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What Standing Rock Gave the World


What Standing Rock Gave the World

Jenni Monet

At the height of the movement at Standing Rock, Indigenous teens half a world away in Norway were tattooing their young bodies with an image of a black snake. Derived from Lakota prophecy, the creature had come to represent the controversial Dakota Access pipeline for the thousands of water protectors determined to try to stop it.

"This Indigenous-led disruption, the awakening resolve that was cultivated at Standing Rock, did not dissolve after February. Rather, it spread in so many different directions that we may never fully realize its reach."


The passion of the indigenous people to protect their land and their water was the greatest lesson they could give us, who sometimes take these things for granted.


The methodologies of colonization may have hit the geographic wall, but note that the fossil fuels represent another form of ‘manifest destiny’ and the methods, violence and greed remain unchanged from over five centuries ago.

Also keep in mind - as “me too” reminds, many grandmothers of boomers were born before women successfully fought to be recognized by society and the law to be more than mere chattel; civil rights remain a piece-meal mosaic and frequently a puzzle. A “right” by its very recognition means something denied by force.

Note very clearly, wealthy white men positioned themselves for one ‘right’ and one right only: that collectively, when economic exploitation is at hand, they and those who support their incorporation be recognized collectively as a [sic (and sick)] human being with individual rights. Once fully recognized, it is NEVER referred to a ‘right’.

Why? Because kleptocrats who design impoverishment rationalized as hegemony for “economic” purposes, deny education, healthy food and a functional medical system so as to gain lucre, although ineducable in many empathetic ways, are crystallized in narcissistic terms; hence very brittle and increasingly fragile as the distortions increasingly slide into collapse. Their last redoubt is to double down on ‘derivative’ methods: fractionalization no longer just racial, national, but, as Trump so splendidly exhibits, psychological alienation - a time proven social bludgeon.

Work with your community and integrating with other communities. Resist the invisible bludgeons - reveal them and those who wield them. “Economy” today is nearly the opposite of its original etymology in OIKOS


Reflecting on the impoverished, twisted ideology of our extremist economics, it appears that it was not just indigenous people who were colonized. Many modern minds have been colonized - that is, they have been conditioned and coerced into believing and performing what the extremist authoritarian ideology demands. What does it demand? It demands that you conform to an imposed secretive monetary system and the undemocratic governance which ensures its rule. The ‘success’ of this colonization is undeniable ( should i say suckcess?), with so many in this false center claiming that its demands are necessary, true and reflective of our ‘highest’ values. Many, many of the colonized vote to perpetuate the ideology which commodifies them and undermines democracy. Millions continue to suffer needlessly.
Maybe the wise indigenous voices are a reminder that colonization could be reversed and renovated. We may now be forced to comply, but we can still speak up and work against the corruption that has infested the minds of generations. Colonization is optional. Use your ‘freedom’ well. Voting ‘center’ will never solve the problems the center creates.