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What Teacher Strikes Can Teach Democrats About Education Politics


What Teacher Strikes Can Teach Democrats About Education Politics

Jeff Bryant

The momentum of this spring’s teacher uprising is growing, as Oklahoma teachers extend their walkout into a second week and teachers in Kentucky and Arizona are increasingly eager for some kind of disruptive action.


Demorats will do what they always do

Try to co-opt the message, while doing their damnedest to mute it.


The dim rats have not been a party in at least thirty years.


Taxes collected for Education are a gold mine (literally) for companies who have practiced fake education while soaking up money meant to educate the children of the non-wealthy.
As proof just look at who is heading the U.S. Dept. of Ed the daughter of the greatest pyramid scheme of all time!


Where is the proof in terms of actual, measurable, quantifiable numbers that schools are failing! What has been a failure are the corporations being able to siphon off funds meant to enable education and still provide a quality education.
If the objective is to educate children, then well paid, well qualified, credentialed educators equipped with the best educational technology and working in the best physical conditions is what we need. In education, as in everything else, you get what you pay for.


They are not failing- it’s just that Wall Street wants to soak up everything. Sometimes I wish I were older - a lot older so I don;t just have to wait around to see what this world will turn to in the next decade.