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What Steve Bannon's 60 Minutes Interview Proved


What Steve Bannon's 60 Minutes Interview Proved

Charles P. Pierce

There was gale-force bullshit coming from all points of the compass and nonsense was running at floodtide in the newspapers and on TV this past weekend, a sorry couple of days for elite political journalism.


Apparently the only thing the interview proved was that Bannon is as insane as Tweetle-Dumb.
Here’s my take on America’s situation, pluralized since first posted a few months ago:
        Men with forkéd tongues
        Lead us down a crooked path
        Into DEEP Kim-Chee . . .


Charlie Rose interviewing Steve Bannon proved one thing: welcome to the Fourth Reich! Kind of like Goebbels interviewing Hitler.


Yeah, no doubt about it!


Yo Fest - NEVER mistake deep doo-doo for delectable kimchee!

I can only WISH the dynamics were like those of the probiotics at play in the ancient eastern dish. The cabal, if a biological simile were to be drawn, would be more akin to being subject to the parasitic piling on before the doodoo become workable compost. Still, agreed, not a pretty picture.


if you rearange the letters in charlies name

hi race loser (Anagram?)

Charlie is indeed a modern day goebbles, doing the bidding of the Columbia company and Coke for the past forty years, a true blue corporatist.

Mr. Pierce’s frustrations are unfounded - Charlie is jealous of Bannon’s fan base and would fluff Bannon before bringing up the people’s history.


Bannon attacking the establishment while engaging in the same calumny and criminal tactics…but it’s okay for him and his bro-mance pal to use the prez-a-duncy for their own profit…isn’t that irony in spades. He put on display his insanity, hubris, and arrogance while sweating like a whore in church. And CR soft-balled him throughout. Bannon and the emperor’s loyalist “base” were stoked!


Charlie Pierce pierces the fog of bullshit like the beam of the great lighthouses, warning us to steer clear of the shoals of groupthink and mendacity of our mainstream press!


My immediate supervisor when I was still a working stiff had been a Marine fighter pilot stationed in Japan several years previously – his favorite euphemism for “Deep Doo-Doo” was “Deep Kimchee”, and as SFAIK Kimchee is an ornamental dish it seemed more appropriate for a gringo’s first attempt at writing a Haiku . . .
(May the Anti-Cultural-Appropriations Committee of the Far Left please forgive me.)


Charlie Rose has an ego just south of trump’s. He has never struck me as an effective interviewer and it does not surprise me that he was not really able to do much with this piece of ejecta.


It’s unfortunate that Pierce can’t get beyond flowery innuendo and do some serious political analysis. After being shocked by Trump’s win, the Deep State methodically went about the business of evicting all the Bannonites and finally Bannon himself. Trump has been neutered and to save his presidency will get with the globalist agenda. Don’t get me wrong, the DS and Bannon factions are both evil competitors within the power elite. And neither gives a crap about us. But this obsession with personalities does a real disservice to serious readers.


Oh I don’t think we’ve got you wrong, serious reader.


The role of an effective interviewer is to have the subject reveal themselves. You somehow found Bannon appealing?


No, but I find Charlie Rose an over-hyped interviewer.


Your response is opaque. Are you trying to make some kind of point?


This is my first post. I refer to myself as a resident cynic, because like the “Farmers Ins.” ad, I’ve seen a lot.
Have opinions on most things, and would like to see comments that are mature and thoughtful.



Rose is deeply embedded in the swamp, up to his chin. Notice he “conveniently” didn’t ask any questions about Drump and his generals ramping up the USSA war machine.


It figures that Rose would be the one to interview this bloated fraud.


He also didn’t ask any questions about Steve’s relationship with Robert Mercer …merciless Mercer.