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What the Corporate Media Isn't Telling You About the Risks of Reopening

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/03/what-corporate-media-isnt-telling-you-about-risks-reopening


Yet most states have limited themselves to following CDC guidelines for reopening offices, which mandate wearing masks only when within six feet of a co-worker. But as Bromage (5/6/20) has pointed out, “Social distancing rules are really to protect you with brief exposures or outdoor exposures.”

Neil deMause does a valuable service in concentrating on what makes a difference, and doing it with accuracy and pertinence. Indoor exposure, of duration, is the most infective hazard by far. San Quentin Prison approaches 100% infection of inmates and staff for this reason.

It’s the invisible droplets, called aerosols, conveyed all over the room by talking or even just breathing – and then getting hit with them over and over for hours (with or without a mask). That’s the formula for inviting a severe infection. Simple rules about “6 feet” are intended for people who find thinking more painful than labored breathing. We could use our heads to avoid inside exposures if possible, especially errands inside lasting more than a couple of hours.


All of this of course leads to more people getting ill and further pressures on already overcrowded hospitals. This in turn drives up costs of Hospital visits which will lead to more consumer debt and higher insurance premiums as Insurance companies work to make up for all the monies paid out under existing health insurance plans.

Do not be surprised if coupled with the US overall GDP shrinking. total health care spending in the USA jumps significantly over the existing 18 percent.

Those low wage workers (some half of the US working population) will not be farther ahead here. Any of the lower middle class returning will not be further ahead either as any extra wages they earn will be lost in order to pay accrued debt and higher insurance premiums. The only people that will be further ahead will be the 1 percent as they will garner ever higher profits coupled with the interest payments they glean off the working class people.

Them thats got shall get.


What was everyone thinking after watching the numbers of the sick and dying climbing every single day as reported on the news, when Trump and Governors started reopening places where people would gather together closely with one another?

What had changed?

Only one thing. A massive human denial that the virus that had killed thousands of Americans, was no longer a threat.

I understand that folks want to return to their old lives of carefree concern. Who wouldn’t?

But the reality of this during a atrociosly mismanaged Pandemic by a totally absent Federal Government leaves us all fending for ourselves.

Protect yourselves. This government won’t.


PonyBoy, why do you ask what everyone was thinking when…they obviously CAN’T freaking think!!! The lack of critical thinking in this country is so lacking that it’s no wonder that the end result is staring us in the face. Oh my f**king hell. Neoliberal Capitalism cannot survive a Pandemic.

Bluntly, we ain’t seen nothing yet. I had to go to town today, off the property for the first time in 2 weeks, and there were so few people in masks that it sent shivers up my spine. As my retired Army Viet Nam vet-era biologist/virologist who was drafted to work on making war virus’ in the labs in Germany to launch at the USSR said, wait until August.

I don’t think I need to wait. I saw incredible stupid today with people giving me the ‘eye’ because of my N95…or maybe it was the 70s pool rider skate I was riding? The couple of friends I talked to, both IN masks one in the post office one in the bank (I used the drive up though they opened the doors, I will NOT go in there), both told me they are scared spitless

I wonder how long before I won’t be going to town at all because…it’ll be full of really sick people and the dead? I can barely make myself think about that. There are people there I care for.



Sorry Seal. I meant no harm.

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let us be clear here–the corporate media work for the capitalists–capitalism is the system that works by exploiting ANY resource-animal(us) -vegetable or mineral(our world)–as long as they can make money on that exploitation–they do this WITHOUT regard to the consequences of that exploitation–see climate ecosystems collapsing around us --a known and predicted consequence of the capitalist business plan–to the capitalist’s minds there are millions of people hurting so bad as a result of the crappy economy exacerbated by the pandemic that they will have no problem getting people to risk their lives to survive–if they die so what? there are many more serfs to exploit to their deaths


What many people were thinking is that the government doesn’t have the will to pay people to not work until it’s safe to do so. And in thinking that, they were correct. So how are they going to pay rent? Oh, that’s right, they’re not going to. The shit is about to hit the fan.

This article talks about balancing economics with public health. Meanwhile, so far here in Ann Arbor, 11 restaurants, most of which have been open for decades, have now closed for good. An eternally optimistic friend was visiting yesterday, and said, those restaurants would be replaced by new ones…someday. Well, until that happens, we damn well better see another CARES Act.

You know when that CARES Act will happen? Someday.


“You know when that CARES Act will happen? Someday.”

Not so sure about that, there was a story on MSN this morning about Senate repugs denouncing a new bailout for the people. I expect more will be passed for corporations, but everyday people, not so much. Gotta get those people back to work, the 1%'s bank accounts aren’t fat enough, making the point of your post even more true.


Yep, that’s my point. We’ll have to learn to live with Covid 19 because the genie is out of the bottle, and Congress is dominated by deficit hawks like PayGo Pelsi and her merry band of Blue Dogs.

So, unless a miracle happens and a UBI is offered, lots of people will be forced to work in unsafe conditions by homelessness and starvation. Sure, lots of people who are nervous about C19 and are in vulnerable populations (elderly, co-morbid, compromised immune system) will opt to shelter in place – and they should. But the rest of the economy can not shut down for long periods of time without creating a class of internally displaced persons. I wouldn’t blame them for starting food riots.

Hospitals should brace for impact, it’s already starting happen.
And Congress should loosen the purse strings.
Obviously, a huge swath of this country can not/will not do what is necessary to stop community spread.

