckle-draggers is in and of itself a crime.


This is not terrorism. Terrorism is purposeful violence or intimidation to advance a goal. This is criminal neglect, callous disregard for life etc. How I wish my liberal-progressive brothers and sisters would check their lexical sources before becoming strident. It certainly does not help our credibility to scream like Donny the Trumpet wackos.


My post was meant as facetious, satire. Sorry I did not make myself clear.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


In a society where Kash is King, justice is blind to the plight of the poor and downtrodden because the servants hired by those holding the biggest piles of Kash to enforce the rules of society are paid to look the other way, and have the assurance that if anything goes wrong their overlords will grease the scales of justice in their favor.


The state of current elections in the USA dates back, I believe, to the 1970's when the republican party developed the strategy to curb voter turnout in precincts that traditionally voted for Democratic candidates. (Sorry, I can't cite a source on that; it's been a long time since that came to mind.)
What I mostly wanted to point out is the fact that it actually costs nothing for the U.S. Post office to deliver an actual piece of mail. The calculated cost for a letter is derived by statistical analysis; it's an average based on the total number of items flowing through the system at a given time, balanced against the more or less fixed costs of providing postal services to the nation.
The infrastructure for mail delivery in this country is mandated by the U.S. Constitution.
The actual cost for mail delivery is associated with what? Employee salaries; building maintenance; fuel and maintenance for vehicles (or fodder for horses in the past; or in the future at the rate we're going); automated processing/sorting equipment; etc. We're already paying for all that to deliver:

  • private letters and packages;

  • bulk mailings such as those mail order rip off catalogues and Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes offers;

  • and, business mail - that includes the water bills mailed to the Residents of Flint for the toxic water the municipal water department delivers to their homes each day, along with Invoices from Vendors and credit card companies, etc.

The only measurable cost associated with mailing a packet of paper ballot to every residence in the USA is negligible, the cost of paper. Mail carriers already make the daily rounds; we don't need to hire additional postal workers or buy more gasoline for the delivery vehicles.
The cost for this type of voting would stem from counting and verifying the votes cast. That would be a small cost to pay in order to have cleaner, more honest elections. It could be paid for by raising the rates charged for bulk mailing permits. And when people who make a living off bulk mailings started bitching because it raises their cost of doing business, tell 'em their share of the public dole just got reformed by requiring them to pay their fair share of the financial burden the service they receive costs the nation as a whole..