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What Student Protests Tell Us About America Under Trump


What Student Protests Tell Us About America Under Trump

Jeff Bryant

While it may be President Obama’s job to ease the country through the change in leadership to a President Donald Trump administration, the rest of the country doesn’t have to go along with it. At least, that’s the message coming from a massive show of protest and resistance in cities and towns across the nation.

An outpouring of opposition coming from students in k-12 public schools and college campuses is especially significant.

Why? Public schools have long been at the frontline of many of the nation’s most significant battles.


This very scary and disgusting talking about the violence and hatred against others and using an election as an excure. People, I happen to be in the sunset rather than sunrise of life so I remember that our country survived somehow after assisination of President Kennedy. The country was in mourning.
The students who are stressing about this are most likely vehemently expressing the views of their parents without the emotional filter to control themselves.
They can express their views without using vile speech and physical violence.
This sounds like time is on rewind like when Wallace and others advocated for segregationist policies even on college campuses.
Some people feel that not all of this rage is directed at rascism and immigration. Much of it is directed most likely at a government( both parties) that let a collapse of the banking system happen with no high level CEO even going on trial. Notice that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the ones to address this who are in the Senate. What about the president and the former attorney general ( Holder) who did not place these people on trial even though millions of people lost their jobs, and over 5,000 committed suicide.
Are people just supposed to hold in their rage and try to wrap their heads around this? Remember Occupy Wall Street? I doubt these feelings have just gone away. And now, we still do not want to talk about the recession just move on to immigration and rascism. The recession is what brought this country to its knees.


I would also like to add this: What happened to Occupy Wall Street? Did you all just give up? Imagine if suffragettes had given up and women never had the right to vote et al? Plus, let's consider this: Wall Street was having a party ( on us) while soldiers were fighting in combat, and veterans were returning to a country in ruins over greed. Just a few years before, the Twin Towers exploded ( 911) and and many who worked in the financial sector died or were severely injured. The country came together but then a few short years later, after the heroics of fire fighters and police officers and other citizens , Wall Street resumed with a vengenance over greed. People making one hundred million a year now just had to make another million instead of being grateful for being alive, and honoring the ones who were not anymore.Don't you think rage is stored up over this?


No, everything has changed since the 1980s. Students protest those issues that are of concern to the bourgeoisie.


On Occupy, yes, people have been pointing out the problem for years now. If you look back, Occupy began as an extraordinary people's movement that could have changed the course we're on. But Dem pols and liberal media quickly redefined Occupy as a "movement of middle class workers," the better-off alone. The rest of us finally walked away.


Right-wingers are characterizing the Trump protesters as whiny spoiled brats who are crying because they didn't get their own way with the election results. Sickening. RWers do not acknowledge the fears many are dealing with, foreseeing how destructively a Trump presidency will likely unfold.