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if we had a responsive government we would not be talking about this --we would have instituted a rent and mortgage moratorium with an UBI back in February or March–but that effects the profits of the capitalists–so BOTH our parties say a big fat NO to helping the people through this crisis–we don’t have a government --we have a capitalist cabal who wants to send us to our death for their profits

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Risk in most workplaces would be reduced a lot by taking two box fans and putting one in one window blowing in at full blast and another identical one in another window blowing out also on high.

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So tell me, if I don’t have a job and have no income, how in the hell is that going to “protect” me? I’m not downplaying the reality of the virus, but I’m simply asking those who have money, have incomes, can work from home, or otherwise are just fine with closing down half the economy - what would you do right now if you didn’t have any money or income? Because I got ZERO in any assistance, debt relief, unemployment insurance or even a stimulus check. ZERO. And I clean toilets and empty trash cans for part of my living, sing for people for the rest.There seem to be many folks who would urge me to continue the former while abandoning the latter, and to this I say bullshit. Everyone can live in fear if they want - I was born into a world that could explode in a nuclear war any minute. Is this why we’re here? To be totally afraid of death while paying taxes to a government that kills people around the world routinely in the name of “freedom?” What a messed up world.

Mind boggling stupidity, PonyBoy.

That trip to town Friday? Had to put money into the checking account to cover the bills that I sent out last week (more were in the po box) before they bounce, then to ACE for bird suet (I’m spoiling them in my apple tree), then a quick in&out at Safeway, and f**k man, there were non-masked people in ALL these places. No shit! All over the streets, sitting in the outdoor pizza & beer place, going in and out of stores and the bar across the street from the 2nd hand where I fix furniture in the back in on Sunday afternoons (I refuse to be there with customers, and only stay in the back workroom with the big alley door open IN mask even though I know no customers are allowed back there) . The 2nd hand is open Tues-Thursdays only at the moment…

I asked the young woman behind the plastic shield at ACE (no mask of course) why people were being allowed in the store and she said that starts on Tuesday again. She was fairly snide sounding to be honest, but she was in her early 20s so it wasn’t going to affect her! Guess she hasn’t heard on corporate news how it is now dropping into the younger age groups (20% of new spike in cases in San Diego are in their 20s I heard from surfer friends down there).

There was this woman at the next register who piped up with ‘my grandparents survived the 1918 Pandemic’ so she wasn’t going to wear a mask, etc etc. I looked at this representative of stupid right wing Fox News talking points and just got mad. I bluntly told her that MY grandfather was fighting the Germans in the trenches of France and watched half his regiment of US troops cough their lungs out and die in the mud before he caught it, and he survived it but it was so bad that the US Army wouldn’t send him home but kept him there to minister to all his sick fellow soldiers until the end of 1919. EVERYBODY nearby stopped talking including the employees who know me (that were in masks by the way) and stared while she sputtered that she didn’t believe it was so bad, and I coldly (yep, COLDLY) and rather loudly told her that it wasn’t a matter of belief, that’s for religions to push. She sputtered something else at me as I walked around her heading out so I turned back by the door kind of behind the counter so everybody was looking and listening and loudly said “You don’t have the educational background to understand what you are talking about. Your opinion does not matter.”

I can only imagine how that went down after I walked out the door. This white hair & mustache long-haired old guy with a boardwarm ball cap in a red karate tank-top and shorts with bracelets on the arm and a silver chain around his neck with a sitting seal and a single fin surfboard hanging while carrying a 70s pool rider skateboard holding a box of suets telling this woman she was TOO STUPID TO UNDERSTAND. I’m sure that everybody including her got what I was saying.

Oh my. My patience level with stupid is going down the tubes. No doubt about it. And I don’t care which f**king gender it is, I’m tired of being nice to stupid people that threaten my life. Such as it is. Think I made an impression?

Then I go to Safeway where ALL the employees are in masks/gloves and only maybe half the customers, if that. No one-way aisles, just ‘6 feet’ tape on the floor at the registers. I was behind a guy in his 70s without one. Masks are good for ‘brief’ exposure not long term another article said I read recently…

Half-assed measures is all I’m seeing, man. I’m back on the property for the next two weeks except those Sunday afternoons alone in the back workroom of a 2nd hand store…



Not so fast, rick.

I was a landlord for seven years – crucial income for me at the time.
I am far from a wealthy capitalist – more like a resentful, reluctant, just middle class capitalist.
If, during those seven years, I had to do without that rent money, I woulda been shit outta luck.

Wow Seal, it appears you are in the eye of the storm when you go to town.

Limited trips to town seem to be your best bet against stupid.

This video will most certainly give you a little laugh, even more so if you’re a Beatles fan like me. Think of Eleanor Rigby as it plays…


Protect yourself Seal.


What if your bills (such as mortgage, in particular) were also frozen?

Thats what they should have done. Make it possible for people to be put in a better situation since so many incomes are halted. Particularly small landlords and renters, and people who were able to pay their morgages reliably before this happened. Just because if millions of people lose the roof over their heads with winter coming because of this coronavirus, its going to end up a disaster that dwarfs anything we see now.

In particular we need a different presidential candidate here in the Democratic Party.

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I’m curious Seal. Did you access the link I sent and what did you think?

And, what state do you live in that has so many neanderthals?

Zed, There is no Democratic party, and there is no Republican party.

There is only the two halves of the Corporate party.

No real choice, even if 95% of those who will go the the polls will choose one of these two.

In essence, that “95%” support not having any choice but what the corporate parties provide.

Don’t try to change the subject. 123 poor Americans - VERY conservative estimate and very dated figures, AT LEAST 123 people are dying every day because TPTB have rigged the healthcare system.

SO it couldnt be fixed. Without leaving GATS, so thats what we must do.

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