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'What Stage of Capitalism Is This?' Hedge Fund $3 Billion Richer Thanks to Wager on Wildfire Insurance Claims

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/24/what-stage-capitalism-hedge-fund-3-billion-richer-thanks-wager-wildfire-insurance


i think of it as The End Stage of civilization, more so than any stage of capitalism (since the capitalists seem intent on taking - at the very least - all mammalian life with their obsolete system).


The Cancer Stage. It’s metastasizing.

We need a reset. after we’ve jailed everyone of them, We MUST take them out of the equation, one way or another. Otherwise we will not survive


Wow, we aren’t people anymore. It’s like we’re on a chessboard—and someone is playing us— but it won’t end well—except for a few. : (


This just shows what a group of racketeers–under the protection of legal rackets called hedge funds, for example–can do as they continue their extortion of average Americans as they suffer through yet more tragedies caused by global warming, inducing the climactic disruptions causing the fires. Late stage industrial civilization is more like reality. What’s sad is I see no way around the impending collapse. I think it’s outside human control any more. Most of the Monopoly money, fiat currency–capital–are just blips on computer screens, worthless in real commodities. Things like food, clean water, medicine, shelter; things needed to survive. I hope they think it was worth it when it all goes down the toilet drain.


Use one of Elon Musk’s shiny new rockets to blast them to outer space never to return. Pointed at the Sun would guarantee best results I believe.


The good news is that all these sociopathic gotta have it all for themselves assholes will die off as climate catastrophe ramps up more and more exponentially every damn day. The bad news is that these sociopathic gotta have it all for themselves assholes will take the rest of us along with them as well as the flora and fauna. Homo sapiens are nothing but a fucking failed evolutionary experiment of the worst kind. And I am not lumping indigenous peoples living in harmony with the environment in that category. But in essence the rest of us have killed them all off. Our fucking big brains led to nothing but arrogance and a complete disconnect from reality regarding the very ecosystems on which we depend for our very survival. Chasing abstract wealth is the dead end outcome of the so-called most intelligent species running amok on earth. What a god damned waste humans turned out to be.


but with FEMA camps we have free labor

Hedge funds are bad. Private equity groups are worse.


Amen, but it will never happen as long as they own the politicians. The whole thing is sick and depraved beyond words. It is the cancer stage of capitalism!


most appropriate evidence to show us all how deadly greedy capitalism really is. What a show it all is and now the emperor who has no clothes, full of nothing but cons and lies fills the screens across this country. ugh


I’m sure our hero and savior Joe Biden will get right on that.


The one thing we can count on Joe for is Status Quo. The "normal’ that brought us to this point


So they takeover a utility that is bankrupt because it bet that it was more profitable to keep the money than fix the the deadly firestarter, and then they fix the doubledown by not fixing shit and ChA cHINg, manna rains down on them from heaven while ash rains down on us from Hell.
Where can I bet they need pieceful(sp) protest insurance?

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I’m going with Stage 4.


PG&E is one of the worst run companies on earth. CA should take them over and divide the company into 7 parts. SF is willing to buy their infrastructure, but PGE has so much political power they won’t even sell during bankruptcy. They don’t work on their infrastructure, just dividends and bonuses for assholes.


I remember talking to a stock broker during a New Years party who lost a bunch of money on a stock gamble (futures?) at the end of 2004. When I brought up the devestation I was answered with an audibly dismissive shrug and a cloud of cigar smoke.


Late stage, as per Marx. It’s in the original description. We are passing out of the stage of nation-states.


Starting with the “investors”–the parasites.

Well said.
I made a child. I regret it on many levels, as I watch the world around me.
I didn’t think there was a waterfall so soon…
I hope I can provide enough and teach my child to survive, to do the same.