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What Standing Rock Needs Obama to Do Quickly—Before Trump Takes Over


What Standing Rock Needs Obama to Do Quickly—Before Trump Takes Over

Tom Goldtooth, Annie Leonard

With Donald Trump’s presidency on the horizon, it is now more important than ever for President Obama to stop the $3.7 billion Dakota Access pipeline, which is slated to carry 470,000 barrels of Bakken crude oil per day, with a growth potential of up to 570,000 barrels. It is the only solution that truly respects the treaty rights of the Standing Rock Sioux, protects the tribe’s sacred areas, defends the water of life, and takes into account the pipeline’s devastating climate impacts.


As much as I would like Obama to act forcefully, he has shown where his loyalties lie for 8 years, the first two with a relatively strong political position in Congress to fight for and possibly pass legislation (although not a strict Dem majority). He did little or nothing and didn't fight for anything, build a strong progressive base, or try to get the American people behind issues thru the Bully Pulpit - he capitulated and compromised before any fight typically, and RepubliCons predictably only became more and more destructive undermining already his weak and highly malleable "leadership".

Obama has been a centrist corporatist tool and isn't about to stand-up for Native American rights (or really any other demographic - just ask the Latinos deported by Obama & Co!) his record of environmental protection is pathetic at best, civil rights ignored, and he will not cross TPTB now - that boat never even left the dock...........Standing Rock activists only have the support of the aware public......


Here is the link from Our Revolution for the petition to Obama to declare Standing Rock a national monument:

He could do it fast! Does not have to go through congress first! AND this authority was created in order to afford protections to Native American sites:

Then, call Obama and insist very sweetly that he take a stand for humanity by standing with Standing Rock- after all, it is one of his last opportunities to make the big statements necessary for leaving any kind of lasting, decent aspect to his presidential "legacy".


President Obama has been focusing a great deal of his efforts in ensuring a smooth transition of power to Donald Trump. My sense is that he will not take any action unless a very extreme effort is made to pressure him. Maybe if people occupy the White House or some other massive civil disobedience in DC. But I am still doubtful.


I agree with the authors, of this article, even though I seriously doubt that Obama will stop the water devastators, Obama is probably their last hope, because once Trump becomes POTUS there will be no hope! After all, Trump has a financially, vested interest in DAPL!


I would not expect anything positive out of Obama in this matter. He may had some initial progressive notions, early in his presidency, but they have long ago made way for corporate servitude.
He nixed the Keystone deal, because it primarily served Canadian interest as opposed to those of our fracking industry, but this one is serving the corporate America.


On the Rez, in the many/all racist towns in ND. Rural USA is a horror of white dumbness.


Agree 100%!


Shut down Bakken and another source found. This find in Texas dwarfs Bakken. It also shale oil meaning fracking in a huge region of Texas on a massive scale. As per the article once oil reaches the price of 60 dollars a barrel , the Oil Majors will be all in on developing this find.

What does this lead to in the current economic system called Capitalism?

Respective jurisdictions will COMPETE against one another to create the conditions wherein their own sources of this oil will be developed over another jurisdiction. This will lead to things like more subsidies or relaxing even more regulations.


I am begging all organizations that care for Human Rights to organize a MASSIVE protest. Please, organize thousands and thousands of us that care for injustice to march to ND, or Washington, wherever you believe we will have an impact. I called the WH today. I was told by a lady they are receiving many, many calls on this issue. She said all calls will be given to President Obama. We need to follow this with the biggest protest this country has ever seen. Please!


It is good to see that others recognize Obama for what he is, "The Great Capitulator". As much as anything else Obama is responsible for Trump's election. I'm amazed that there are still some people who think he was good for the country. In reality he singlehandedly saved the Republican Party with his lackluster first 2 years and eventually destroyed the Democratic Party.

Obama had the power to actually do something with the grassroots machine his team built and could have dictated a real healthcare plan as long as he kept the grassroots machine together. Putting a real healthcare plan in front of the congress and having them reject it could have set the trap. Then Obama could have put 3 million pissed off people in the streets of Washington, DC. and resubmitted his plan. That's how Roosevelt got a lot of stuff passed with 2 million socialists in the streets. People pressure! However, the deals had already been made in advance and his team disassembled his grassroots machine as quickly as possible lest someone be tempted to use it on behalf of the American people. So, like I told all my friends before his election. Corporate shill from the get go. Now he has shilled Trump into the White-house.


I read about the latest confrontations earlier today and went to write an email to the White House. What I discovered was that the scroll choices in the setup had been changed from the old "who do you want to contact" to "Reflections to . . . [fill in President or Mrs. O. or etc.]." This sounded suspiciously like Obama had already given up the ghost.

I was a little terse when I wrote MY "Reflections" to the President anyway, suggesting that he still had several months of tax-payer-funded "duty" left and he should get on it. I asked him to make a commitment to Standing Rock to stop the human rights violations before lives were lost, which would reflect poorly on his legacy.

This is ridiculous. He might as well be hiding in the East Room closet. This does NOT give a good image of a departing president, to give up on his country now.

Obama has said that he might feel free to criticize Trump once he's out of office. All while ignoring the fact that right now he actually still has the power to do something!


There are a lot of do the right thing Obama should do and he will do none of them.

Stop the DAPL construction--another treaty violation with American Indians. Pardon Snowden, stop prosecution of Assange and award him Medal of Freedom. Pardon Manning and all the other whistle-blowers doing time and punished financially. Pardon Peltier. Pardon hundreds of thousands doing time for minor offences. That would be a start.

Pelosi wants to rebuild the DP but she is part of the problem. Obama promises to speak out against Trump when he leaves office--why wait? Do it now. He's a larger part of the problem. Both are owned and on leashes by donors and the wealthy elite. Warren and Sanders are also part of the problem--they all delivered Trump.


He was a sorry and young senator before he took office. He was no better after and his handlers knew that. He was known as a procrastinator, and a fence straddler. That proved out with 8 years of him in the White House. He never had the courage to stand up and do real deals. He was always caving. He's out now and will not make some major, historic move or act.


A bit of advice as far as depending on Slick Oily to order the stand down of the pipeline. Whatever you do, don't try holding your breath!