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What South Carolinians Think About Ryan’s Poverty Forum


What South Carolinians Think About Ryan’s Poverty Forum

Alyssa Peterson, Melissa Boteach

This Saturday, conservative leaders will gather in South Carolina for the “Kemp Forum on Expanding Opportunity” co-hosted by Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Tim Scott. With an overall poverty rate of 18 percent in 2014, South Carolina ranks among the ten poorest states in the country and has one of the lowest rates of health insurance coverage. And for low-income South Carolinians, these statistics are merely a reminder of the harsh realities they face.


In the first sentence, the term "conservative leaders" is used. That term is an oxymoron by definition.


As Ryan sips his $400-a-bottle wine and contemplates what to do about those lazy and shiftless poor who are bleeding the wealthy dry it is not hard to see who is the true enemy in the war on poverty. The war on poverty has been a failure because it's supposed "generals" in our government represent the very forces whose policies have led to the collapse of the middle class and the further alienation and castigation of people who have less. Republican's new rhetoric on the subject of the poor is not merely the height of hypocrisy, it is the very voice of the anti-Christ.

"Thus says the Lord:
...I will not revoke the punishment; because they sell the righteous for silver, and the needy for a pair of sandals— they who trample the head of the poor into the dust of the earth, and push the afflicted out of the way." Amos 2: 6-7.

Amos was talking directly to the republican hypocrites of his day (and any day). For decades republicans have been trying to convince us that it is greed that is good, and that poverty is somehow deserved and entitled to scorn, that people are poor because they are lazy (and that helping the poor is just pouring money into the pockets of welfare queens who drive Cadillacs). Now they are hosting a forum on how to get better PR on a problem they have helped to create and perpetuate.

Hell was designed especially for Ryan and his ilk.


A way to open opportunity is to give people enough of the excess wealth the rich hoard. It takes money to make money.


There are few politicians more willing to enact cruel, sociopathic policies than Paul Ryan.

This is a very dark form of theater:

"Under his “Opportunity Grant” proposal, Ryan has proposed converting a number of programs to state block grants, a decision that nonpartisan analysis suggests would reduce families’ ability to access key programs such as nutrition and housing assistance."

It doesn't take a George Carlan to recognize that when government--beholden to deep pocket special interest groups--doesn't want to enact GOOD policy, it deploys instead a "Study Group."

That's one of several potent delaying tactics. Another is to purposely bequeath a positive-sounding title to a disgusting, loathsome program. Here are a few examples:

  1. Healthy forest initiative: Greenlighted the clearcutting of some of this nation's most precious forest lands
  2. No Child Left Behind: Paved the way to IDIOTIC robotic standardized testing
  3. Enhanced Interrogation: Put a facelift on well-known torture tactics
  4. Obama's health CARE initiative: Represents a direct payout to Big Insurance
  5. Citizens' United: Placing any premise of a working, functional Democracy into the hands of America's richest oligarchs

And so on.

And when these bastards talk about State Grants, they know they can whittle away at these monies. Just take a look at how well Repug governors like Scott Walker and Rick Snyder have shepherded their constituents' interests, safety, and well-being?


I do not by any stretch, consider myself to be a person that tends towards violence, however, every time I see a photo of Ryan I feel a visceral urge to smack him upside the head.
Ok, all better now...ah.


Rule of thumb:
Never elect a millionaire

"It would take the combined wealth of more than 18 American households to equal the value of a single federal lawmaker’s household, the Center for Responsive Politics’ latest analysis of congressional wealth finds... 271 of the 533 members currently in office, or 50.8 percent."


“Kemp Forum on Expanding Opportunity” All these poor people in S. Carolina will hear is "expanding opportunity" and they will believe this is in their best interest. It is so sad. These are the very people Paul Ryan mocks for being poor.


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Kakistocrat sez: "Hell was designed especially for Ryan and his ilk."

— ... in which case it appears regrettably under-populated.


On playgrounds where I grew up, kids with Ryan's attitude serially had the s____ beat out of them.


Ryan was in Catholic school yards. If any kid were to beat the shit out of another, however much deserving, the nuns would have beaten the shit out of the attacker. That probably saved a self-serving wimp like Ryan from many a kick in the ass.


"This summit is an opportunity for conservatives to correct their legacy and set forth a policy agenda that matches their newfound rhetoric on poverty. Let’s hope they rise to the challenge."

Don't hold your breath! [The authors probably were being sarcastic]


And to think of some of the better history of Wisconsin, La Follette and Nelson....but with Walker and Ryan all it brings to mind is Joseph McCarthy

Still trapped in the Capitalist world, one step forward, two steps back....never get anywhere that way.


The solutions to poverty are incredibly straightforward. People need living wage jobs. The whole issue of poverty would fade if capitalist businesses couldn't exist unless they paid living wages.

This sideshow in SoCar is just that.


Paul Ryan should spend a night with some poor folk to see what life is actually like for them.:grin:


Ryan is a self important asshole who doesn't know shit about being poor...And now all the sudden Mr Wonk is an expert...What the poors need is a job that pays decent and offers health care and most important hope..The poor have no hope especially if they live in a red state they are screwed..But seeing as how the GOP bless all those corporations with special favors to go foreign on jobs makes his concern false...I think he likes to hear his head roar he believes himself some kind of savior of greatness like he is the man.. Instead of realizing he is the problem and others of his ilk and theology.....I can sum it up ..He is a hypocritical douche-bag and an idiot..Nothing special about him so let him blow his horn we all know he sucks.