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What Solidarity Looks Like: Nearly 100 Unions Pitch In to Help Flint


What Solidarity Looks Like: Nearly 100 Unions Pitch In to Help Flint

Brandon Weber

Unions from all over the midwest have donated time, water, dollars, and more to help the residents of Flint, Michigan get through the water crisis that still rages on there.

Firefighters, electricians, nurses, teachers, teamsters, auto workers, plumbers, and government workers have been working to provide help and a sense of humanity in a situation that, frankly, lacks a lot of both. Many have come from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, as well as across the state of Michigan to help lend a hand where necessary, including installing water filters—all with volunteer labor.


Kudos to the unions and all the folks in the Flint community who set the groundwork to make the revelations irrefutable and the demands for desperately needed changes.

Nothing is said about the recycling of the millions of plastic bottles, the profits being made by the water companies and impact of all of the ‘externalized costs’ coming home to roost as a result of the travesties fomented by the Synder administration.


it is this kind of humanity in action that will make an impact more than any election or leader. ordinary people coming together, cooperating, helping one another, motivated by compassion and understanding–not money or power or fear. it will be this kind of action, by and for all of us ordinary people that will help us realize we are extraordinary, and have been all along. we simply forgot because we were conditioned to believe otherwise.


Unions were and are just about the only exceptional thing about America- The only problem I have with the Unions is that when they got theirs, they didn’t put in enough time and effort to help other downtrodden people form their own Unions or join in theirs-
I still have to respect what is going on in Flint- Maybe if we someday get it all back the Unions will be more driven to defeat the Oligarchs-For now, I guess we will have to wait and see…
The “Right to work” States are nothing more than A “Right to work for less” and is the first little item brought up in any , Harassment, Intimidation, Retaliation and Discrimination (HIRD) suit filed by any unlucky worker- I know, I have been there…